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terça-feira, novembro 04, 2014

Travesti que mudou de nome é encontrada morta no Catete
A travesti Raíssa, que trabalhava no Espaço Itaú de Cinema, em Botafogo, foi encontrada morta pelo seu namorado, ontem, no apartamento dela no Catete.
Há pouco tempo, Raissa ganhou na Justiça o direito de ser chamada pelo nome.

Travesti é brutalmente assassinado a tiros sábado (01)
Mais um crime de homicídio é registrado em Porto Velho. Desta vez, a vítima foi um travesti que estava fazendo programa na avenida Jatuarana Próximo a Rua Surubim, bairro da Lagoa, zona leste da capital.

Una mirada multidisciplinar a los menores transexuales
Desde diferentes puntos de vista y diversas experiencias, algunas enfrentadas, la mesa de debate sobre menores transexuales celebrada en el CSOA La Morada, en Madrid, sirvió el pasado 14 de octubre para abrir líneas de debate y poner en común.

Doctor Who villain The Master makes shock return as a woman
Iconic Doctor Who villain the Master has made a surprise return to the show – as a woman.
The Doctor Who character had last been seen in 2009’s The End of Time, when he was played by John Simm.

Julie Clarke: “Being a woman better than being a man”
Seven-year-old Julie Clarke is sitting at a desk in primary school when the little girl next to her tells her she has slim hands, like a girl. Julie looks down at her small fingers on the wood in front of them and is delighted. Except Julie isn’t a girl. She’s a boy.

Campaign calls for legal recognition of third gender
A new campaign has called for the Scottish government to recognise a third gender in Scottish law.
Groups call for gender law change
Scotland: Rights groups call for recognition of legal third gender
Campaign for trans and intersex rights in Scotland launched

Lincoln woman's four-year sex change battle
Miss Gore grew up as a boy called Andrew, but realised from a young age that she didn't feel comfortable.
Accepting that she needed to have a sex change was hard enough.
But in August 2010, she found herself facing a legal battle with her ex-employer.

Transgender swimming group opens in Lewisham
The first transgender swimming group in London has opened at the Glass Mill Leisure Centre, Lewisham. It has been agreed that the club will come together as part of a three month trial with Lewisham Council.

Trans woman awarded compensation after 17-year gender recognition legal battle
A transgender women has been awarded €50,000 (£39,000) in compensation, after settling a battle for gender recognition with the Irish government.
Dr Lydia Foy, a 67-year-old dentist, first launched proceedings in the 1990s, arguing for her right to a female birth certificate and legal gender recognition.
Lydia Foy recalls hell of being transgender during childhood and school
Compensation paid to Lydia Foy over gender recognition failures

Bill allowing parents to change child’s gender riddled with loopholes
The Gender Identity Bill proposed by the Social Dialogue Ministry last month is littered with loopholes and a number of policies that could be open to abuse.
The main idea behind the bill is to allow people to change their gender without having to undergo surgery. The bill also affects children.

Court permits removal of 'gender mark' in certificate for a transgender case
Audrey Mbugua Ithibu got a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 2001. Back then she was a man.
In 2008 she was diagnosed and treated for gender identity disorder and depression at Mathari Hospital and was put under treatment.

Ataques a miembros de la comunidad LGTB tras ser acusados por iglesias cristianas de causar la epidemia de ébola">Ataques a miembros de la comunidad LGTB tras ser acusados por iglesias cristianas de causar la epidemia de ébola
Activistas LGTB de Liberia denuncian que miembros del colectivo están siendo atacados y acosados después de que desde las iglesias cristianas se les haya culpado de la epidemia de ébola que sufre el país. Para los líderes religiosos, el ébola es un castigo divino causado por la corrupción y los actos inmorales como la homosexualidad.

Funeral held for transgender woman murdered by husband in Australia
An Indonesian transgender woman who was brutally murdered and dismembered by her own husband has finally been laid to rest.

Clinic providing gender assessment has funding restored
Ministry commits to continue paying for gender assessment in BC until the end of the fiscal year

New Trans-Themed Film Three Generations Features No Trans Actors
The new indie production will star cisgender actress Elle Fanning as trans male teen Ray, using a casting approach criticized by many trans advocates.

Amy Hepker embraces transgender identity, but at great cost
At about midnight, Amy Hepker parks her 1993 Nissan 200SX directly under a light pole in the very back of a strip mall parking lot. A skittish little black cat she named Shadow jumps in the back window to watch her grab a few extra layers of clothes from the trunk.

WATCH: Georgia Trans Man Called 'It' by Police Pushes for End to Harassment
Juan Evans says police called him 'it,' 'a thing,' and threatened him with a forced genital search roadside, before arresting him claiming he was 'lying' about his gender.

Insurers unsure on transgender care
Meanwhile patients unable to find docs for procedures

WATCH: Brooke Guinan, Trans FDNY Firefighter, Gets Real About Employment Discrimination
In a recent interview with MSNBC, the face of V.O.I.C.E.'s viral 'So Trans, So What?' campaign discusses trans people's external and internal barriers to getting jobs.

Film Review: Passing Ellenville
Interweaving the coming-out stories of two transgender young adults, the short documentary Passing Ellenville traces the evolution of James and Ashlee as they transition to correct their displayed gender. The film began for co-director and cinematographer Samuel Centore as his junior thesis for Pratt Institute, collaboratively built from the photography project of co-director and producer Gene Fischer.

Philadelphia Unanimously Passes Hate Crime Law
With statewide legislation to add LGBT hate crimes protections stalled, Philadelphia's City Council takes a step to punish those who target victims because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability status.

Nuevas evidencias del infierno que las personas LGTB viven en Jamaica
Human Rights Watch ha hecho público un informe que detalla la situación que viven las personas LGTB en Jamaica. Discriminación, amenazas, palizas, violaciones y asesinatos están a la orden del día. Expulsadas de sus casas, sin trabajos a los que poder acceder, muchas de ellas acaban malviviendo por las calles.

Crímenes de transexuales causan zozobra en la comunidad GLBTI
Las muertes violentas de personas trans (transgéneros y transexuales femeninas) causan conmoción en la comunidad GLBTI del Ecuador. Datos de la organización Silueta X revelan que cinco casos se han registrado en lo que va del 2014 a escala nacional.