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quarta-feira, janeiro 05, 2011

Escola de samba no Rio vai ter banheiro para travestis e transexuais. Governo estadual é contra
Este ziriguidum não está no tom certo. A escola de samba Unidos da Tijuca, uma das mais adoradas por gays no carnaval carioca, vai ter, em sua quadra, um banheiro para travestis, transexuais e afins. O governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, em nota oficial, classificou a medida como discriminatória. A inauguração ocorrerá no sábado 8 e faz parte do novo barracão da escola, cuja reforma custou R$ 1 milhão.
Nova quadra da escola de samba Unidos da Tijuca terá banheiro só para gays
Nova quadra da Unidos da Tijuca tem banheiro LGBT. Ativista critica

Lea T vai desfilar para Alexandre Herchcovitch na SPFW
Lea T, a transexual brasileira radicada na Europa e filha de Toninho Cerezzo, vai desfilar para Alexandre Herchcovitch na São Paulo Fashion Week em janeiro.

Watch out for that male transgender
Annoyed with complaints from the public against transgenders, Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari had announced on December 13 that the police would take stringent action against transgenders creating nuisance at traffic junctions.

Cartoonists and hijras join to resist stalking
Cartoonist Rights Network, Bangladesh will be organising an exhibition to resist 'Stalking and harassment against women'.
The exhibition will take place at Chhobir Haat near Fine Arts faculty of Dhaka University on Tuesday.
Transvestite community, locally known as 'Hijras,' has extended support to the cartoonists' effort in creating awareness against stalking and harassment against women.

[Cook Islands]
Cooks Government urged to reconsider opinion over HIV positive resident
The Cook Islands government is being urged to reconsider seeking legal advice over identifying a Rarotongan resident who is HIV positive.
The Te Tiare group, which promotes rights for transgender men, says upholding human rights should be the most important consideration for the government to consider.

Princess Boy: "Dresses Make Me Happy"
Five-year-old Dyson Kilodavis, dubbed "Princess Boy," says he likes to wear dresses and pretty colors and sparkly things "because it makes me feel happy."
[Commentary] Would You Let Your Son Be A Princess Boy?
All Of America Is Falling In Love With 'Princess Boy' Dyson Kilodavis

[USA] [Commentary]
Prison's no place to change teams
Prison is not like the Army. You do not get to "Be all you can be."
Particularly if what you want to be is a gender other than the one you were when you first put on the striped PJs.
Which brings us to the sad tale of Deena Kaye Myers. That's her official name, on her birth certificate. And "her" is Myers' official pronoun, since the "female" box is checked.
[Commentary] Female inmate housed in male prison sues

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans feminine empowerment and FYCTC
Fuck Yeah Cute Trans Chicks. The name speaks for itself.
The brainchild of two trans women, FYCTC started from a simple question: "What sites exist to show how awesome trans women can be?" When few sites came to mind, they started a Tumblr. In the span of two months the site has exploded in popularity; over a thousand people now follow the blog. Their mission:

[USA] [Commentary]
Pam's Ponderings-Why Do Some Gay Men Hate Transsexuals?
I was sitting in this dreary apartment, thinking about being trans and how some people hate me because I’m trans. Some people feel that I played God and that I should have made my peace with the gender that I was born. I say with no immodesty that some people are envious because I lived better than they do, that I usually make intelligent choices, which often helps me live my life on my own terms.

Kye Allums battles concussions
George Washington University’s transgender basketball player Kye Allums is again battling the repercussions of a concussion he suffered in their Nov. 18 game against Coppin State.

Attorney: 'Penis Is Irrelevant'
A battle is brewing in Michigan over a transgender man who said he was denied a marriage license because he was born a female.

Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition plans membership meeting
The Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (TTPC) will hold their semi-annual Statewide Membership Meeting in Nashville on Saturday, Jan. 22 at 6 p.m. The organization will elect officers for 2010 and discuss priorities for the year.

Activista transexual mexicana contrae matrimonio con pareja femenina
Tras 18 años de vivir juntas, la activista y politóloga transexual Irina Layevska Echeverría Gaytán y su pareja, Nélida Reyes Guzmán contrajeron matrimonio civil en la Ciudad de México, bajo la modalidad de contrato matrimonial entre parejas del mismo sexo el pasado 18 de diciembre.

Florencia contestó las agresiones transfóbicas de Jorge Jacobson
El periodista dijo en su programa de radio que Flor de la V, o Florencia Trinidad (tal su nombre reconocido en sus datos registrales recientemente) ”es un señor aunque se viste de mujer y que hace pis parado”.