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sexta-feira, abril 03, 2015

Conchita: 'My life is going to change after this year's Eurovision'
Plus her top beard tip
Conchita Wurst is coming to the end of what will almost certainly be the busiest and most exciting year of her life.

Gender identity bill passes into law
A Bill aimed at protecting the rights of trans, genderqueer and intersex people to their self-determined identity has passed into law. Opposition leader not present in Parliament as law passes.
Malta Adopts Ground-breaking Trans and Intersex Law – TGEU Press Release
Surgery and sterilization scrapped in Malta's benchmark LGBTI law
Malta becomes first country to outlaw surgery on intersex babies
Gender identity bill given the thumbs up after both opposition and government vote in favour

Is CAMH trying to turn trans kids straight?
A close look suggests CAMH is not just passively responding to parents' concerns, but engages in therapies that cast gender-diverse children as a worry in the first place

Meet America's Transphobic 'Bathroom Cops'
Trans? Need to use the bathroom? Not if the potty police in these six states have anything to do about it!

The National Center for Transgender Equality officially won April Fool's Day
Joke mocks absurdity of bathroom bans

NCTE Announces $1M Transgender Laboratory
The National Center for Transgender Equality is proud to announce that it will open a new state-of- the-art laboratory in the basement of its Washington DC headquarters to create transgender people who do not need to pee. The project is being funded with a $1,000,000 grant from the Florida State Legislature, which has spent much of the last few months considering a bill that would make it illegal for transgender people to use public restrooms.

Repentant Transsexual Crusades Against ‘Quick Fix’ Reassignment Surgery
n an essay published April 1, Walt Heyer offers a chilling autobiographical account of abuse and gender confusion, sexual reassignment surgery, a short reprieve from anxiety and eventually deep regret at his decision. Heyer, now 74 years old and married to his wife for 18 years, spends his energy raising public awareness of the tragic consequences of gender reassignment.

Record Number of Reported LGBT Homicides So Far In 2015
In the last two years, the transgender community has seen some historic gains. A series of legal victories made it easier for transgender people to receive health care and find jobs. A transgender actress made the cover of Time Magazine, paired with an article called “The Transgender Tipping Point.”

Arkansas governor wants religious freedom bill recalled, won’t sign in present form
UPDATE: Senate revised bill to address government actions only; would not apply to businesses or individuals

Mesa begins discussions of anti-discrimination law
The city of Mesa, Arizona, is discussing the implementation of an anti-discrimination ordinance.

Transgender birth certificate change gets initial approval in Colorado House
Transgender Colorado residents moved a step closer Wednesday to being able to change the gender listings on their birth certificates without getting surgery.
Supporters say education is key to passing Colorado transgender birth certificate bill

Davenport passes resolution protecting civil liberties
The Davenport City Council passed on Wednesday what officials are hailing a "pro-equality resolution" as a reaction to religious freedom bills under debate across the country.

Democrats booted from panel to allow vote on RFRA fix
Indiana Republican leaders vetted the language with business leaders.
Indiana lawmakers suggest deal close on clarifying religious freedom law

District's change over restrooms for transgender students stirs controversy
The bathrooms inside a Johnson County high school are sparking some controversy, and it all has to do with which restrooms transgender students can use.

Anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bills facing questions in North Carolina
Republican governor and speaker, corporations speaking out

Former Forever 21 worker was called 'disgusting' and 'hot mess' by her bosses while transitioning to woman: lawsuit
Bosses at a Forever 21 in Brooklyn acted eternally juvenile — mercilessly mocking an employee who was transitioning to a woman as “disgusting” and a “hot mess,” court papers say.

Transgender couple: 'We did this whole transition together'
The recent headlines about Bruce Jenner's changing appearance are reminding a local couple of their own journey.

Transgender Lawsuit Dismissal
A Judge has dismissed a transgender man's lawsuit field against the University of Pittsburgh. Seamus Johnston filed the lawsuit against the University claiming he was expelled, criminally charged and fell under FBI scrutiny because of a dispute over the use of the men's locker room at the Pitt-Johnstown Campus. Wednesday a US District Judge ruled in favor of the University and that Johnston did not provide enough evidence of having undergone a sex-change operation and did not follow the University's procedure for having his gender officially changed in his college records. Johnston claimed the University retaliated against him by providing his name to the FBI during its investigation of a series of bomb threats at the main campus in the Spring of 2012.

Petition fires up bathroom gender debate
The battle over Mayor Parker's efforts to protect gay and transgender Houstonians is roaring back to life. A petition is making the rounds saying, sign if you agree gender is assigned at birth. The man behind it says he has enough signatures to take it to a city-wide vote.

Clerk in Denison shop berates mother for letting daughter choose boy clothes
A clerk at a children’s clothing store in Denison reportedly accused a mother of child abuse for allowing her 5-year-old daughter to choose a boy’s suit and tie as her Easter outfit.

Gloucester schools receive new request from Department of Justice
The Gloucester County School Board received another letter this week seeking additional information to address a federal civil rights complaint filed by a Gloucester High School sophomore.

Group wants LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance in Laramie [with PDFs]
A group of Laramie residents has submitted to the City Council a proposed ordinance that would ban discrimination against gays and transgender people at work, in housing, in public places and when being served by businesses.