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sábado, março 09, 2013

Public toilets in Brighton to become ‘gender neutral’
“Gender neutral” toilets will replace male and female toilets as part of a £140,000 refurbishment in an area of Brighton.

Therapists rename gay, bi and trans people as GSDs
Think you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender? Not any more, apparently you are a Gender and Sexual Diversity

Ni fille, ni garçon, ils sont «de genre inconnu»
«C'est une fille ou un garçon?» demande-t-on toujours à la naissance. Pourtant, il arrive que certains ne se reconnaissent dans aucune de ces deux catégories. Pour TÊTUE, ils témoignent.

Greek Transgender Support Association
(Court of first appeal no. 7646/2010 – Metropolitan District of Athens no. 19388)


Subject: “Gender identity now included in hate crime legislation”

The Greek Transgender Support Group, a recognized organization for the protection of trans rights and equality, is happy to report the inclusion of gender identity in Greek hate crime legislation.

In particular, the law “regarding addictive substances and other rulings”, in the Chapter concerning Penal Code Amendmends, Article 66 now states:

Performing an act motivated by nationalistic, racial or religious hatred, or hatred due to different sexual orientation or gender identity against a victim, is considered an aggravating circumstance and the sentence cannot be suspended.

The addition of “gender identity” was supported by Official Opposition members, the Proponent Ms Vassiliki Katrivanou and Syriza spokeswoman Ms Aphrodite Stabouli.

Dimokratiki Aristera also submitted an amendment by Ms Maria Repousi regarding gender identity, and lastly, Pa.So.K. MP Konstantinos Triantafyllos also supported the addition.

The Minister for Justice, Mr Roupakiotis, accepted the amendment and the propositions of the aforementioned MPs, and the amendment subsequently won by majority of votes.

In addition to the hate crime legislation, we believe this day to be very important for the greek trans community, since it is the first time the term “Gender Identity” has ever been used within the context of the Greek Judicial System, and therefore, we consider this a first victory of the trans community.

The Greek Transgender Support Group would like to thank everyone who responded positively to our just claim and supported the inclusion of gender identity in hate crime legislation.

We will continue to work for inclusion of gender identity in every sector of Greek Justice, especially in the legislation against discrimination (3304/2005 and also 3896/2010), in the legislation regarding hate speech (729/1979). Most importantly, we will pursue our right to submit legislation regarding the recognition of Gender Identity, and the freedom of transgender individuals to change their official documents.


Zan Moreas 32, Koykaki, Athens, Greece, PC 11741

Police need better training in trans issues
The OMBUDSWOMAN has issued a guideline to police to remedy the lack of understanding about appropriate action when holding trans people in detention, following a complaint by a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that reported a trans woman had been kept in men’s holding cells.

International Women’s Day: UN Committee / Police violence against trans women in Turkey
On International Women’s Day, Intergroup Co-Presidents Ulrike Lunacek and Michael Cashman recall that violence remains a dire reality for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women in Europe and in the world.

Israelis launch group to fight for their rights in parliament
Lawmakers in Israel form a special pressure group to promote LGBT rights

Sixteen years old girl become a boy in Afghanistan
At 16, a boy became the youngest in the Paloso naw village of Kunar province to have a life-changing operation.
Enamullah, 16, became the youngest person in the Afghanistan to have a gender reassignment surgery.

Transgender to contest Mysore City Corporation polls
For the first time in its history, a transgender will contest the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) election scheduled for March 7. Chandni aka Aslam Pasha is looking for a national party's ticket. She's preparing the ground to contest the election independently if all parties give her the cold shoulder.

World's oldest porn is 'bisexual'
In rock carvings dating back at least 3,000 years, it shows straight men, women, and 'bisexuals' in the first recorded images of human sexuality

Bangkok governor election candidate seeks LGBT vote
Former police chief, who is ahead in the polls, releases campaign ad appealing to gay and transgender vote

U of R opens gender-neutral washrooms
The University of Regina has opened 10 so-called "gender-neutral" washrooms on campus.
University of Regina joins growing ranks of schools installing 'gender neutral' restrooms

Super-Change Agent
Susan Stryker is changing the conversation on transgender issues and more at UA Institute of LGBT Studies

Wilmington transgender woman pleads not guilty to killing mother of two
A transgender woman pleaded not guilty Wednesday to killing a young woman last year on a Wilmington street.
Angel Guevara Bello , 32, of Wilmington was ordered to return to Long Beach court on April 9. She was held on $1 million bail.

Gender neutral bathrooms are a step for transgender acceptance
For most people, using public restrooms is simply part of their daily routines. But for transgender individuals, choosing a single-sex bathroom can be a fault line of discomfort and discrimination.

New Guidance for Implementing Transgender Non-Discrimination Law in Public Schools
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) on Feb. 15 issued comprehensive guidelines that aim to ensure Massachusetts public schools comply with the new transgender non-discrimination law that prohibits discrimination against transgender students in all school programs and activities. The DESE guidelines were praised by an array of advocates, educators, families and youth.
Mass. Department of Education Issues Directive On Trans Students
Students Who Refuse to Affirm Transgender Classmates Face Punishment

Fair-Minded Marylanders Gather to Lobby for Trans Equality
On Monday evening, pro-equality Marylanders gathered on Lawyers Mall in front of the Maryland State Capitol for the Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality 2013 lobby day. Participants came from all over the state to meet with their legislators about SB 449, the Fairness for All Marylanders Act. This bill would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Beyond the Gender Box: Teenager in transition
The last time transgender teen William Copeland wore a dress was to his aunt’s commitment ceremony. The 5-year-old caved to parental pressure but on his terms: no bow in the back and only for the vows, not the reception.

Gender-neutral pilot program attracts 5
The road to implementing gender-neutral housing at UNC has been arduous — but now that a pilot program has been set for the fall, only five students have applied so far.

Transcending Asheville: Local clinic works to aid Asheville’s transgender residents
For many transgender men and women — the “T” in LGBTQ — Asheville offers a road to acceptance and a comfortable, integrated life. But transgender people often face hurdles in receiving health care, particularly the uninsured.

Girl Talk: Chatting With the Philly Trans Firefighter from What Not to Wear
I was so excited to see the Philly trans firefighter in last week’s episode of What Not to Wear, that I had to track her down for an interview. It wasn’t an easy feat, considering all I had to go on from the episode was “Casey D.,” which, turns out, isn’t the most Google-friendly search term.

Lesbianas y transexuales alzan la voz en el Día de la Mujer
“Nosotras sufrimos doble segregación, por lo que es necesario implementar a la brevedad más políticas públicas focalizadas, tal como lo exige la Ley Zamudio”, dijo la activista trans del Movilh, Paula Dinamarca.