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quarta-feira, janeiro 02, 2013

2012: Os 12 vídeos portugueses de temática LGBT mais marcantes do ano
Quais os vídeos made in Portugal de temática LGBT que marcaram 2012? O faz o resumo dos vídeos do ano:

Madalena, travesti eleita vereadora passa mal durante a posse em Piracicaba, SP
Travesti, que recebeu 3.035 votos, foi levada pelo Samu a pronto-socorro.
Vestida de terno branco e com lenço azul na cabeça, vereadora teve ânsia.

Travesti é encontrada morta embaixo de ponte no Aero Rancho
Uma travesti de 32 anos foi encontrada morta nesta segunda-feira, embaixo da ponte sobre o rio Anhanduí, no Aero Rancho, em Campo Grande. O travesti conhecido por 'Raíssa' era usuário de drogas. Ele ainda não foi identificado.

Jim Davidson: I once had sex with a ladyboy — so I’m not homophobic
Ahead of his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, Jim Davidson has sought to play down accusations of being a homophobe by stating that he once had oral sex with a Thai “ladyboy”.

Proposal of chemical castration of rape accused opposed
President of Transgenders Association Vijayakumar flayed the demand of chemical castration for rape accused in some quarters.
Will Indian men allow laws for chemical castration?

Call to change mindset towards transgender people
Discussants at a view-sharing meeting here today stressed the need for changing mindset towards the transgender people to ensure their fundamental rights for uplifting their living and livelihood condition.

New Westminster to host rally for January Lapuz this Saturday
The Lower Mainland transgender community will be hosting a Justice for January rally this Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. at New Westminster city hall.

Transgender beauty planning reality TV show
Jenna Talackova made a worldwide splash in the surreal world of beauty pageants in 2012, but next year the gender equality crusader says it's back to reality.

Sex change status snag US divorce case
An Arizona man who garnered widespread media attention for giving birth to three children after having a sex-change operation has hit a snag in his divorce proceedings that could prevent him from having his marriage legally dissolved.
Questions Over Sex Change Snag Ariz. Divorce Case

[FL, USA] [Column]
The Ins and Outs of Changing Name and Gender (Part 2)
At some point, most transgender people will find that the name that was assigned them at birth no longer suits them, and they choose a new name that affirms their gender identity.

Transgender conference calling it quits after 30 years
Citing waning participation and a shortfall of funds, one of the nation's largest transgender conferences has ceased organizing after more than three decades in the Chicago area.
The Be-All Conference, which gathered hundreds and hosted big name speakers in Downers Grove, has been cancelled.

Rep. Lyons asks state to pay for all sex change operations to make 'profound point'
State Rep. James Lyons is so outraged at a ruling requiring the state to pay the lawyers’ fees of a convicted murderer who wants a sex change that he plans to file a bill that would give all Massachusetts residents the same legal benefits.

Petition Underway Concerning Omaha Anti-Discrimination Ordinance
An anti-discrimination ordinance passed in 2012 by the Omaha City Council is the subject of a petition to rescind the new law.

The missing transgender woman, and what’s (not) being done
There’s a particularly cynical exchange in an episode of the cult HBO series “The Wire,” wherein a couple of homicide detectives remark upon how little priority is being given to the unsolved murders of several poor African-Americans.
To drive the point home, one of the detectives refers to these homicides as “misdemeanor murders”.

¡Las trans despidieron el año a tacazos!
Candidata a asambleísta bailó toda la noche con sus compañeras, algunas se pusieron interiores amarillos.

La ley de identidad de género, el logro para la diversidad sexual
Fue uno de los grandes triunfos. El colectivo trans cosecha frutos de esa lucha contra la humillación y la marginación.

1720 alteraram nome e género na documentação
No Verão passado a Argentina tornou-se no primeiro país do mundo ao passar aquela que é conhecida como a mais progressiva lei de identidade de género do mundo.