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sábado, janeiro 01, 2011

Lei para transexuais está em risco no Palácio de Belém
O Parlamento deve ter de se pronunciar novamente sobre o diploma que irá simplificar o processo da mudança de sexo e do nome próprio no Registo Civil. O Presidente da República está a ponderar vetar a lei para os transexuais e, neste caso, a legislação aprovada em Assembleia, que resulta da fusão de duas propostas apresentadas pelo governo e pelo Bloco de Esquerda, voltaria ao Parlamento, onde seria reiterada pela esquerda. Seria uma forma de Cavaco Silva se reaproximar do eleitorado mais conservador, desavindo com o Presidente depois da promulgação da lei que permite o casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo.

Ministério da Saúde premia histórias de travestis que vivem com aids. Relatos serão publicados
O Ministério da Saúde realiza concurso sobre histórias reais de travestis que vivem com HIV/Aids ou convivem com pessoas soropositivas para o vírus. Trata-se da terceira edição do Vidas em Crônica.

Hove cross-dressing store to close
A trailblazing shop which catered for cross-dressers has fallen victim to the recession.
Lacies, which led the way for the transgender and transvestite communities in Brighton and Hove, is to close.

Why you can't have a sex change and other procedures on the NHS
Ever wondered why the NHS won’t fund liposuction for cosmetic reasons or you can’t have a free sex-change? Health Editor Madeleine Brindley looks at the long list of interventions not normally undertaken in Wales

[Malta] [Letters to the Editor]
Gay marriage appeal devoid of compassion
The Attorney General appealed the Constitutional Court’s decision which had granted Joanne Cassar, a transsexual, the right to marry earlier this month (Trans-Gender’s Right-To-Marry Appeal ‘Waste Of People’s Money’, December 23).

Plan approved: Eunuchs to receive BISP cash handouts
The government has decided to treat the transsexual community just like any other segment of the society and include them among beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), The Express Tribune has reliably learnt.

[Pakistan] [Commentary]
Intolerance towards our minorities
NADRA’s decision to add a third option under the gender category of CNICs and even hire some transgender data operators is a noteworthy move. However, there is still a long way to go before Pakistan can make any claims to have achieved a basic level of tolerance. Making our country more tolerant will require multidimensional efforts. There must be a sustained resolve to improve human rights records. In this regard, the failure of the police to punish human rights violations must not be ignored.

Phuket New Year celebrations take to the sky
Excerpt: To get the festival underway, the main event on the opening night was the Miss Prang Chompoo Beauty Contest for ladyboys.
The 16 contestants, aged between 16 and 30, in fine evening gowns drew cheers from the large crowd, many of whom moved close to the stage to take photos of their favorites.
(Photo: Janpen Upatising - Some of the contestants in the Miss Prang Chompoo beauty pageant.)

From prostitution to pepper
Excerpt: Recently, Daughters has taken in ladyboys – young transvestites who work the sex trade. Says Ruth: "They are more despised (in Cambodian society) than the girls. They can only come out after midnight because you have people in the streets screaming things at them. We just give work and a purpose. Some want to become boys
again and we try to help them."

Transgender man marries, has marriage revoked in the same day
Jordan Swan, who is a female-to-male transgender man, said he went to the Oakland County Clerk last week to marry his fiancee. The two paid for their marriage license, swore their oaths and signed on the dotted line. Then they were off to the chapel to get married... or so they thought.
[Commentary] No Penis, No License: Transman denied marriage license in Michigan