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sábado, novembro 29, 2014

Polícia Civil prende suspeito de assassinar travesti em Arandu
Crime aconteceu em 8 de junho; corpo foi encontrado em um cafezal.
Suspeito morava e trabalhava na capital; ele estava sendo monitorado.

Pink Life marked TDoR: Trans murders are political!
Pink Life Association in Ankara organized a series of events in memory of transphobic hate crime victims. Commemorating their late friends for the 7th time in Turkey, trans activists gave speeches at the Turkish Parliament.

Join the National Trans and Gender Diverse Working Group
Australia's first National Trans* & Gender Diverse (NTGD) working group has annouunced the election of co-convenors and is seeking volunteers to join the executive group.

Another Lap for Michael Phelps’s Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend
The intersex 'cougar' has been the focus of uninformed tabloid coverage, but she appears to have willingly stepped into the spotlight.

Oh, boy! Pentagon cozies up to transgender troops
New regulation opens door to more sexual variants
Retired General and Flag Officers Call on Military Services to Comply with Recent DOD Rules Affecting Transgender Personnel
US military urged to allow transgender troops to serve openly
Report: Loophole could allow transgender troops to serve under new DoD policy

WATCH: Ariz. Activist Convicted of 'Walking While Trans' Will Appeal
After being found guilty of 'manifesting prostitution,' advocate Monica Jones is pushing back against the law that she contends is unconstitutionally vague and targets trans women of color.

Trans Man's Speech Dedicated to Trans Women of Color
Trans women are being killed in the streets. What are we doing about it?

Transgender Day of Remembrance: 11 Photos of West Hollywood's Vigil and Candlelight March
Last Thursday was Transgender Day of Remembrance, and West Hollywood saw a candlelight march and vigil in commemoration. For those who couldn’t make it, or did and want to remember the night, we’ve picked out some of the best photos from the event.

Transgender Group Stages The Largest Of An Array Of Protests Wednesday Night
Thumping their chests in unison, about 125 protesters blocking a major intersection in the Grove neighborhood staged a protest that mirrored those of the past few months; but with a slightly different message.

Family, police search for missing Rowan County transgender woman
[Editor’s note regarding pronoun usage: Family, some friends, law enforcement and other media are using male pronouns to refer to Walker. However, qnotes has chosen to use female pronouns to identify her. Walker’s Facebook profile uses female pronouns and, according to law enforcement, Elisha is the name reported to the investigators and which she apparently used in her daily life.]

Vineland schools to add transgender policy
The school board has introduced a policy to address the needs of the district's transgender students.

UNM to accept ‘preferred names’ for transgender students
After some transgender students wanted to use a different name at the University of New Mexico and were nearly failed out of class because of it, a UNM student group says its working with university officials to make a change. UNM says it will soon let transgender students use their so-called “preferred names” on some school records in an effort to be more accepting.

FOX19 Investigates: State sued for stopping transgender inmate's hormone treatment
A Cincinnati transgender woman lived out a real-life "Orange is the New Black" while incarcerated in an Ohio prison.

Appeal for Morris dispatch records moves forward
Efforts to settle PGN’s open-records request for complete dispatch records pertaining to the Nizah Morris incident from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office have been unsuccessful.

Health Care Providers Work to Offer Services for Transgender Patients
Health care providers in central Virginia are banding together to offer services for transgender patients.

Tacoma to Offer Trans-Inclusive Health Benefits for City Employees
Following the release of the 2014 Municipal Equality Index (MEI), more cities are embracing inclusive health care coverage for all.

Remembering Transgender Murder Victims
Organizations met last week for a Milwaukee remembrance day. World-wide the number of such victims is increasing.