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sexta-feira, julho 04, 2014

World Health Organization urged to remove sexual orientation ‘disorders’ from disease classifications
A working group of experts reviewing the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases guidelines has recommended the removal of several ‘disorders’ that continue to stigmatize LGBTIs as sick despite the removal of homosexuality as a disorder in 1990

Travesti é assassinado em Itaitinga por ordem de traficantes
Francisco César Gomes de Assis, de 32 anos, o "marimar" foi morto por ordem de traficantes da área. Irismar França tem os detalhes

Brutal agressió trànsfoba a València i concentració de rebuig
“El xic que m’havia increpat em va agafar del braç i va accelerar el vehicle, portant-me a rossegons durant quasi 20 metres”. Concentració dimarts 19.30 hores plaça de l'Ajuntament de València

Transsexual Bondage Advocate Made Chair of Governors at All-Boys School
A transsexual who has publicly stated her "proud support" for bondage has been appointed chair of governors at an all-boys school near Liverpool. Tara Hewitt, who describes herself as "proud feminist" announced her new appointment at Mosslands School in Wallasey on the social networking site LinkedIn.

California Becomes Easiest Place for Trans People to Amend Birth Certificates
Passed last year, California's AB 1121 set up the framework for a more privacy-conscious environment for trans individuals trying to legally change their name and gender.

Funeral held for transgender victim this morning
The church on Brown Street was full Wednesday morning. Yaz'Min Shancez was laid to rest. The 31-year-old transgender woman, whose legal name was Eddie James Owens, was found off Fowler St. shot and burned. Fort Myers Police Department's investigation is ongoing.

Trans woman brutally attacked in Little Five Points
Video has surfaced online of a transgender woman being brutally assaulted in Little Five Points. The attack occurred in front of Stratosphere Skateboards. The Vine video was posted Tuesday and started circulating on Twitter late Wednesday.

Nevada Republican may be nation’s first openly trans state legislator
For Lauren Scott, the potential of being elected as the first openly transgender person to serve in a state legislature isn’t a focus of her campaign.

Quamar Edwards, suspect in transgender woman's slaying, turns self in
Family member says slaying wasn't hate crime
Suspect in Walnut Hills homicide turns himself in
Suspect in Trans Woman's Murder Turns Himself In

Texas Lingerie Store Caught Off-Guard by Trans Customer
A lingerie store in Austin found itself without appropriate policies in place to accommodate transgender patron, but has now committed to updating the shop's policies.

Man who declares himself transgender faces aggravated assault charge
Since Porfilio Rodriguez’s first media appearance following an assault on Central American Boulevard in Belize City a few months ago, he has become a bit of a media sensation.