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segunda-feira, novembro 10, 2014

MPT e PF investigam rotas de tráfico de travestis da Paraíba para o exterior
Rotas levariam travestis para a Europa e América Latina.
Seminário esta semana em João Pessoa discute homofobia.

Mais uma travesti é assasinada em são paulo
amiga desesperada Pública na internet o assasinato de sua amiga >
minha amiga. Acaba de morrer . Mais uma que morre assassinada ... uma triste realidade ... que vivemos hoje em dia . Difícil de acreditar que ah menos de uma semana ela falava comigo no face. E até pediu pra eu levar uma lembrancinha daqui do rio pra ela quando eu voltasse pra são Paulo . Poxa . Que a família possa ser consolada. Você vai deixar saudades.

Homossexual é assassinado por homens que pediram água em sua porta
Um homossexual foi assassinado a tiros, na noite desta quinta-feira (6), na rua Santa Luzia, no bairro de Bela Vista, em Parnamirim. Hilberto Cardoso de Oliveira, de 40 anos, estava dentro de casa e abriu a porta atender dois homens que pedia água, sendo alvo de disparos de arma de fogo.

LGBT marriage? Two brides officially tie the knot in Russia (PHOTOS)
A marriage of two brides has been officially registered in Russia’s St. Petersburg despite the country’s laws prohibiting same-sex marriages. The couple has managed to find a loophole in the system, puzzling authorities.

3 transvestites attempt to kidnap girl; prostitutes held
A Kuwaiti girl filed a case against three transvestites at Bayan police station and accused them of aggression. The girl said the accused tried to kidnap her in front of her house in Bayan after she was beaten and robbed of a mobile phone. She provided medical report showing bruises she suffered as a result of beating. A case was registered.

Groups laud court’s ruling on cross-dressing
Organisations that provide social support and healthcare to the transgender community have welcomed the Court of Appeal’s ruling that criminalising cross-dressing is an unreasonable restriction of a person’s freedom of expression.
‘Ruling on transgender Muslims unconstitutional’
NAJIB'S MODERATION? Putrajaya warns of ‘new wave’ against Islam as transgenders, SIS turn to courts for redress

Sage Lovell, Georgia's First Trans Homecoming Court Member, Talks About Her Experience
“Being trans is not a limitation.” So says Sage Lovell, Georgia’s first ever openly trans homecoming court member, in a recent interview with GLAAD. “You can do things you want to do, you can achieve whatever you want, and [being] trans does not have to be an inhibitor of that.”

Transgender advocates see problems at the polls with strict voter ID laws
When junior Cal Lynn walked into the voting booths in Stamp Student Union earlier this week, he showed his student ID, which states his name is Kelsey.

Transgender Brooklyn woman speaks out a month after bashing
A month after 28-year-old Kimball Hartman was attacked by four goons who caved her head in with a plexiglass board while shouting slurs, she's finally home from the hospital and says she won't let fear force her out of her neighborhood.

Appeal filed in Morris case
PGN filed an appeal last week in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, seeking dispatch records from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office pertaining to the Nizah Morris incident.

U of U hosts summit on health care for Utah’s transgender community
A transgender healthcare conference was held at the University of Utah School of Medicine Saturday, and the event was organized by a local student who is transgender.

Reporter confronts squatter who refuses to leave woman’s home
A video showing reporter Charlie LeDuff talking with a transgender squatter in Detroit has gone viral, racking up over 700,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.