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quarta-feira, março 04, 2015

Travesti é encontrado morto em açude na Zona Rural de Monsenhor Paulo, MG
A vítima foi encontrada boiando em estado avançado de decomposição
A Polícia Militar foi acionada a comparecer na Fazenda Veludo, Bairro Cervo, Zona Rural de Monsenhor Paulo, onde segundo informações, o proprietário do sítio, Sr. Fortunato Sales de Abreu, 71 anos, agricultor e a testemunha Renato Aparecido Fonseca, 36 anos, lavrador, relataram que na manhã de segunda-feira (02), por volta de 10:50h, encontraram um corpo boiando no açude da sede.

Travesti é morto com golpes de barra de ferro em Mandaguaçu
De acordo com a polícia o crime ocorreu na tarde desse domingo, após um desentendimento numa cachoeira no distrito de Pulinópolis em Mandaguaçu. Um grupo de 4 pessoas estavam no local e após se desentenderem teriam quebrado o vidro de um Corsa. O dono do carro e um amigo teria pego uma barra de ferro e agredido Paulo R. A. Viana de 28 anos que não resistiu aos ferimentos e morreu no local.

Transsexuals tie knot after wedding appeal success
A dying transsexual’s dream of a white wedding came true last week.
Brain tumour sufferer Parma Bertoli married Stephanie Nickles at the register office in Worcester on Thursday (February 26).
The newly-weds from Warndon, who fell in love as men before having sex change operations, exchanged wedding vows and rings before celebrating with a meal and reception in the evening.

Transphobic attack against sex worker in Turkey
Ipek, a trans sex worker, was assaulted in a hate crime on Sunday night by two people after agreeing on terms. She was beaten, stabbed, and left for dead in a deserted orange grove in the southern city of Mersin.

India's first transgender mayor – is the country finally overcoming prejudice?
They’ve been insulted, forced into prostitution and discriminated against for decades, but now India’s hijra transgender community has one of their own in power. Eesha Patkar meets Madhu, the mayor of Raigarh

Study Details KR Abuse of Transgender People
Despite being born female in Takeo province’s Bati district, Sok Yun never felt like a girl growing up.
Study details Khmer Rouge abuse of gay and trans Cambodians

Gender Identity is Biological, Study Says
There is growing body of evidence that gender identity is hard wired into the brain and not simply a matter of psychology, according to a new Boston University School of Medicine study.

New Study Documents Ongoing and Pervasive Discrimination by Law Enforcement in the LGBT Community
A new report released today by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law documents ongoing and pervasive discrimination and harassment by law enforcement in the LGBT community, especially among LGBT people of color and transgender individuals.

Discriminatory bills across the country would punish transgender people using public bathrooms
A series of bills and ordinances have been introduced before city councils and legislatures in several states which seek to bar transgender individuals from using the bathroom which correlates to their gender identity. Most recently, a bill passed the Kentucky Senate making it possible for cisgender (non-transgender) students at public schools to sue the school if they find a transgender student using a restroom in alignment with their gender identity. The success of the measure in Kentucky is frightening, as there are proposals in multiple places around the country awaiting votes.

RuPaul’s Drag Race axes ‘You’ve Got She-Mail’ catchphrase
The latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race does not feature the phrase ‘You’ve Got She-Mail’ – after a row over transgender slurs.

Phoenix supporters rally for transgender ICE detainee
Activists call for the release of a transgender woman who is being detained with male inmates at a federal detention facility in Florence.

Man charged in killing of 21-year-old transgender woman, rape of 11-year-old girl
An Inglewood man was charged Monday with shooting a 21-year-old transgender woman during a robbery and forcing an 11-year-old girl into prostitution, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Lindbergh restrooms open to all
A transgender woman told TV reporters in late January that a Balboa Park worker confronted her, instructing her not to use a ladies’ restroom because she was really a man.

'Add the Words' Protesters Arrested after Capitol Protest
Twenty-three “Add the Words” supporters were arrested Monday morning for refusing to leave the House and Senate floors. The renewed protests arrived as talks continue on compromise legislation protecting the gay and transgender community from discrimination. But legislative leaders doubt the bill will get another shot this year.

Transgender boy, 16, commits suicide after years of bullying
A 16-year-old transgender boy from North Carolina has taken his life after enduring years of bullying.
Ash Haffner stepped into oncoming traffic near his home in Indian Trail on Thursday (26 February) night.
His mother, April Quick, found the body. She said the suicide was a result of years of bullying, which became worse when he decided to transition and asked to be referred to as 'he.'
Quick said she supported her son's decision but continued to use the pronoun 'she.'
Walk planned in honor of transgender teen who committed suicide

Lambda Legal Welcomes Demoya Gordon as New Staff and Transgender Rights Project Attorney
Lambda Legal today announced that Demoya Gordon has joined the organization as a new staff and Transgender Rights Project attorney, based in its National Headquarters in New York.

Woman shares story of tran­sgender journey
Evea McMaster never felt comfortable in her own skin util recently.
Born as Matt, McMaster always believed she was born the wrong gender.
“I knew at an early age there was something not particularly right,” McMaster said.