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domingo, março 27, 2011

The Debate over Diagnosis
Expected to be published in May 2013, the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) - the bible of the American Psychiatric Association - has created a firestorm of controversy in its suggested treatment of individuals who have gender identity issues.

Cirurgia encerra drama de transexual – e da medicina
Xande dos Santos será 1ª brasileira a passar por operação de mudança de sexo paga pelo SUS. Há 15 anos, intervenção podia ser considerada crime

Government rejects proposals to close transgender pension loophole
This week, the government rejected proposals to close a loophole which appears to have denied many trans women what they consider to be their rightful entitlement to pension payments.

[Malaysia] [Film]
Malaysia's first film with gay lead characters breaks taboo...
Dalam Botol shocks conservative politicians but is criticised by gay activists for negative ending

Transgender legal rights inquiry in ACT
The ACT has launched an inquiry into men who want to live as women and vice-versa. The inquiry comes not long after a Family Court decision to allow a teenage girl to start hormone treatment to become a man. Attorney-General Simon Corbell said the inquiry would investigate any gaps in legal rights for the transgender community.

[Australia] [Film]
Brunswick film looks at transgender story
At six, Sally Goldner began imagining living as a female. But it wasn’t until she turned 29 that she found out what that actually meant. The transgender rights activist, who is also an accountant, stand-up comic and radio host, candidly shares her experience in Brunswick East filmmaker Mark Andersson’s documentary Sally’s Story. (Photo: Sally Goldner, from Brunswick, is the subject of a new documentary featured in the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.)

An Education on trans youth
In kindergarten, while she would occasionally wear a princess outfit from the costume box, Maxime became aware of the separation between girls and boys, and her own level of discomfort with her male body.

Murders of Transgender Women of Color Fuel Concern, Advocacy
While some 500 miles separate Baltimore and Forrest City, Ark., the two cities are slightly closer today as transgender activists in both places continue to cope with the tragic loss of someone who called their community home.

Who Decides Sex of Intersex Babies?
What happens when the doctors performing surgery on a baby born with ambiguous genitals get the child's sex wrong?
Intersex Babies: Boy or Girl and Who Decides?
[Commentary] Intersex Children
Intersex Advocates Work Against Infant Surgery

[USA] [Commentary]
In Another Time, He Would Have Been Honored, But Instead He Was Murdered
The murder of Fred Martinez, Jr., shocked all of us back in 2001. A 16 year old Navajo living near racist Cortez, Colorado, Fred left to go to see the rodeo, and never came back.

For Prostitutes, Is Murder an Occupational Hazard?
As MoJo reporter Mac McClelland pointed out earlier this week, murdered prostitutes don't often make the news these days. When they do, their deaths may be dismissed as more occupational hazard than crime. Here, for example, is how St. Francis County sheriff Bobby May explained the fatal shooting of trans prostitute 25-year-old Marcal Camero Tye: "You know, prostitutes, these types of folks—it's a risk. Whenever you're soliciting, things of this nature happen sometimes." Translation: If Tye hadn't been trans and/or a prostitute, the murder would have most likely never happened. But why is it so easy to deny a prostitute's right to safety?

[USA] [Commentary]
EQMD mounts HRC assisted ATTACK on Transgender People ACT NOW!
Equality Maryland's director Morgan Meneses-Sheets is using all of EQMD's membership might to bulldoze the Maryland Transgender community 6 feet under placing this headstone to commemorate our murders.

[USA] [Commentary]
Dana Beyer Cleared of Ethics Charges
After several years of a political battled riddled with discrimination, spin, and security breaches, Dana Beyer, senior aide to Montgomery County, Maryland Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg, has been exonerated of all ethics charges.

Transgender woman robbed in possible Atlanta bias crime
A 16-year old male is under arrest after he allegedly beat a transgender woman and stole her purse in a March 12 incident that is being investigated as a possible bias crime by the Atlanta Police Department.

Maryland's transgender community needs your help!
Just last week, the House Health & Government Operations committee heard testimony on the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act, legislation that if passed would extend vital protections based on gender identity to housing, employment, and credit.

Hate crimes measure advances
Crimes prompted because a person is transgender could be eligible for harsher penalties under a bill moving forward in the Nevada Legislature.
Bill to increase penalties for attacks on transsexuals advances

Transforming Support
Like being green, being trans isn’t easy. Portlanders who take the brave step of embracing their trans identities, though, can turn to a number of groups for much needed support.

Ogden Twelfth Utah City To Approve Gay Protections
On Tuesday, Ogden became the latest Utah city or municipality to approve a gay protections ordinance.

Y ahora, los intersexuales
BBC Mundo explora quiénes integran esta minoría sexual que, en Colombia y otros países de América Latina, se han unido a lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales.

[Brazil] [Commentary]
Trans Murder Rocks Brazil
Brazil is the largest country on the South American continent. It is not only one that is fast becoming an emerging economic powerhouse, they hope the upcoming 2014 World Cup soccer tournament and the 2016 Olympics will demonstrate that fact to the world.

Denuncian que policías golpearon a travestis
Las víctimas habrían sido atacadas por efectivos mientras ejercían la prostitución en la calle Pavón. Alex Freyre, asesor del Inadi, conversó con antes de reunirse con Nilda Garré.