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quinta-feira, março 24, 2011

Corrida das Mulheres capixaba no domingo vai contar com trans
Trans vão poder participar da Corrida da Mulher, em Vitória, no domingo

Professora transexual promove debate sobre o filme "Cisne Negro" nos Satyros
O filme "Cisne Negro", que deu a Natalie Portman o Oscar de Melhor Atriz, será tema de debate promovido pela diretora de teatro, atriz e professora do grupo Satyros, Esther Antunes.
Professora trans de teatro promove debate grátis sobre Cisne Negro

Hoy, jueves día 17 de marzo, se cumplen cuatro años de la entrada en vigor de Ley de Transexuales en España
Este jueves, día 17 de marzo, se cumplirán cuatro años de la promulgación de la Ley de Identidad de Genero, habiendo sido ese el día en el que fue firmada por el Rey de España y su Presidente Zapatero. Las personas transexuales pudieron, a partir de entonces, modificar la referencia del nombre y sexo en sus documentos de identidad, como el DNI, sin necesidad de someterse a una operación genital y sin procedimiento judicial, tras la publicación en el Boletín Oficial del Estado de la Ley reguladora de la rectificación registral relativa al sexo de las personas.

Hooker killer’s £45k sex swap prison op
THE killer of a vice gran is to have a sex change in jail at a cost of £45,000 to the taxpayer.
Matthew Richardson stabbed 13st Margaret Bolingbroke, 65, after she mocked his performance.
Killer jailed for life to have £45,000 sex-change operation 'funded by the taxpayer'

I was living a lie: 16st bodybuilding father transforms himself into a glamorous female model
A bodybuilding father has transformed himself into a glamorous woman after struggling with his gender for years.
Transgender Chrisie Edkins, 31, had spent hours in the gym - bulking up to 16stone - in an attempt to convince himself he was a typical alpha male. (Photo)
220 pound bodybuilder father is now a glamorous female model
Burly father changes from body builder into model
Model Mum Used To Be A Dad

FA Backs Sex Equality On The Pitch
Football chiefs have kicked off a campaign to get transsexuals involved in the sport in the hope they could one day play for England.
Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transvestites are also being urged to take up the sport.
The FA crusade aims to show “transphobia” the red card.
Football Association accepts gay rights charter

Newcastle gets first transgender support group
Transgender people in Newcastle now have somewhere to share their experiences and thoughts thanks to a new support group.

'No attention' paid to hate crime
"Virtually no attention" has been paid to why people carry out hate crimes in Scotland, the Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland (EHRCS) has said.

Channel 4 signs agreement to treat transgender issues sensitively
Channel 4 has signed an agreement to treat transgender issues sensitively and accurately.
The broadcaster is the first media outlet to sign Trans Media Watch’s Memorandum of Understanding.

New guidelines for trans prisoners
The United Kingdom’s Justice Ministry has released new guidelines for transsexual and transgender prisoners outlining how staff should treat them.
According to the guidelines, prisons must “permit prisoners who consider themselves transsexual and wish to begin gender reassignment to live permanently in their acquired gender.

From Far Right Skinhead To Left Wing Nurse
A former neo-Nazi skinhead has had a change of direction - by changing sex, becoming a nurse and joining a left wing party. (Photo)

[Czech Republic]
Boys (who once were girls) don’t cry
Autobiographical novel maps Czech transsexual Mike Perry’s long journey to biological manhood

Lithuanian MPs want to ban gender-reassignment surgery
Conservative members of Lithuania’s Parliament have proposed banning gender-reassignment surgery via the Civil Code.

Transgenders claim right to political space
Gender categories have the strongest grip on modern culture. In the 1990s, the postmodern understandings of sex, gender and sexuality permitted the creation of a distinctly ‘transgender identity' in which gender identity is marked by mind, rather than physical characteristics.

Thai transgender talent show shocker = YouTube gold
Thailand's Got Talent contestant steals show with a startling "remix"
Transgender ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ Singer Stuns Judges

[New Zealand]
Trans gathering a powerful image
Barry Taylor knew the Human Rights Conference at the 2nd Asia Pacific Outgames was a success on the first night.
"Historic" trans and intersex gathering held

Brisbane Drag Queen Crowned Miss Gay Australia 2011
Chinta Woo-Allcock scratched her way to the top in the Miss Gay Australia pageant held in Melbourne last month.

[Australia/USA] [Film]
Bloodied women
Israel Luna, director of Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives – about a group of nightclub drag queens who take revenge when their sisters are brutally attacked by homophobes – speaks to Andrew Shaw about the controversy around his 'transploitation' flick.

Insurance Bill for LGBTs Introduced
Newly proposed legislation by two Democratic legislators would ensure that LGBT Americans are covered by COBRA insurance benefits if their partner becomes unemployed, reports The Washington Blade.

Transgender Murder Not a Hate Crime, Says Sheriff
Bobby May, sheriff of Arkansas’s St. Francis County, says he believes the death of transgender woman Marcal Camero Tye is a routine murder case and not a hate crime. In an interview with FM 89 News, May conjectured that Tye had gotten involved in a late night sexual scenario with a stranger that turned deadly.
Was it a Hate Crime? Transgender Woman Shot in Head, Dragged by Car
FBI rules murder of Marcel Tye not a hate crime

Church's transgender pastor grateful for life "beyond my wildest dreams"
Rev. Malcolm Himschoot knows about profound transformation.
Born female, Himschoot chose as a young adult to become male, despite fears he would be lonely, unemployable and cast aside by other Christians.

Atlanta Police Training for Anti-Cross Dressing Harassment
First off, if you know where I got the inspiration for my title, props to you. For those of you who don't know, it's from the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Montgomery ethics panel rules in favor of transgendered aide
A Montgomery County ethics panel has ruled that former County Council aide Dana Beyer did not use her position to intimidate opponents collecting petition signatures to overturn the county's transgender discrimination law.

Actress Liv Tyler mistaken for transvestite, according to US report
Hollywood actress Liv Tyler got mistaken for a Middle Eastern transvestite at a New York party.

[TN, USA] [Film]
Middle Tennessee State University airs 'Transmen'
Student-made documentary chronicles the lives of three transmen in Tennessee