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quarta-feira, dezembro 29, 2010

Vítima de preconceito, primeira travesti na Câmara pretende ir para a Europa
Maria Eduarda Borges é a primeira travesti a trabalhar na Câmara dos Deputados, em Brasília, mas anunciou que está de saída. A moça revelou que não aguenta mais o preconceito e, após dez anos trabalhando na Casa, irá procurar novos rumos na Europa. “Cansei dos olhares maldosos e da falsidade das pessoas.”

Kim Petras Has Magnetic Appeal
SEX change pop singer Kim Petras is to go on tour around Europe.
Kim Petras, now aged 18, became the youngest person to have a sex change aged 12 and has since launched a career as a model and musician.

Eunuchs protest failure of incumbents to arrest the killers of Benazir Bhutto
On the third anniversary of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, the fraternity of eunuchs participated in the event as actively as their compatriots hailing from government, dissident and active elements of PPPP; strongly protesting the failure of incumbents to investigate, finalize and arrest the killers of late Benazir Bhutto.

Gays rally outside Govt House
Transsexuals and rights activists gathered outside Government House on Tuesday morning in protest at the government's decision to abstain from the vote on a proposal to reinstate 'sexual orientation' into the United Nation's resolution against unjustified killing of minorities.

The Burger Speaks: An Interview With An Archmage
Excerpt: During my chat with Becky, I couldn't help but wonder if this were really the person so often described as a hermit and a loner; a brilliant hacker who kept herself barricaded in a cubicle. Of course, at that time she was named William Salvador Heineman, a classic case of a woman trapped in a man's body.
(Photo: Rebecca "burger" Heineman)

Decision on Transgender Player
More than two months after a transgender woman sued the Long Drivers of America claiming discrimination, the group said in a statement that it planned to follow a recent rule change by the L.P.G.A. and allow transgender women to compete. But the Long Drivers of America also said it had no plans to conduct any women’s long-drive events in the future but would allow women to compete in open or senior men’s events. It did not rule out future women’s events.

SheWired's 2010 in Sports: Kye Allums, Ireen Wust, Martina Navratilova and More!
It's been a rollercoaster ride in sports news this year. While the University of Connecticut women's basketball team recently broke the glass ceiling beating the UCLA men's team's long-held winning streak, here is just a slice of some of 2010's biggest stories for lesbians and trans people in sports.

[USA] [Commentary]
Holiday dinners: Pass the gender roles
The holidays always provided me an opportunity to observe the curious divide between our world's two most popular genders. Every year, at every age, I have sat at tables with both sides of my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners--most with expansive and wonderful fare, some a bit baffling (enchiladas for Christmas? Really?).

[USA] [Commentary]
Why Trans People Are Pissed About Being Legislatively Left Behind
Some of our lesbigay brothers and sisters may be puzzled as to why we in the trans community have had the mixed bag mostly negative reaction to last Wednesday's signing of the DADT Repeal Act
Much of this political drama painfully reminds us of the line that was repeated like a mantra on the reimagined Battlestar Galactica show when it was on the air.
All of this has happened before-and will happen again.

Otorgan el segundo DNI a transexual
Este martes, la jueza en lo Contencioso, Administrativo y Tributario Nº3, Elena Liberatori, reconoció el cambio de nombre y sexo en el DNI y la emisión de una nueva partida de nacimiento a una mujer travesti (la primera fue Florencia de la V). "De lo que se trata es de advertir el contrasentido de unos derechos que se predican universales pero dejan a un grupo de personas excluidas de su goce", explicó Liberatori entre sus fundamentos.