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terça-feira, dezembro 02, 2014

Supremo decidiu se manifestar sobre o uso do banheiro por travestis e transexuais
Na semana passada, travestis e transexuais tiveram um motivo para comemorar: o Supremo Tribunal Federal decidiu que vai se pronunciar sobre o uso do banheiro por transexuais. Mas por quê isso é bom? No artigo de hoje responderei esta pergunta e darei minhas impressões sobre o julgamento que será feito por nossa corte constitucional.

Musician Thomas Dolby’s transgender son gets married
The son of ‘80s pop singer Thomas Dolby married his longtime partner Wednesday in Suffolk, England.
Dolby, 56, tweeted a photo of the happy couple along with words of congratulations.
On Facebook, Dolby wrote: “It’s a day of celebration in the Dolby family. Congrats to you all! So much love! I’ve got something in my eye. *happy sniffle*”
Harper Robertson, 23, is one of three children Dolby has with former U.S. actress Kathleen Beller (Dynasty).
Harper was born female but transitioned.

'We're hidden in full view because we look like the guy next door'
Inspirational members of Cumbria’s transgender community have revealed how changes in society are seeing them find a greater acceptance.

[South Africa]
Love in exile
In 2010, Tiwonge Chimbalanga, a transgender woman, was imprisoned in Malawi for getting engaged to a man. Pardoned and freed, she now lives in exile in South Africa. But does her story represent a triumph for the global LGBT rights movement?

Bangalore police arrest 160 trans women a day after pride
Protesters say the anti-trans 'purge' is unconstitutional

[South Korea]
Seoul postpones human rights charter after anti-gay protests
Christian groups oppose a clause banning LGBTI discrimination

Border Security program accused of contributing to alleged unfair treatment of US transgender activist
The Seven Network's Border Security program has been accused of contributing to alleged unfair treatment of an American transgender activist who had her Australian visa cancelled.
Monica Jones appeared in the Federal Circuit Court on Monday to fight the Immigration Department's efforts to deport her, after she was detained in Villawood Detention Centre last week accused of breaching her visa work conditions.

Department Of Education Issues Guidelines To Protect Transgender Students In Single-Sex Classrooms
The U.S. Department of Education interpreted Title IX to say public schools must treat transgender students “consistent with their gender identity in all aspects of […] single-sex classes.”

Transparent Hires First Trans Staff Writer as Promised
Yesterday, transgender musician and singer-songwriter Our Lady J announced that she has joined the writing staff for Season 2 of Amazon's acclaimed show Transparent. Awesome.

MD Medicaid to Expand Coverage for Trans Health
Earlier this month, Maryland’s Medicaid Coverage Policy Advisory Committee recommended that Maryland’s Medicaid coverage be updated to provide transgender-inclusive health coverage for all participants in Maryland’s Medical Assistance (Medicaid) program. The Medical Assistance program is the primary source of health insurance coverage for low-income adults, families, and children in the State. The updated coverage will provide coverage for medically necessary comprehensive services for gender transition.

Newspapers Across MN Run Another Anti-Transgender Ad
Well-funded opponents of the Minnesota State High School League's new proposed transgender policy continue to run scaremongering ads in newspapers that are more than happy to take their money.
Opposition mobilizes again to MSHSL transgender policy
Transgender Policy' to be considered by Minnesota State High School League

City expands first half of transgender protections
The Cleveland City Council gave a unanimous nod to adding gender identity and expression to an ordinance barring discrimination in employment and promotion with employers contracting with the city.

Analizan en Jujuy si hubo discriminación en torno al sepelio de una travesti
El Inadi de Jujuy analiza si Ailén Noemí Chambi, conocida por ser la primera persona transexual en lograr el cambio de identidad de género en la provincia, “fue discriminada a la hora de su muerte”