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segunda-feira, junho 17, 2013

Los cristianos de base se solidarizan con la transexual de Íllora a la que se le niega la Confirmación
Las Comunidades Cristianas Populares de Granada y Andalucía han emitido un comunicado en el que expresan su solidaridad con la joven de Íllora a la que el Arzobispado de Granada ha negado la Confirmación por su condución de transexual.
Transsexuals fight church in hunger strike

Carla Antonelli presenta un proyecto de ley integral de transexualidad para Madrid
La diputada socialista en la Asamblea de Madrid Carla Antonelli ha presentado esta semana un proyecto de Ley Integral de Transexualidad para la Comunidad de Madrid (que puedes consultar pinchando aquí). Está por ver qué futuro tiene el proyecto, dada la mayoría absoluta de la goza en la Asamblea de Madrid el PP, partido que en junio de 2010 ya rechazó la posibilidad de discutir un proyecto similar.

Jailed women in sexual ‘fraud’ case freed by Court of Appeal
An 18-year-old woman jailed for three years on the grounds of obtaining the sexual consent of another woman “by fraud” has been freed by the Court of Appeal after serving 82 days in prison.

Trans woman flees Scottish town which branded her a 'witch'
Stephanie Smyth, a transgender woman, was forced to flee her Johnstone home, in Scotland after being subjected to transphobic hate
Scottish trans woman ‘forced’ to leave town after she was branded a ‘witch’
Trans-woman flees town after 'witch' taunts

Many in Armenia want sex change – newspaper
Armenia does not have a law on sex change, Aravot daily reports.

Politicians promise more rights for LGBT at Ljubljana parade
A pride parade for the LGBT community was held in Ljubljana on Saturday with local politicians vowing to promote the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members.

Transgender doctor speaks on dangers of self hormone therapy
From the cloistered community of transgenders, a 36-year-old doctor is emerging to tell the tale of his transformation to her-and more.

Fundamental rights of eunuchs: HC seeks Centre's response
The Bombay High Court today directed Union Ministries of Health as well as Social Justice and Empowerment to file an affidavit stating what steps it proposes to take for protection of fundamental rights of eunuchs and transsexuals.

2nd hospital in Vietnam gets transgender surgery permit
The Ministry of Health has recently approved the Hanoi-based National Hospital Pediatrics to be the second hospital in the country to offer transgender surgeries.

Osaka transvestite bar busted for licensing violations
Osaka Prefectural Police on Friday busted a transvestite in bar in Minami Ward for operating illegally, reports Sports Hochi (June 14).

Nine-year-old Australian trans student wins bathroom & sports rights
On the heels of an article about a court case in Maine that transgender advocates hopes results in full bathroom access for a trans student there, come the news of a similar case in Queensland, Australia.

Sex change study starts
University of New England academics are making fresh attempts to understand the experiences of transgender people.

M, F, or X? Third gender now official
Australia is getting new rules on gender, so some people may be classified as indeterminate, unspecified or intersex.

AFL intervenes in trans vilification case
The AFL has taken steps to intervene in a case of vilification toward a transgender footballer whilst she was playing for her local league in Broken Hill.

New transgender friendly bar to open in Dickson
Canberra’s new lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex friendly bar is set to open on Saturday after an apparent misunderstanding over liquor legislation.

[New Zealand]
NZTA simplifies gender changes on licences
It will now be easier for people to amend the gender details on their licence, thanks to a policy change by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Transgender rights bill appoved by Canadian Senate committee
A bill that would add gender identity to the list of classes protected from discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act cleared a Senate committee on Monday.

‘Big surprise’ for advocate as province to start funding gender reassignment surgery
On Wednesday, the province announced it would cover gender reassignment surgery, just days after the health minister sent a letter to the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP) saying the procedure wouldn’t be paid for.
UPDATE: Funding sex reassignment 'right thing to do': minister
N.S. to fund gender reassignment surgery
Province to fund gender reassignment surgery
Nova Scotia to fund sex-reassignment surgery

Advocates nudge agencies to make it easier for transgender people to update sex markers on IDs
Lauren Grey didn’t think much about the gender recorded on her Illinois driver’s license until she went to test-drive a new car. Although she had been living as a woman for months and easily obtained a license with her new name and a picture reflecting her feminine appearance, Grey’s ID still identified her as male, puzzling the salesmen and prompting uncomfortable questions.

Social Security Ends Surgical Requirement For Transgender People To Alter Gender
The Social Security Administration (SSA) on Friday announced that it will no longer require sex-reassignment surgery for transgender people to change their gender identity on their Social Security records.

Outdated ID cards causing transgender people problems
Lauren Grey didn't think much about the gender recorded on her Illinois driver's license until she went to test-drive a new car.

Calif. Senate committee advances transgender student rights bill
A California Senate committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would require public schools to respect a transgender student’s gender identity in all school programs, activities, and facilities.
Calif. Bill Would Allow Transgender Students To Have Equal Access To School Programs, Facilities
California: Bill supporting transgender student advances

‘I wouldn’t wish my experience on another trans person,’ girl denied use of school bathroom says
The teenager whose family has sued the Orono school district over her use of the girls bathroom six years ago said she did not want another transgender student to be subjected to a similar experience.

Rule is in place for transgender athletes in Nebraska schools, but it hasn't been tested
Nearly six months after it went into effect, a Nebraska School Activities Association policy for transgender students in school sports and other activities remains untested.
NE transgender students can change teams

Endowed health plans to cover transgender services and autism
Effective July 1, endowed health plans will begin to cover new benefits for transgender, transsexual and gender nonconforming enrollees and those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Primer encuentro de diversidad sexual e identidad de género en Salta
Con la puesta en escena de la obra teatral Freak Show, se cerró el Primer encuentro de Diversidad Sexual e Identidad de Género en Salta, Soy en tu Mirada, que se desarrolló en la ciudad de Salta desde el 17 de mayo, Día Municipal contra la homo, lesbo, transfobia, hasta el primero de junio.

Ley de Identidad de Género: “la gente tiene la mente más abierta”
El 9 de mayo de 2012, Argentina se convirtió en vanguardia legislativa en el mundo al promulgar la Ley de Identidad de Género que permite a las personas trans (travestis, transexuales y transgéneros) inscribir en sus documentos personales el nombre y el sexo que perciben. A poco más de un año, Letra P conversó con la Directora del Registro Provincial de las Personas, Claudia Corrado, sobre la actualidad de esta ley.