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sábado, janeiro 08, 2011

Partidos e activistas do movimento LGBT contestam "o veto do candidato"
O Presidente da República não promulgou o decreto-lei que visa facilitar a mudança de sexo e de nome aos transexuais, um processo que passaria dos tribunais para o registo civil.
[Comentário] eu veto cavaco silva
[Comentário] Sabe distinguir um homem de uma mulher?

Travesti sofre suposta agressão após fazer programa
O travesti Everton Charles da Silva Oliveira, 22 anos, conhecido como Amanda, precisou ser socorrido, na Avenida Tiradentes, próximo ao cruzamento com a Avenida Maringá, na zona oeste de Londrina.

Nem Gisele, nem Raica, nem Isabeli... Quem vai brilhar no SPFW é uma trans, a Lea T
Em ano que até Ashton Kutcher virá ao SPFW, todos os olhos se voltam para uma modelo trans

Baños para gays en escuelas de samba desatan polémica
A apenas dos meses del Carnaval, una nueva polémica se instaló en Río de Janeiro luego del anuncio de la escola de samba Unidos da Tijuca de instalar baños específicos para homosexuales y travestis.

Turkish LGBT group shut down by court
Another Turkish LGBT organisation has been ordered to close.
A criminal court in Bursa, north-west Turkey, ruled that the Rainbow Association must shut down after claims by the local government that its members had engaged in prostitution.

A gender journey
SUMAN is proud of her boob job. It cost about $2500, a small fortune for most Indians, but comes with a ''lifetime guarantee'' and the promise of higher earnings. Like many Indian transsexuals, known here as hijras, Suman boosts her income with sex work. Breast enhancement operations, now easily available in big city hospitals, are increasingly popular among the naturally flat-chested hijras. Suman's investment is paying handsome dividends.
(Photo: Jason South - Mona, Koyal, Ritu, Sonia and Poppy are members of Delhi's hijra community.)

Calling all queens
Following a very successful and fully packed debut pageant last year, the Ms Gay and Ms TS Australia contest returns next month to showcase the best of Australia’s pageant queens, transsexuals and cross dressers.

Step forward for LBTI women
Australia’s peak national GLBTI health organisation has hailed the inclusion of lesbian and bisexual women in the latest National Women’s Health Policy as a “big step”.

[USA] [Commentary]
Moonbat Family
This grotesque mockery of a family provides a useful model for liberal social engineers of the type now running our military:
Dominik was a woman, Andrea was a man, and now after switching their genders they are a couple watching the son Dominik gave birth to, turn into a woman.

Transwoman makes courtroom history
History has been made in a California courtroom, where a trans person has been sworn in as a trial judge for the first time ever in the US.
First Openly Transgender Trial Judge Sworn In
[Commentary] Vicky Kolakowski Sworn in as America's First Elected Transgender Trial Judge

Transsexual Adult Film Star's Date A Total Dud
On December 29th, the NYPD Bomb Squad evacuated a six-story residential building on the Lower East Side in the middle of the night because one of the residents was allegedly armed to the teeth with grenades, firearms, and other heavy artillery. Why is the NY Post telling us about this now? Because the person who called in the report was "blond bombshell" Kayla Coxx, a "sultry transsexual porn star from LA." We'll have to take the tabloid's word on her star status, because we refuse to start our day by Googling "transsexual Kayla Coxx." (We save our transsexual porn browsing for lunch hour.)

Julieta Biesa, el transexual de Soñando cuenta su historia
Julieta Biesa, 28 años y un cuerpo increíble. Claro ella misma lo admite y deja helado a todo el mundo apenas encara a Viviana Canosa en la gala de inauguración de “Soñando por Bailar”: “Soy mujer, pero con una pequeña diferencia respecto de otras: soy transexual”.
Sí, Julieta fue, en el pasado David. “Pero esa persona ya murió”, aclara alejando los tortuosos recuerdos de haber nacido en un cuerpo que no le correspondía. (Foto)