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terça-feira, dezembro 28, 2010

José Luiz Datena recebe advertência do governo por ter xingado travesti em programa
O governo do Estado de São Paulo, com base em lei local contra homofobia, fez uma advertência (menor nível de punição possível) ao apresentador de tevê José Luiz Datena por ele ter xingado uma travesti de “travecão butinudo do caramba’. A travesti tinha se envolvido em uma briga mostrada pelo programa de Datena.

[Afghanistan/USA] [Commentary]
A Tribute to a Trans Warrior in Afghanistan, My Dear Friend Jenn
Those of us in the LGBT community have much to celebrate this holiday season. Ted Olsen and David Boies win federal court recognition of our birthright to marry as we choose. LCR wins federal court recognition for lesbians and gays to serve openly in our military then our House and Senate pass repeal of DADT that was signed by our president. Gender congruent lesbian women and gender congruent gay men have much to feel wonderful about this Chanukah, Christmas and New Years Day. All over these United States many glasses of champagne will "ching, ching" while toasting a job well done and job well done it is!

Sex Change Surgery in Georgia
Sex change operations are not common in Georgia, so far at Kuzanov Clinic only seven operations have been done to true transsexuals, all of them women transforming in to men.

Sexual minorities demand marital rights
People from the sexual minorities have demanded to guarantee their marital rights as per their own wish.
Speaking at a press meet organised by Sahara Samaj on Sunday in Itahari, they said the third gender and homosexuals were victims of sexual harassment and discrimination in the society and were expelled from their own family as well.

Beware! Fake eunuchs on the prowl
Pickpockets and small-time thieves appear to have found an ingenious way of making a quick buck -- dress up as transgenders to fool the public, and keep wary cops at arm's length.

Jobs for all, transgenders included
Her work with the transgender community began three months ago. Professional photographer Indu Antony first met members of the transgender community when she was shooting the cover of a magazine. "I went to meet them at Sangama," says the 28 year-old Bengaluru-based photographer of the city NGO working towards the rights of sexual minorities.

Sion hospital study peeps into eunuch psyche
A unique scientific study on the hijra (eunuch) community is underway at the psychiatry department of Sion hospital. It aims to explore gender identity disorder (GID) in the Indian context and focus on how GID in Indian culture has evolved to form a unique hijra subculture.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Trans Youth
I've been thinking today about -- and empathizing with -- the parents of young children who exhibit signs of transsexualism and ultimately demand sexual reassignment surgery. It's understandable that the parents would be in denial for quite a while, hoping it was a passing phase. Ultimately, though, if children keep on exhibiting cross-gender behaviour, one would hope that their parents would seek out professional help from therapists specializing in gender dysphoria. It may, indeed, be a passing phase and be dealt with; it may be much more.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transgender woman arrested for being assaulted by a cop
On December 1st Chloe Moore, a transgender woman living in DC, pepper sprayed a man after he reportedly hurled transphobic slurs at her and pushed her. The man then chased Moore, threw her to the ground, pinned her down, and pulled out a badge identifying himself as Officer Raphael Radon of the DC Police Department.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transvestism Is a Narcotic Drug
Transvestism or cross dressing, are the same thing and quite simply are acts performed for sexual gratification. Like pretty much all similar acts it has variations on its theme. It also contains depths of “need” particularly in its initial stages.

Year in Review: Sea Change Ahead for Diagnostic Manual
Our Year in Review series highlights the major medical news stories of 2010. The draft revision of the psychiatric profession's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, was one of the compelling topics that made headlines during the year and here, again, is the original article, first published on Feb. 10, 2010. In a companion article, you'll find out what's happened since.
Year in Review: More Bumps in Road to DSM-V

El asesinato de mil 400 mujeres al año es una muestra de las violaciones a DH: Marcela Lagarde
La impunidad es alimentada por las averiguaciones mal integradas, y por encargados de la persecución del crimen que desatienden las denuncias de las víctimas.