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domingo, outubro 26, 2014

Meet someone who isn’t male or female and wants a new type of passport
For over 20 years Christie Elan-Cane has fought to attain legitimate identity for non-gendered individuals. During this time Elan-Cane has gained the support of a number of MPs and leading international law firm Clifford Chance.

Heartbreak of sex-change soldier: 'My family disowned me when I became a woman'
A former guardsman who "always felt like a woman" opens up about how gender reassignment surgery drove her friends and family away

Activists to hold ‘Day of Outrage’ over murder of trans woman Jennifer Laude
Activists in the Philippines say the media attention of Jennifer Laude’s murder signals “a slow movement towards bringing transgender issues to the mainstream,” and are set to campaign today to push for justice.

Courier Mail’s now "sorry"for 'she male’ headline
Prompted by several complaints to the Press Council, Brisbane’s Courier Mail newspaper has again reflected on the controversy which surrounded its transphobic ‘she male’ front page, and has today finally said “sorry.”

Victory! TLC Client Wins Discrimination Case
Transgender Law Center praised the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency, for its recent groundbreaking decision(.pdf) that the Department of the Army engaged in unlawful discrimination against a transgender employee, Tamara Lusardi. After Ms. Lusardi, a disabled veteran, transitioned from male to female on the job, her supervisor continued to call her “sir” and “he,” and she was told that she could not use the same restroom as all other female employees. Transgender Law Center is representing Ms. Lusardi.
Transgender federal employee wins historic discrimination case

Trans Texan trailblazer Monica Roberts needs her community
Monica Roberts, legendary blogger and advocate who has worked tirelessly for the transgender community over the last two decades, is facing homelessness. Roberts is a native Houstonian and a trailblazing trans community leader who is the founding editor of the award winning blog TransGriot, She's a history buff, thinker, lecturer and award winning advocate on trans human rights issues who works diligently at encouraging acceptance of and promoting awareness about trans people. She is also a dear friend of GLAAD's whose voice and influence in the LGBT movement has helped us amplify the everyday stories of people in the transgender community. Her blog has been nominated for a GLAAD Media Award, and she is highly visible and is passionate about the advancement of transgender lives in her home state of Texas and nationally.

Smith students staging rally Saturday in support of including transgender students
Smith College students frustrated with a delay including transgender women on campus are having a demonstration Saturday during Family Weekend.

Delaying Puberty With the Help of the State
Earlier this month, Oregon became the first in the country to offer puberty-suppressing drugs to transgender teens on its Medicaid plan.

Complaint: Job rescinded due to transgender status
An Oregon person who identifies as neither a man nor a woman has filed a sex discrimination complaint against a Wisconsin-based wilderness therapy program claiming a job was lost after the person identified as transgender.

Menasha parents upset over school’s transgender accommodation
Menasha School district officials are hearing from some upset parents.