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segunda-feira, novembro 17, 2014

Bias against LGBT people
Hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are motivated by a bias based on a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. In some instances, LGBT people have been portrayed by the media and politicians as a threatening and inferior group, posing a danger to public health and "traditional" structures, such as marriage and the family. LGBT people continue to experience stigmatization and lack of legal protection from discrimination and hate crime. Successive ODIHR annual hate crime reports have included reports of physical assaults and murders, with transgender people being particularly at risk. Serious physical assaults carried out by groups, especially around pride parades, are also common features of hate crimes against LGBT people.

'I'm happier now as a woman.. but I'm still the same person': Ex-soldier opens heart on the struggles of being transgender
Martin McKay moved to Glasgow four years ago and decided it was time to find the courage to become Amanda and now at 51, she discusses being the happiest she's ever been

Transgenders a THREAT to Islam and M'sia - Malacca Chief Minister
Issues relating to transgender should be resolved through educating society on the trend, said Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron.
Civil courts cannot discuss Islamic laws, Jakim insists after transgender judgement

School holds ‘Sex Change Day’ for students
A high school in Japan held a ‘Sex Change Day’ this week – where boys dressed in skirts, and girls wore suits and ties.
JAPÃO: Liceu têm “Dia da Mudança de Sexo”

Transgenders need care, not rehab, say experts
Transgenders need medical care to transition them into their affirmed gender identities rather than rehabilitation to return them to what some may consider “normal”, several medical and gender experts said.

Being Me: ‘I want to be a girl, I’m sick of this body’
Isabelle looked like any other young boy to the outside world.
But the child, born a boy named Campbell, wanted to be a girl, and one year ago plucked up the courage to reveal her secret to her parents.

NSW urged to work with federal govt on improving health of intersex people
The NSW Government must work with its federal counterpart in ensuring the health and wellbeing of intersex people, urged a motion passed in the NSW Upper House.

Transgender man files complaint against B.C. health ministry over surgical delay
A transgender man has filed a human-rights complaint against B.C.’s Ministry of Health over delays in his gender reassignment surgery, and advocates say such backlogs are a continuing and unacceptable problem.

Second study confirms medical intervention in trans kids is safe
Detractors are attempting to derail the well-being of trans people with false rhetoric in the media about “rampant regret” after undergoing medical treatment. By using out of context quotes in their rhetoric from unlinked sources, the reader are unaware that they may be older “studies” from the days when being trans was considered a mental illness, or from a wholly biased source. Either way, access to the entire study is not available for the reader to make an objective review.

Watch: Trans MMA fighter destroys claims she has an ‘unfair advantage’ in sport
Transgender Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox has rebuffed claims she has an ‘unfair advantage’ in her sport.

Teen given 7-year sentence for skirt-burning on Oakland bus
The mother of an agender teen whose skirt was set aflame on an AC Transit bus in Oakland last year told the 17-year-old attacker Friday that he did a “horrible, terrible thing” but added, “We do not hate you.”

A Day to Remember
The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), held each year on November 20, was established in 1998 to memorialize transgender and gender non-conforming people who have been killed as a result of hatred, fear, and prejudice. The observance evolved from a web-based project into an international day of action, with observances in over 185 cities throughout more than 20 countries.

Ceremony to honor trans lives lost to violence
Once again, the community will gather to remember and celebrate the transgender friends and loved ones who were lost to violent attacks, and to raise awareness of continuing violence against transgender people.

Gizzy Fowler, a transwoman, murdered in North Nashville
Mainstream news coverage downplays sexuality, trans identity

To honor their memory
TDOR events Sunday in Dallas wilal memorialize the at least 71 trans women and men murdered in the last year

Eliminan juicios para cambio de sexo en el DF
Hace dos años, Gloria se unió a la batalla para derribar las barreras legales que hacían tortuoso el camino para cambiar de género en esta capital, luego de que en un viaje a Panamá tuvo problemas con migración porque su pasaporte tenían su identidad anterior, la de un varón.