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quarta-feira, março 13, 2013

Another victory for trans rights at the UN
Gender Reassignment Surgery Requirement equals Torture, says United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture

Travesti é vítima de homicídio ao se recusar a fazer sexo sem camisinha em Belo Horizonte
Na segunda-feira (11), em Uberlândia, uma travesti foi vítima de tentativa de homicídio após se recusar a ter relação sexual sem o uso do preservativo.
Minas Gerais: Travesti é agredido ao negar relação sexual sem camisinha

Paraíba: Estado terá ambulatório para acompanhar pacientes que aguardam cirurgia de mudança de sexo
Desde que o Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) incorporou a cirurgia de mudança de sexo em sua grade o número de beneficiados tem aumentado. De acordo com dados divulgados pelo órgão, são feitas, aproximadamente, 2 cirurgias por dia no Brasil, um crescimento de sete vezes a mais do que em 2008, primeiro ano de projeto, que acumulou 101 contemplados.

Buttimer: Health professionals must be trained in transgender issues
Health professionals must be trained to deal with the needs of transgender people, Deputy Jerry Buttimer has said.

Turkish actress now a ‘free man’ after a decision to change genders
Turkish actress Nil Erkoçlar has undergone life changing surgery to become a man. Now he is Rüzgar, and has spoken about his decision to have a sex change and the hard life that he experienced in the past
Turkish actor: ‘Gender reassignment was my choice and now I’m free’

Breaking barriers: If you can contest polls, why can’t a eunuch?
Thirty-two-year-old Sanam Fakeer is a poster-girl for the transgender community. As a social entrepreneur and a staunch rights campaigner, Sanam has already broken several barriers to reclaim both respect and dignity for her much misunderstood community. On Sunday, Sanam set her sights on another barrier: elected office.
Pakistan transgender candidate to contest polls
Transgender woman to stand for election in Pakistan
Pakistan transgender candidate to run for office
Pakistan: First trans woman in general election says the community is ‘more than dancers and beggars’

The tale of transgender people: When hate starts ruining lives
Recently, some of my friends and I made a short documentary on transgenders to participate in a documentary competition held at my university.
To collect the required information, we visited their homes and were shocked at what we discovered.

India Inc gets cool, makes space for the 3rd sex in its offices
A radical initiative by India Inc led by two companies in particular, Wipro Technologies and JP Morgan Chase, has opened up new employment options for the transgender community in India.

Transgender-men yet to break free
Trans-men are reticent, a hardly visible group among the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. Most people do not really know who they are. On the sidelines of the 5th Bangalore Queer Film Festival, this often misunderstood group of people shared details of their struggle to live as they are.

Eunuch voters population highest in Jabalpur
The largest number of adult eunuch voters in the state is from Jabalpur, if the recent voter list is to be believed. It is just in two years that more than 2000 voters have been registered under the 'other', category of the voters in the state.

Over 8000 eunuchs get Aadhaar in 2012
8,805 eunuchs living across the country have been issued 'Aadhaar' numbers last year by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

'Dirty' and 'defected' trans individuals should be expelled from homes, encourages Muslim leader
A religious leader in India repeatedly slams the transgender community, known as hijras, saying these individuals have 'physiological and hormonal difficulties'
[Commentary] How we should react to the Muslim leader who called hijras ‘dirty’

Trans Folks Who Are Unemployed, Homeless, or in Massive Debt
CNNMoney, a digital partnership between CNN and Fortune and Money magazines, came up with an impressive series this week in which they spoke to six transgender people who were either unemployed, homeless, living on food stamps, or facing piles of debt. Trans leaders are heralding the stalwart news site for looking at the significant issues that transgender Americans faces in every day life: money, healthcare, and jobs.

High court to hear claim over withdrawn guilty plea
The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on Monday to consider whether a lower court erred in throwing out a murder conviction of a transgender man accused of killing his wealthy uncle so he could use money from the estate for a sex-change operation.

Kerttula reintroduces discrimination bill
Would add sexual orientation, gender identity

Phoenix to vote on adding LGBT to anti-discrimination policy, crticis say it will harm businesses
Phoenix City Council could vote on an ordinance to add sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to its anti-discrimination policy, but opponents warn it will have a negative impact on businesses and churches.
Proposed non-discrimination ordinance ignites controversy
Catholic Diocese worries about Phoenix gay rights, anti-discrimination ordinance

Yale Health considers sex change surgery
Though Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard and Brown offer health insurance coverage for students to receive gender reassignment surgery, Yale is still reviewing its policies for the procedure.

EXCLUSIVE: Hawaii designer speaks out about being transgendered
Hawaii designer Andy South is living life as a woman and, for the first time on television, she's speaking out about being transgendered.

Thomas Beatie, world’s first pregnant man, describes social, legal challenges
Thomas Beatie is known by the media as “the world’s first pregnant man.”

New Massachusetts rules allow transgender students to choose their own bathroom
A student’s biological gender is apparently no longer the primary consideration in the Bay State when it comes to going to the bathroom or using a school locker room.

Fraternity brothers raising money to help pay for transgender member's top surgery
Emerson College's Phi Alpha Tau launch online campaign for Donnie Collins
Boston Fraternity Raises Money for Trans Brother

O’Malley ‘absolutely’ building support for Md. trans bill
Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on Monday said he’s “absolutely” reaching out to state lawmakers to encourage them to pass a transgender rights bill.

New sexual orientation, gender identity task force starts its work
Despite the wind and sleet whipping around the building outside, a Monday meeting of the city’s new sexual orientation and gender identity task force carried none of the furor that marked earlier discussions of the topic.
Sexual orientation and gender identity task force to meet for first time

New York state legislature to consider transgender rights bill
A bill making its way in the New York state legislature would protect gender identity or expression from discrimination and subject violators to a potential hate crime prosecution.

Texas School Tells Teen He Can’t Wear Dress to Prom
A student at a Houston high school says an assistant principal told him he couldn’t wear a dress to his senior prom because it violated school policy.

Texas GOP lawmakers threaten to cut funding to LGBT supportive schools
A pair of Republican Texas lawmakers have introduced two pieces of anti-gay legislation, one which would cut funding for schools and universities that have policies in place that support LGBT students, faculty, or staff, and another measure that would allow discrimination based on religious beliefs.

Acusan a jefe policiaco de fomentar transfobia
Cualquier maleante puede vestirse mujer para cometer una fechoría, asegura funcionario
Activistas exigen cursos de sensibilización para servidores públicos

Prohibido a mujeres y gays usar minifalda en Acuña, Coahuila; Seguridad pide a ciudadanos denunciarlos
La Dirección Municipal de Seguridad de Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, inició una campaña en contra del uso de minifaldas, de acuerdo con las normas establecidas por el Bando de Policía y Buen Gobierno. Usar esa prenda será incluso objeto de sanción tanto para mujeres como para los homosexuales que las porten.
¿Tolerancia?: Mujeres en minifalda y travestis serán detenidos en Acuña, Coahuila
En Acuña respetamos uso minifalda, en contra de actos inmorales: edil
Mexican Town Bans Women in Miniskirts and Fines Crossdressers

La policia usó agua y gases para impedir "Besos contra la Homofobia" pero el miedo se acabó
Algunos creimos que se iba a repetir lo que pasó hace dos años...todos los accesos a Plaza de Armas estaban cerrrados con rejas. Los policias lo decían, el cierre era "por la manifestación del MHOL".
Chorros de agua y gases para impedir una besada contra la homofobia en Lima