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quarta-feira, outubro 22, 2014

Homem é morto com cerca de 15 facadas
O corpo de Agnaldo Cláudio Columbelli, de 45 anos, foi encontrado já sem vida por familiares dele no início da noite de sexta-feira (17), na residência da vítima, nos fundos de um terreno, na Rua Lavapés, no centro da cidade.

Morte misteriosa de homossexual é investigada pela polícia
A morte misteriosa de um homossexual mobilizou a Polícia Militar nesta quinta-feira (2), no bairro Granja Portugal, em Fortaleza. A vítima foi encontrada em um terreno de difícil acesso. Segundo os policiais, o rapaz era usuário de drogas e já tinha testemunhado uma tentativa de homicídio.

Alagoas é considerado o segundo Estado mais violento do país para a comunidade gay

Ex-bailarino de Mara Maravilha vira transexual
Kiara de Souza hoje é atriz e professora de balé clássico. ‘Vou fazer a cirurgia de troca de sexo na Tailândia’, disse ela ao EGO.

Intersexualidad: «Nunca me sentí niña y mi comportamiento masculino era un problema»
Al nacer, Gabriel fue considerado niña, pero tenía ocultos sus órganos sexuales masculinos. Sus 43 años de vida han sido una lucha por encontrar su identidad y superar un problema que afecta en diferente grado a uno de cada 2.000 bebés. Lo relata en

St John’s Gender Equality Festival in transphobia U-turn
The committee for the upcoming St John’s Gender Equality Festival have released a statement apologising for the transphobic content of an article in the festival zine, leading to the resignation of three committee members who refused to add their names to the apology.

The Art of the 'Gender Bender Festival'
The annual Gender Bender Festival in Italy aims to expand perceptions of gender through art and culture, starting with its distinctive poster art.

READ: Jennifer's German fiance reacts
To whom it may concern:
I want to take words in that case, as I am the "fiance" of Jennifer since two years (as mentioned in your reports), which is not the full truth, as we were engaged since December 2012 officially and with full knowledge and acceptance of her family.

Jenny McCarthy Says She Feels Trans 'Inside,' Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth. Again.
Jenny McCarthy is seemingly unaware of what is actually means to be transgender.
During an interview with Pride Source this week, the conversation turned to McCarthy's role in the sitcom "Just Shoot Me!" McCarthy appeared on the show in the early 2000s as Brandi, a transgender woman and college friend of David Spade's character. She told the outlet it was her "favorite role ever."
Jenny McCarthy: I feel transgender inside, and I hope my son’s gay so he can do my hair

Fallon Fox: Transgender Fighter's Success Putting Promoters in Awkward Spot
The controversy surrounding Fallon Fox was one of the biggest MMA-related stories of 2013. Of course, how could it not be? A male-to-female transgender was tearing up the regional women's featherweight scene and was one of the star attractions in Florida's Championship Fighting Alliance. While the coverage of Fox has faded in recent months, the story is far from over.

Victim targeted for transgender? Or 'outing'?
An Albany man is fearing for the safety of his family after his son was shot last night. The man believes he was the intended target of the violent attack.

Transgender woman from Rome cites YouTube videos in court filing
A transgender woman from Rome who’s behind bars says in court documents that she’s recorded videos in her cell that plead for help against sexual abuse and enslavement.

Transgender FDNY firefighter tapped as inspirational icon for global campaign
The FDNY’s first and only transgender firefighter, Brooke Guinan, 27, was chosen by the LGBT-rights organization V.O.I.C.E as a poster child for its latest awareness campaign. Guinan is a third-generation FDNY firefighter.

Pawtucket School System Responds to Bullying of Transgender Student
A few weeks ago we brought you the story of Hannah Rini, a transgender student in Pawtucket, who was bullied to the point where she left Goff Junior High School before finishing 7th grade. Pawtucket School officials declined to comment before the story aired, and they still say they can't discuss Hannah's story directly because of student privacy rules.

Exigen cambio de nombre y sexo legal en el registro civil con marchas en Santiago y Rancagua
El Frente por la Diversidad Sexual y el Colectivo Chile Igualdad para Todos organizaron en Santiago y Rancagua, en forma respectiva, marchas por los derechos de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transexuales e intersexuales que se enmarcaron en el Día Internacional por la Despatologización de la Transexualidad.