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quarta-feira, julho 09, 2014

Transsexual police worker Helen Doe charged with attempted murder
A police worker who is a prominent member of Croydon’s transsexual community has been charged with attempted murder.
Helen Doe, 52, of Montgomery Close, Mitcham, appeared in custody at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court yesterday (July 7) charged with the attempted murder of a 64-year-old man at an address in Mitcham on Saturday (July 5).

Lithuanian Parliament Refuses to Consider a Bill Establishing Procedure of Legal Gender Recognition
On July 8th, 2014 the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas considered the bill amendment to the Law on Public Registry No. XIP-2017(3). Despite the fact that the bill consists of multiple amendments to the law in question, i.e. seeking to simplify the functioning of the public registry by enabling residents to submit inquires and to fill in forms on-line, the whole package was blocked because it bears the provision on legal gender recognition. The Parliament returned the bill to the Committee on Legal Affairs requesting to ‘fix it’ through removing the provision on establishing the procedure of legal gender recognition.

Inside The Quiet Struggle For LGBT Rights In Ukraine
When the pro-Russian separatists arrived at the homes of Oleg Yashtulov’s activist friends looking for evidence of any connection to him, he refused to leave the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. As a human rights and LGBT activist, Yashtulov has to watch his step, so he has secured an informant from inside the group to let him know if he is at risk. Finding nothing with his friends, “they made these visits to my informers, but did not find anything,” said the 23-year-old. “This was good because they would be killed, and then I would probably be killed.”

Bobby Darling: My sex-change operation backfired
Cross-dresser Bobby Darling, whose desire to turn into a woman is well-known, has had a change of heart. After getting breast augmentation done in March 2010, Bobby has decided against going ahead with more sex-change surgeries. Reason? He has realised that it is his identity as Bobby Darling that has been getting him acting offers.

Australian trans man to take annulment of marriage to wife to United Nations
Paige Phoenix has had his marriage to his wife annulled by the Victorian state government despite his passport saying he is male and living as a man for seven years but he hopes the United Nations Human Rights Committee will find in his favor
WATCH: Australia Voids Trans Man's Marriage, Now He's Fighting Back

[New Zealand]
Trans people "thrown under the bus"
A transgender rights advocate says Justice Minister Judith Collins has thrown trans people under the bus in blocking a move to include gender identity in the Human Rights Act.

Trans Comedian Avery Edison Files Human Rights Complaint
After being detained by Canadian border officials and placed in a men's correctional facility, transgender comedian Avery Edison has filed human rights complaints with Canadian agencies.

Activist compares trans job discrimination with Nazi murders of Jews
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted a panel of transgender activists last month on the topic of “employment discrimination” during which at least one presenter compared the plight of gender-confused people whose employers won’t recognize their preferred, non-biological sex to the slaughter of millions of Jews by Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Two Transgender Women Told to Remove Makeup and Wigs for License Photos and Called "It" by Staff at West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund Calls Upon DMV to Allow Women to Take Driver's License Photos as Their True Selves and Without Harassment
DMV Actions Restricted Free Speech and Violated Constitutional Protections
Trans Women Harassed, Called 'It' by West Virginia DMV Employees