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terça-feira, junho 21, 2011

Transexuales condena el "ataque personal" a Gallardón en la 'cacerolada' del lunes
La Asociación Española de Transexuales 'Transexualia' ha condenado este jueves el "ataque personal" sufrido por el alcalde de Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, y su familia a las puertas de su casa el lunes por la noche, durante la cacerolada protesta contra la prohibición municipal de instalar un escenario de música en la plaza de Chueca en las fiestas del Orgullo Gay 2011.

Comienzan este viernes en Gran Canaria Fiestas del Orgullo de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bi con Pregón
La fiesta del Orgullo de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (LGTB) en Canarias, que se celebra este año bajo el lema Matrimonio=Matrimonio. Ni un derecho menos. Ni un paso atrás, contará en esta edición con una pregonera de lujo: la actriz y activista canaria defensora de los derechos de los transexuales, Carla Antonelli. El edificio Miller centrará las actividades lúdicas y culturales y el parque Santa Catalina acogerá la parte más festiva con los chiringays.

C4 exec takes aim at transgender portrayal pledge
Channel 4 disability editorial manager Alison Walsh has criticised the broadcaster’s decision to sign up to a memo of understanding (MoU) created by transgender organisation Trans Media Watch.

Ban the drag acts, Pride chiefs urged
A woman has said this weekend’s Calderdale Pride celebration should not include performances by drag acts.
Rose White, a transexual, has written to councillors and the organisers of Calder-dale Pride asking them to either ban the turns or publish a disclaimer about them.
She argues their appearance promotes negative stereotypes about transexuals and encourages hatred of those who have changed sex.
(Photo: Rose White, Opus Point, Halifax.)

French transgender woman hopes to run for president
A trans woman who has set up a new political party hopes to run in the 2012 French presidential elections.
On May 8th, in an interview with ’20 minutes’, Brigitte Goldberg, president of Avenir 2012 (literally, The Future 2012) revealed plans for her party – which was formally launched two days later – and for her own presidential candidacy next year.

Transgender Rights in Forefront of Equality Parade
About 5,000 people attended the Equality Parade in Polish capital Warsaw this weekend. Among them, the country’s first transgender rights activists, who in the last couple of years have made great strides in gaining recognition for the country’s transgender community.

Fighting for intersexuals' rights in Kenya
South African teenage runner Caster Semenya spent two hours lying with her legs in stirrups so doctors could photograph her genitals to decide whether she was a man or a woman.
Such humiliation is a common experience for intersexuals, who are born with both male and female genitalia. And Semenya’s case is not unusual – one in 4,000 babies is sexually ambiguous at birth.
In Kenya, lawyer John Chigiti is committed to winning legal recognition for intersex people and protecting their rights.

Nepal begins first census in 20 years
Nepal began its first nationwide census in 20 years on Friday, mapping its population and towns for the first time since the end of its decade-long civil war that claimed an estimated 16,000 lives.

90 transgenders arrested by RPF
Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel have arrested 90 transgenders for allegedly travelling without tickets on trains.

Gender changes for High Court
WHAT is a woman? What is a man?
The High Court will be asked to ponder this fundamental question in an appeal involving two transsexuals who want to change the sex recorded on their birth certificates from female to male.

Transgender shooting victim says incident was 'pure hatred'
A transgender shooting victim is claiming to be the victim of a hate crime, something Halifax police were disputing yesterday.
Drag performer shot in Halifax
Drag queen was victim of shooting
'You cannot let people like this win'
Police dispute shooting victim's hate crime claim

[USA] [Commentary]
Diagnose this!
One thing that many transgender people have struggled with is the assumption that they are crazy. We internalize the fear that our cross-gender feelings may be a sign of some psychosis, all the while society tells us there must be something wrong with us for associating with the opposite gender – let alone wanting to inhabit some form of "third-gender" space.

Gender Idenity and Expression Protected By New Senate Bill
On June 14, the California State Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Gender Nondiscrimination Act (AB 887) on a 3-2 vote. The bill was authored by Assemblymember Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) and sponsored by Equality California and the Transgender Law Center. If passed by the Assembly, AB 887 will strengthen employment, housing, and other civil rights protections for all Californians, especially those who face discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

Transgender Travails
On April 26, Isaiah Johnson, a 20-year-old man who dresses as a woman, met a 15-year-old special-education student at a bus stop in Stamford, Conn. According to police, Johnson forced the boy into a men’s bathroom at a nearby food court, where a “sexual encounter” occurred. The next day, the student reported the incident to a school administrator, who alerted the police. On June 8, Johnson was arrested for second-degree sexual assault, second-degree unlawful restraint, and risk of injury to a minor.
Johnson’s arrest is Exhibit A in conservatives’ case against an anti-discrimination bill recently signed into law by Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy (D.). H. B. 6599 prohibits discrimination on the basis of “gender identity or expression” in a host of areas, including employment, public accommodations, and housing. Unfortunately, the bill’s language is so hazy that opponents worry it will easily be abused.

Transgender Gap
Anti-discrimination bill threatens transgender, LGBT alliances
In late April, a video of a beating outside the women’s restroom at a Baltimore County McDonald’s appeared on YouTube. It shows two teenage girls kicking and punching a 22-year-old transgender woman named Chrissy Lee Polis. One teenager drags Polis across the floor by the hair, and near the end of the three-minute video—shot on a cell phone by a laughing McDonald’s employee who did nothing to intervene—Polis appears to have a seizure. The video went viral, garnering condemnation and column inches across the country and around the world. Petitions circulated, bloggers speculated. A columnist in British daily The Guardian opined that Rosedale—where the attack occurred—might rank with Stonewall in terms of historical significance.

Update: Holland City Council votes on anti-discrimination ordinance
On Wednesday night, the City of Holland continued the debate on a controversial anti-discrimination proposed ordinance, and after several hours, voted it down 5-4.
Gay rights issue denied at Holland mtg

Chrishaun McDonald, Dean Schmitz's accused killer, allegedly reacted to transgender slur
Chrishaun McDonald was charged last week with stabbing Dean Schmitz to death near the Schooner Tavern in south Minneapolis, and now there may be a clue as to why.
Story to Watch: Transgender Woman Accused of Minneapolis Murder

Guest Post: GENDA Passes New York Assembly
For the third year in a row, the Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act (GENDA) has passed the New York State Assembly with a large bipartisan vote of 78-53. Now the bill moves forward into the State Senate.
Human Rights Campaign Praises New York Assembly for Passing Transgender Antidiscrimination Protections
With All Eyes on NY Gay Marriage, GENDA Passes in Assembly

Harlem man accused of stuffing grandma in closet is charged with murdering transvestite prostitute
A Harlem man accused of killing his grandma, stuffing her in a closet and taking a hooker into her bed has been charged with murdering a transvestite prostitute.
Larry Davis, 22, was indicted in the August slaying of Richard McCoy, described by sources as a cross-dressing escort.
Davis choked the victim during rough sex and wedged the body under a bed, a source said.

Arrests in ‘donut riot,’ but FIERCE blasts crackdown
Police have made four arrests in connection with the May 16 incident in which at least a dozen young people, some of them transgender, invaded the Dunkin Donuts at 75 Christopher Street and wreaked mayhem. They threw two metal tables and one chair at employees and during the chaos stole pastries and drinks.

Support the Trans Day of Action with NYC’s Audre Lorde Project on June 24
GLAAD is proud to endorse the 7th Annual Trans Day of Action on June 24, 2011 in New York City, hosted by the Audre Lorde Project. The march will last from 3 PM to 7 PM, and is aimed to raise awareness and celebrate the accomplishments of trans and gender non-conforming people.
Endorse Trans Day of Action 2011

Transgender laws - one remarkable success
With the whirlwind 120 days of Nevada lawmaking over, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada lobbyist Jan Gilbert reflects on this year’s victories for disenfranchised Nevadans. Three bills backed by PLAN that safeguard transgender and gender non-conforming Nevadans from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations were signed into law.

Standing for Trans Rights
Portland City Council approves health care coverage for transgender city employees

Abington commissioners vote to support state anti-discrimination legislation
The Abington Board of Commissioners voted 12-2 to support the passage of anti-discrimination legislation in the House and Senate that would amend the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, making it illegal for employers to discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Another trans person murdered in Houston
Houston police have released a composite sketch (right) of a suspect wanted in the murder of a transgender victim whose body was found behind a trash bin at an apartment complex early Monday.
HPD releases suspect sketch in cross-dresser's killing
Prostitute Killed In North Houston

[Commentary] Transwoman Murdered Behind Apartment Dumpster

Araguz vows to take fight to the Supreme Court
Transgender widow Nikki Araguz this week announced a new legal team and vowed to appeal a judge’s ruling denying her death benefits all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.
Araguz said the Houston firm of Katine & Nechman, which served as local counsel in the landmark Lawrence v. Texas case that led to a Supreme Court ruling overturning Texas’ sodomy law, will represent her on appeal.

Gender in Virginia
The local transgender community and allies have a long history of fighting for more equitable treatment of transgender inmates in the custody of D.C.'s Department of Corrections (DOC). The issues have ranged from having DOC staff recognize an inmate's stated gender identity to securing placement of transgender inmates in gender-appropriate facilities to ensuring input from the transgender community when such issues arise.

Han festejado los 17 años de lucha de la RED MEXICANA DE MUJERES TRANS A.C.
En esta fiesta de aniversario de la asociación civil llevada a cabo el día lunes 13 de junio en una discoteca de Guadalajara, mas de 400 personas asistieron a este evento de todo el país nos honraron con su visita compañeras de otros estados.

Al travesti le destrozaron la cabeza a golpes por resistirse a ser violado
Al travesti encontrado sin vida esta mañana en la parte más alta del uno de los tramos del elevado que pasará por encima del Metro de Maracaibo, lo asesinaron destrozándole la cabeza a golpes.

Corte protege derecho de preso gay a usar maquillaje
Dijo que prohibirlo vulnera dignidad, personalidad e igualdad humanas. Inpec debe hacer campaña de sensibilización.