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quinta-feira, janeiro 06, 2011

Travesti teria sido selecionada para o BBB1. Saiba quem é
Parece que finalmente uma travesti acaba de ser selecionada para 11ª edição do Big Brother Brasil. Ela seria a cabeleireira Ariadna Thalia Arantes, de 26 anos, cujas fotos sensuais em sites de acompanhante fora do Brasil já cairam na rede. (Foto)
Participante do BBB 11 é descrita como travesti e bem dotada em site gringo
Amiga revela tudo sobre Ariadna, a 1ª transexual do BBB. Confira

Justiça autoriza transexual a mudar de nome e sexo em documentos
A Justiça de São Paulo autorizou uma transexual a ter novo registro de nascimento, com permissão para trocar todos os documentos e ter, oficialmente, modificados o nome e o sexo. Com a decisão, a estudante acrescentará o nome Amanda aos sobrenomes que já constavam em sua carteira de identidade.

Foram os gays que pediram o banheiro LGBT, justifica representante da Unidos da Tijuca
Depois da polêmica envolvendo um banheiro para LGBT na nova quadra da escola de samba Unidos da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, na terça-feira, 4, o diretor de comunicação Bruno Tenório disse em nota enviada ao MixBrasil que a iniciativa não é preconceituosa. E que os próprios homossexuais da escola é que solicitaram a construção do banheiro exclusivo para gays.
Banheiro gay em quadra de escola de samba causa polêmica no Rio

Abbott pens a new drama for Sky
Paul Abbott is returning to British TV screens with a new show - about a pre-op transsexual contract killer called Chloe.

Man maimed himself in DIY 'sex change'
A North Derbyshire man who was desperate to become a woman carried out a DIY sex change procedure by slicing off his own testicles.

Lea T., Transsexual Model, Talks About Her Love Life
Transsexual model Lea T. recently spoke with "Veja" magazine about her personal life, Brazilian site Quem reports (and we translate):
Transsexual Model Lea T. Speaks About Her Gender Identity

Report: French government accused of transgender hypocrisy
When it comes to transgender issues, France leads the way in hypocrisy.
That is the charge levelled at the French government this week by national transgender organisation Trans-Aide after the French minister for justice Michel Mercier confirmed that the state will not recognise a change of gender identity without proof of “irreversible sterilisation”.

Transsexuals should be allowed in Poland’s army, says NGO
The Trans-Fusion Foundation wants to repeal a regulation preventing transsexuals from joining the armed forces in Poland.

[Czech Republic]
It's in the genes, suggests Czech transsexual 'family'
Dominik was a woman, Andrea was a man, and now after switching their genders they are a couple watching the son Dominik gave birth to, turn into a woman.

'Rainbow' LGBT Association Closed Down by Court Decision
A court in Bursa decided for the closure of the Rainbow LGBT Association. The case was opened two years ago upon the complaint of the Bursa Governorship. Association President Özen commented, "This is a deplorable decision, but our struggle will not cease".

Mental Health Concerns of Transgender Population Living in Chennai, South India – A Study
A recent study undertaken to understand the level of General wellbeing of Male-to-female (MTF) Transgender population living in Chennai shed light on the mental health concerns of the transgender population in Chennai.

[Singapore] [Commentary]
2007 Test Case: Birth Certificate Trips Singapore Transsexual Woman in the US
I’ve often wondered about the Singapore transsexual women who married foreign men and moved overseas to start afresh. Through Mdm Cyn, I learnt about the more successful Bugis Street sisters who married Swiss Germans and retired to a life of seclusion in some snow-capped Swiss Village. Not all who moved to Switzerland were happy though. Some were pushed into prostitution and hostessing jobs. There was no guarantee of a fairytale ending.

'In Between:' Living as Both Male and Female
If you pass Norrie on the sidewalk, you won't be able to tell if she is a man or a woman.
The 49-year-old walks through her gritty Sydney, Australia neighborhood barefoot and wearing a dress. She is flat-chested, has an Adam's Apple, medium-sized feet and sports a haircut that could be male or female -- short in the back and on the sides, with a mop of long hair on top. She wears little or no make-up.

B.C. Liberal, NDP leadership contenders urged to protect transgender rights
A transgender community leader is calling on candidates for the leadership of British Columbia’s two main political parties to enshrine transgender rights in the province’s Human Rights Code.

Is Grindr Banning Trans Profiles?
Grindr, the iPhone and BlackBerry "dating" app aimed at gay men, might have a trans problem on its hands. Already fighting off the notion that its app can be used by child molesters and murderers to find victims, Grindr now stands accused of deleting any mention of trans users transness. Scandal? Update: Grindr support says it doesn't ban trans users, but evidence shows otherwise. Update: Grindr's creator responds. And we've heard from more unhappy trans Grindr users.

More Employers To Cover Transgender Surgery, But New Hurdles Expected
One year from now, more employers than ever before will cover transgender surgery as part of their health insurance plan. While this is much-needed progress for transgender people, implementation issues will unfortunately create new hurdles to living in one's true gender.

‘Princess boy’, 5, inspires book about tolerance
An American mother has published a cartoon picture book about her five-year-old son’s love of wearing pink dresses.
Dyson Kilodavis, who calls himself a “princess boy”, loves wearing pink and purple frothy dresses befitting a fairy or a ballerina.

NCTE and allies urge TSA to treat trans travelers fairly
Just before Thanksgiving we provided a travel advisory for transgender people in light of invasive new TSA screening procedures. Unfortunately, in recent weeks we have been hearing disturbing reports from some trans people about how they have been treated at the airport. While most transgender people have traveled without incident over the last month, these stories confirm that TSA’s current policies not only violate the privacy of all travelers but create serious risks that trans people will be detained, humiliated and harassed.

Four new state laws will benefit LGBT residents
Four new laws that took effect Jan. 1 will benefit lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents of California, according to Jim Carroll, managing director of Equality California.

Trans hospital protections go into effect
Equality North Carolina, a statewide LGBT advocacy organization, is praising new changes in North Carolina’s Hospital Patient’s Bill of Rights.
The change, which took effect Jan. 1, prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity. The group had previously won changes to secure anti-discrimination measures on the basis of sexual orientation and visitation for same-sex couples.

Testifica transexual que sobrevivió al intento de asesinato
Luis Daniel Alvarado, el transexual que acompañaba a la mujer policía Iris Muñoz Camacho en el negocio El Progreso del Jibarito, donde fue asesinada junto a un comerciante, testificó hoy en el juicio contra Luis Rodríguez Pacheco.
El acusado enfrenta cargos por asesinar a su compañera y al dueño del negocio, Edwin Torres Correa, el pasado 12 de junio.
Alvarado, conocido como “Christie”, expresó que era “amiga de la mujer policía desde la infancia” y que conoció a su compañero, con quien compartió en varias ocasiones. (Foto)

Proponen la creación de una Mesa de Trabajo sobre Diversidad e Identidad de Género
El Gobierno Municipal presentó este miércoles en el Honorable Concejo Deliberante un proyecto de ordenanza que apunta a crear una Mesa de Trabajo sobre Diversidad de Género que cuente con la participación de distintas dependencias comunales (Dirección General de Promoción de la Igualdad y Prevención de la Discriminación, Dirección de la Mujer, Secretaría de Salud y Secretaría de la Producción), tres representantes del HCD y uno por cada ONG reconocida por su trabajo en la defensa de los derechos de las personas Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans (LGBT).

Un transexual, un gay y un chico sin brazo en "Soñando por Bailar"
Después del debut de Soñando por Bailar, Mariano Iúdica charló en exclusiva con y compartió sus sensaciones. "Me sentí muy orgulloso de pertenecer" confesó, y contó quiénes son sus favoritos: "El transexual, el chico al que le falta el brazo y el de la villa tienen historias increíbles".

[Argentina] [Opinion]
Has Transsexuality in Football Turned a Corner?
Homophobia in football is an issue that has seen increased discussion in recent months – something that has no doubt been influenced by Vlatko Markovic and Sepp Blatter’s recent comments, as well as the controversial decision to give the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. German goalkeeper Nadine Angerer’s decision to come out as bisexual last month also played a role in the increased coverage of homosexuality in football. Media coverage of transsexuality and transgenderism in football, though, is still relatively non-existent.