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domingo, janeiro 02, 2011

Transexuais querem Ordem dos Médicos fora de processo de mudança de sexo
Portugal é o único país do mundo onde a cirurgia de mudança de sexo depende da autorização de uma associação profissional: a Ordem dos Médicos. Os transexuais exigem que este cenário se altere e a decisão final parta das equipas clínicas que os acompanham.

Transsexual wins fight to have breast implants
A transsexual has won her fight to have breast implants paid for by the NHS and become a complete woman.
Miranda Lee, 40, formerly Raymond Harwood, had a partial sex change last year at Charing Cross Hospital, London.
Transsexual's fight for implants lands the taxpayer with a bill for £18,000
Transsexual wins right to have £8,000 breast operation on NHS
'Half Man' Gets New Breasts (And Guess Who's Paying £78K)

[Commentary] How much?
(Photo: Miranda Lee, formerly Raymond Harwood, said she was left feeling suicidal after she was refused breast implants on the NHS)

[Canada] [Commentary]
“What’s the Big Deal” Is Now Answered: Tobi Hill-Meyer on “Tranny”
Tobi Hill-Meyer has an excellent series up about the controversy over “tranny” and its use as a slur, going far deeper than the word itself. Part one delves into meanings:

[USA] [Commentary]
Eleven Years Later…You Tell Me What Has Changed
I’m sorting through deeply-nested – and long-forgotten – folders on my hard drive right now. During this process, more often than not I run across duplicate copies of bits of research that I can chunk to free up space on the drive. However, I occasionally run across non-duplicate items – and one that I’d forgotten about.

[USA] [Commentary]
2011: Marking a Decade of Gay-Greed Illegitimacy in Maryland
In the immediate run-up to the Maryland Legislature giving gays and lesbians the right to discriminate against trans people in March 2001, a particularly insidious Maryland transphobe made the following declaration:
If B[altimore] A[ctivists] C[oalition] opposes the Antidiscrimination Act, it has taken an anti-gay position.
BAC, you see, was not too thrilled that the self-serving gay elite of Maryland had enginnered an anti-discrimination bill that left trans people out. In turn, that organization had taken a principled stance against officially endorsing the gay-elite bill.