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sábado, abril 02, 2011

Cirurgião dos transexuais. "Cavaco foi mal assessorado quando vetou a lei"
A saída de João Décio Ferreira do SNS deixou 40 doentes sem opção. "Hoje despe-se mais facilmente a camisola", admite o cirurgião.

European Court of Justice ends discrimination for trans people in insurances
On March 1st, 2011 the Court of Justice of the European Union declared that Art 5 of the Gender Goods and Services Directive (2004/113/EC) is void.

Woman who became male wins right to be recognised as a man
A woman who had a sex change operation to become a man has won the right to recognised as a man by the Public Registry.

Preso suspeito de tráfico sexual e de matar 2 travestis em SP
A Polícia Civil de São Paulo prendeu um homem suspeito de matar dois travestis.

Special Ks
Two trans women have been recognised in this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations. And as Andrew Blythe discovers, it’s a recognition that’s been a long time coming.

Transgender rights bill killed by election
An historic private member's bill to extend human rights protections to transsexual and transgender Canadians that passed in the House of Commons last month is no longer on the table.

World's first pregnant man bankrupt after business hit by prejudice...but he's still planning FOURTH child
The world's first pregnant man has filed for bankruptcy after his T-shirt printing business was hit by prejudice and then the recession.
Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy had their family home in Bend, Oregon, repossessed in January, less then a year after he gave birth to their third child.

[USA] [Commentary]
Independence from ‘Harry Benjamin Syndrome’ Day
Hope you marked your calendars, because it is finally here! March 22nd, Transsexual Independence Day! I would like to take this chance to thank the ancient mummies who co-founded the Transsexual Symposium for coming up with this special occasion (as they do with fabricating everything else).

[USA] [Commentary]
The Strange Case of “True Transsexuals” who hate other Transsexual and Transgender People
Disclaimer: I have gotten seriously pissed off with some of the BS about gender and the insistence upon the erasure of transsexuals by the smothering inclusive “Transgender Umbrella”.

[USA] [Commentary]
Utah Transwoman Humiliated At DMV, Ciswoman Stands Up For Her
If you want to know why many of us have been going straight the hell off about the unjust HB 235 law being pimped in Maryland by our 'allies', this news coming out of Utah will add more gasoline to the fires of our discontent.

Transgender teenager born without legs says: 'I won't let birth defect stop me being a star'
Transgender teenager Piyah Martell was born with a shortened spine and tiny legs but it has not stopped her dreams of becoming a star.
The 19-year-old, who walks on her hands, films herself performing music videos of songs by divas like Mariah Carey and Beyonce, and has built up a loyal following on YouTube, Facebook and Myspace. (Photo)

Gender Identity and Expression Bill Moves Forward in Connecticut
Five years after it was first proposed, a bill prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and expression was once again the subject of a legislative hearing in Connecticut last week. HB 6599, “An Act Concerning Discrimination,” would add “gender identity or expression” to Connecticut’s antidiscrimination statute, thus protecting transgender people from discrimination in employment, education, housing, public accommodations and credit.
Call Your Judiciary Member Today to support HB 6599 An Act Concerning Discrimination

High school gives in, allows girl to attend prom in tuxedo
Monique Verdin was counting the days and hours to Saturday and her long-awaited high-school prom, while dreading the conforntation that would result when she arrived.

[MA, USA] [Film]
Filmmaker Traces Evolution of ‘Intersex’
To amplify the voices of people with intersex conditions and to shed light on the medicalization of intersex identities, The Women’s Center handed the microphone at an event Friday to documentary filmmaker Robin Honan and intersex historian Elizabeth Reis to vocalize the crossroads of medical and social thought on intersex bodies.

Transgender Protections Bill Clears Maryland House
The Maryland House on Saturday approved a bill that would ban discrimination against transgender people, DC gay weekly Metro Weekly reported.
Maryland Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Bill Passes In the House
[Commentary] Don't worry Marylanders, you'll still be able to discriminate against us…
[Commentary] Maryland Senate: NO Trans-Crow Law! NO Slavery!
Maryland House approves transgender protections bill

Panama not amused by cross-dressing diplomat
A Panamanian diplomat who donned a lace dress and with a banana in his bustline for carnival in Spain has offered to resign amid outrage at home over the gender bending display.

Aumentan los asesinatos y otros abusos contra las personas LGTB en Colombia
Aumentan en Colombia los abusos contra el colectivo LGTB. Así lo pone de manifiesto “Todos los deberes, pocos los derechos”, un informe de Colombia Diversa, según el cual se ha pasado de 99 homicidios de personas LGTB durante el periodo 2006-2007 (37 de los cuales habrían sido claramente motivados por prejuicio) a 127 homicidios en el periodo 2008-2009 (46 de ellos por prejucio).

Un disparo y muchas dudas
Una militante transexual recibió un impacto de bala y permanece con coma inducido y respirador artificial en el Heca. El presunto autor, un ex policía, asegura que junto a otra trabajadora sexual intentaron robar su brasería y que, cuando forcejeó con ellas, Julieta se golpeó contra una columna. Desde el área de Diversidad Sexual reclaman que se esclarezca el caso.
¿Por qué le dispararon a Julieta?

[Argentina] [Commentary]
Big Brother Argentina: Trans man Alejandro has been voted out of the house
An update, if you have been following this blog...
After surviving for three months inside the video-monitored "Big Brother" house, luck ran out Sunday for transgender man Alejandro Iglesias as viewers voted to expel him from the Argentinean version of the reality show.