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sexta-feira, dezembro 31, 2010

Justiça de Marília concede mudança de nome a transsexual
Um jovem de 19 anos, morador de Garça, em Marília, recebeu da Justiça o direito de alterar nos documentos pessoais a sexualidade, de masculino para feminino. O jovem, que fez uma operação para mudar o sexo há dois anos, passará a assinar pelo nome Amanda Marangão Galdino de Carvalho, e fala sobre a conquista inédita na região. (Foto)

The NHS interventions not normally undertaken in Wales
Excerpt: There are a number of interventions which should not be funded in Wales under any circumstances, including hair grafting for male baldness, gender reassignment surgery and caesarean sections for non-clinical reasons.

Chinese society more tolerant of "gender benders": survey
About 80 percent people said they do not discriminate against effeminate men or masculine women, according to a survey published in Thursday's China Youth Daily.
According to the newspaper's report, more than 33 percent of 2,019 respondents to an online survey said "gender benders" are "acceptable" or "very acceptable" to them.

Autistic boy, 16, allowed to become a woman but judge orders he freeze his sperm in case he wants to be a dad
A schoolboy has been given permission to start changing into a woman - provided he has his sperm frozen in case he decides to 'father' children some time in the future.
The extraordinary case has emerged in Australia where a female judge in the Family Court has given the 16-year-old boy the go-ahead to start drug treatment in the first steps to his conversion into womanhood.
Judge Linda Dessau said the teenager, who is mildly autistic, was mature enough to know what he wanted - and he had the support of his parents, six specialists and a lawyer. (Photo)
Teenage boy to swap gender

Vicky Kolakowski overcame discrimination to become nation's first transgender trial judge
Few county judges command standing ovations before they say a word, nor do they compel hate mail from strangers halfway around the world.
Alameda County Superior Court Judge Victoria Kolakowski has received both. She is the first transgender person elected as a trial judge and one of the very few elected to any office. She will be sworn in Tuesday at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. Then she will begin her assignment hearing criminal cases at the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse.

Transgendered man upset after Oakland County court voids marriage certificate
Hours after marrying his girlfriend at the Oakland County courthouse, 25-year-old Jordan Swan says he received a phone call from the court explaining his marriage certificate had been voided because, in the eyes of the law, he is not a man.
[Commentary] Trans man denied marriage license
[Commentary] No penis, no marriage license
[Commentary] Why Won't Michigan Let Jordan Swan Marry His Girlfriend? Because His Birth Certificate Says He's A She

Woman who posed as teen boy gets out of jail, says she's sorry
A 31-year-old Franklin woman who posed as a teenage boy in order to meet teenage girls is now out of jail.
Patricia Dye said she was sorry for what she did after she was released from the Warren County Jail on Tuesday.
"I am sorry for everything that had happened," she said. "I'd just like to move on from this, try to get some help.
"It won't happen again," she added.
Ohio woman who posed as boy freed from jail
Woman who posed as boy for sex released

Bus driver’s plight led to trans protections at DART
Ever since Democrats took over the Dallas County courthouse in 2006, judges here have been routinely granting gender-marker changes — court orders that allow transgender people to obtain driver’s licenses and other forms of ID that match their appearance.

Controversy brewed success for ‘TOTWK’
Gay Dallas filmmaker Israel Luna has been building his reputation behind the camera since he wrote and directed his first feature film, Str8 Up, in 2001. His subsequent films — including The Deadbeat Club, RU Invited and Fright Flick — secured his place in the Dallas filmmaking community and made him a regular on the independent film festival circuit.

Female inmate sues Virginia prison for housing her with men
Deena Kaye Myers, an inmate at Virginia's Deerfield Correctional Center, has sued 38 employees of the male prison—from Warden Keith W. Davis down to numerous unnamed corrections officers—for housing her with men.

IFE dicta proceso para corregir credenciales de transexuales
Con la aprobación del “Protocolo para la transición y no discriminación de los derechos de las personas transgenéricas y transexuales”, el Instituto Federal Electoral estableció el proceso a seguir para la corrección de nombre, de sexo o de ambos, así como para pedir licencia administrativa por cirugía para reasignación de sexo de sus trabajadores que así lo soliciten.

WIKILEAKS: HIV-Positive Cubans Held in Prison-Like Facility, "SIDA" Stamped on National ID Cards
Cubans living with HIV/AIDS suffer extreme hardships, are often treated in a "prison-like" facility and are forced to have the letters "SIDA" (AIDS) stamped on their national ID cards." That's according to a series of diplomatic cables by an unidentified nurse assigned to the United States Interests Section in Havanaand released by WikiLeaks. The cables offer a damning assessment of Cuba’s public health system, the Miami Herald reports.

Travesti es hallado muerto de una puñalada en La Alameda
Un travesti fue encontrado hoy ultimado de una certera puñalada en el pecho que le asestaron desconocidos en la colonia Alameda de Tegucigalpa, cerca del Instituto Nacional Agrario (INA).
El hombre vestía indumentaria de mujer y al parecer se dedicaba a la prostitución en ese sector de la capital, quien fue encontrado muerto en la calle principal del sector, por varias personas que avisaron a la policía. (Foto)
Otro crimen LGTB en Honduras

In Honduras, another LGBT person brutally murdered
They beat him and burned his body in a suburb of Tegucigalpa. Crime adds to the long list of unpunished murders of LGBT people in the country.

Derechos sexuales y legales en encuentro gay
Derechos sexuales y legales, reproductivos y homofobia fueron los principales temas del primer Foro de la Comunidad Gay. El encuentro se llevó a cabo en el auditorio Ancízar López López del CAM de Armenia.

Es transexual, se operó hace 14 años y ahora la Justicia le dio DNI fememino
Marcela Ottone. Así se llama desde hace tiempo, pero ahora lo dirá también su partida de nacimiento y su documento de identidad. Se sometió a la cirugía de reasignación de sexo hace 14 años y desde 2008 peleaba en la Justicia para rectificar su identidad también en su documentación. Cuando pensaba que se cumpliría el tercer año de espera, el juzgado Civil Nº13, a cargo de Marta Gurdulich, falló a su favor. "Volví a nacer, hace mucho que lo espero", dijo y enumeró las trabas que sufrió. "Perdí trabajos, no pude tener obra social y ni siquiera pagarme una jubilación", contó desde Alcorta, donde vive desde hace un tiempo cuidando a su madre. (Foto)


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