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quarta-feira, janeiro 12, 2011

Ano novo, blog renovado
Costuma dizer-se ano novo, vida nova. No meu caso, como provavelmente no caso de muito mais pessoas, nada neste ano novo me parece começar bem. Não sei se este será o último post que escrevo aqui, pois o Lara's dreaming já não faz sentido para mim, pelo menos nestes moldes.

SP: Justiça autoriza trans a ter documento feminino
Justiça de Marília autoriza trans de 19 anos a ter certidão de nascimento com nome feminino

Número de assassinatos de homossexuais no Brasil bate recorde: mais de 250 em 2010
Relatório mostrará que mais de 250 homossexuais foram mortos no Brasil por homofobia em 2010

[brazil] [Commentary]
Are These Trans + Gay-Only Bathrooms Good For Safety? Or Just Separate But Equal?
Students at one of the top samba schools in Rio de Janeiro were either dismayed or elated to find bathrooms set aside specifically for gay and transgender dancers.

Denuncia discriminación por su transexualidad
Kristian asegura que desde que anunció el inicio de reasignación de sexo comenzaron los problemas en su trabajo.
La Asociación Arcópoli, formada por estudiantes de la Universidad de Alcalá, se ha hecho eco de la denuncia de Kristian Sanz, un joven de 32 años que alega una presunta discriminación en su trabajo por su proceso de reasignación de sexo. Para esta entidad, se trata de un nuevo caso de transfobia “que prueba que la igualdad real está aun lejos para el colectivo transexual”. (Foto)

Transsexual to resume fight for right to marry
On Valentine’s Day Joanne Cassar will kick off another phase in her battle to secure her right to marry a man following her gender reassignment surgery seven years ago.

Malta Gay Rights pushing for the Gender Identity Bill
Members of the Malta Gay Rights, who are pushing for a Gender Identity Bill, handed a copy of the proposed Gender Identity Bill to each Member of Parliament as they walked into the House, which was reconvening after a two-week break for the christmas recess.

Nepal's Census to include third gender
Nepal's national census will include a new category for transgender people when counting begins in May.
Trans to be counted in census
Nepal reconoce de por ley lo que ellos llaman un "tercer sexo" e de las y los transexuales

Over 300 transgenders enrol in city voters' list
Chennai tops the list of districts having transgenders in the 2011 electoral rolls with about 300 members finding themselves in the list, according to the final electoral rolls released by the state election department on Monday.

Transsexual vows to fight for her rights after court refuses to update gender
A Malaysian transsexual vowed to fight for her rights after a court refused to change the gender on her identification documents to female following sex-change surgery, her lawyer said Sunday.

Transgender vets want military access for own
Before handcuffing herself to the White House fence, former Petty Officer First Class Autumn Sandeen carefully pinned three rows of Navy ribbons to her chest. Her regulation dress blue skirt, fitted jacket, hat and black pumps were new - fitting for a woman who spent two decades serving her country as a man.
Veterans and Military Issues

Categorical Exclusions: Exploring Legal Responses To Health Care Discrimination Against Transsexuals
The author is an attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area. Areas of interest include immigration, family law, and LGBT rights. She is presently clerking for the Northern District of California.
This was originally published in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law.

[USA] [Commentary]
Part Four: Anti-Defamation And Ashley Love
Do I have y'all's attention as yet? I hope so.
The first thing each of us can do to help reduce trans suicides is to stop being part of the problem. We can't just talk about the hatred and prejudice directed at us by other people... we have to confront our own. We all have prejudice of one sort or another. It might be based on the color of someone's skin or the language they speak, their political or religious beliefs, the size of their body or a disability they have. Maybe it's directed toward lesbians, or gay men, or straight people. Or perhaps it is directed at members of this very community.

Activists to push Anchorage LGBT rights ordinance
Alaska’s Equality Works coalition will attempt to pass a gay and transgender rights ordinance through the Anchorage Municipal Assembly this year.

Civil trial involving transgender woman, B-N cop begins
What started out as a get-together with friends at a Bloomington restaurant in 2005 ended in a woman being accused of not paying her tab and a civil lawsuit that opened Monday against the Bloomington police officer who arrested her.

Liquidan homosexual y a su acompañante
Un homosexual y un hombre, que supuestamente lo acompañaba, fueron estrangulados la noche del viernes y sus cuerpos fueron lanzados por sus victimarios en una de las calles de Comayagüela.
El transexual fue identificado únicamente como Génesis, de entre 23 y 27 años de edad, quien al momento de ser ultimado vestía un pantalón a cuadros rojo, blusa azul, ropa íntima de mujer color morado y zapatos de dama.
Mientras que el hombre no fue identificado, pero según los investigadores tenía una edad entre los 25 a 30 años, vestía únicamente un pantalón a azul y calcetines blancos, no llevaba camisa ni zapatos.
El crimen ocurrió entre las 4:00 y 6:00 de la tarde en un lugar alejado de donde los encontraron, a eso de las 9:00 de la noche frente a la Farmacia América, entre la Tercera y Cuarta Avenida de Comayagüela.
Según el reporte de la Policía, la causa de la muerte es asfixia por estrangulamiento, pero los investigadores no establecieron el motivo del ataque, pero mantienen una hipótesis, que no revelaron.
Hasta la tarde de ayer los cuerpos de los dos hombres, que ingresaron a la morgue como desconocidos, permanecían en esa dependencia del Ministerio Público. (Foto)
Matan a dos jóvenes, uno era homosexual
Honduras: Ask authorities to put an end to transgender murders <<**WARNING: Very graphic images**>>

Murió la primera transexual de Latinoamérica
La mujer que se dedico a su trabajo de estilista, fue también vedette en su juventud. Más tarde, se transformó en “la hija ilustre del atrevimiento”, una metáfora transexuada del mineral humano, como lo afirmó Pedro Lemebel
Falleció Marcia Alejandra, la primera mujer transexual reasignada de sexo de Chile hace 38 años