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segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2014

URGENT ALERT- Haters Plan to Trigger Trans* to Suicides
Yesterday, on the English-language imageboard website known as 4Chan, a conversation was captured that points to an offensive by transphobic haters to target transgender people to trigger suicides. Hate speech online is common. However, 4Chan users recently gained attention and notoriety for starting, orchestrating, and escalating Gamergate, an organized campaign against women involved in the video game industry. They target anyone who speaks out against their misogyny. Numerous threats of violence and death against women (and their families) have been associated with this campaign.
4chan plans “genocide” against transgender women

Construindo Samuel
Como é que tu estás?” “Eu estou bom, eu estou bom, eu estou bom”, tinha de parar de dizer “eu estou boa”. É como se tivesse um ginásio dentro da cabeça, era preciso treinar muito, repetir, repetir, fazer muitos exercícios para que as palavras lhe começassem a sair certas. Houve dias em que foi para a cama mentalmente exausto, “eram tantas as dores de cabeça. É um esforço enorme”. Conseguiu, agora raramente se engana. Mas Samuel mudou mais depressa do que o mundo à sua volta. Para a mãe, é mais difícil: ainda lhe saem frases misturadas, como “ela agora é o meu filho”. Ana precisa de mais tempo para se habituar à ideia de que deixou de ter uma filha.

Homossexual é morto a pauladas na Granja Portugal

Is Winnie the Pooh Transgender or Intersex?
One town in Poland seems to think so — and they are not happy about it.

Police storm ‘trans’ exhib, censor photos of naked men
Police raided a photographic exhibition by Greek trans activist Paola Reveniotis on Friday night and confiscated photographs of naked men, reminiscent of the medieval ages that Cyprus lived through in past decades.
Police defend shutting down trans exhibit
Cyprus LGBT group slams police censorship

Society discriminatory against sexual minorities
In a survey conducted jointly by the Blue Diamond Society, UNDP and the Williams Institute of University of California Los Angeles, 60 percent of the around 1,200 respondents from gender and sexual minorities said they have faced abuse and discrimination in at least one setting.

Jakim’s ‘spiritual camp’ tried to ‘change’ us, lament Muslim transgenders
The “spiritual camps” that Islamic authorities claim to have successfully addressed transgenderism were deceptively positioned as outreach programmes that turned out to be “rehabilitation” programmes, members of the community have revealed.

Dedicated transgender suicide hotline launched
A San Francisco group has launched a dedicated suicide hotline for transgender people.
The Trans Lifeline – the first project of its kind – is staffed by San Francisco area volunteers, and aims to tackle the alarmingly high rate of suicide among people who are trans.

High School teacher undergoing sex change
Parents and students in a Fresno County town received news this week that one of their local high school teachers is undergoing a sex change.

Community comes together at Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil [photos]
The transgender community and allies came out Thursday night to honor those they’ve lost and discuss how to protect each other in the future at the Transgender Day of Remembrance. The event, held this year at the Phillip Rush Center Annex and organized by the Juxtaposed Center for Transformation (JCT), featured a slew of speakers from all corners of the trans community who relayed their message using the theme “It’s Time.”

Transgender woman presented as male for her open casket funeral
Friends of a transgender woman who died last month from an aneurysm say they were shocked when family members presented her as a man for her open casket funeral.

Rogers Park transgender woman, her landlord both file lawsuits
A transgender woman, who has already filed a discrimination complaint against her landlord, alleging that he tried to throw her out of her Rogers Park apartment because of her gender identity and because her fiancé is Black, is now suing the landlord for violating the city's Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance. The landlord in turn formally filed to evict the woman a few days after her lawsuit was filed.