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sábado, março 28, 2015

Mais de 200 portugueses mudaram de sexo e nome no Cartão de Cidadão
Lei facilitou, em 2011, mudança a transexuais, pessoas que não se identificam com o corpo em que nasceram. O último ano teve o número mais baixo de alterações de género nos documentos oficiais.

Europe’s Towns and Regions Want to Strenghten LGBT Rights
The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities debated and adopted the resolution and recommendation presented by Yoomi Renström (Sweden, SOC) on “Guaranteeing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people’s rights: a responsibility for Europe’s towns and regions”. The texts call on local and regional authorities to mobilise against the discrimination of all kinds which LGBT people suffer at local level and to introduce policies more respectful of their rights.

Por que a gente não tem amigo trans?
É o que ando pensando esses dias. Não tenho nenhuma pretensão de estudar essa questão na academia porque acho que é hora das próprias pessoas trans escreverem cada vez mais sobre suas questões. Acho que não tenho que ser protagonista nessas questões. Mas vejo que é tarefa nossa, também, de cada vez mais nos fortalecer, lutando sempre por novas representações.

Poland's First Transgender Presidential Candidate Doesn't Worry About the Trolls or the Polls
After the 2011 general election in Poland, Anna Grodzka became the first openly transgender MP in the country's history. As expected in a place as conservative as Poland, her election cause quite a stir – with both the local media as well as her opponents focusing on her gender identity instead of her political agenda.
Transgender MP Anna Grodzka bows out of presidential race

Vancouver police discriminate against trans people: rights tribunal
The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has ruled Vancouver police must find better ways to deal with transgender people after officers called a trans woman by male pronouns and failed to provide post-surgery care in jail.
Vancouver Police accused of failing to update discrimination policies

Vancouver Park Board launches new trans, gender variant awareness campaign
Campaign includes personal stories from trans and gender variant people

Push-back for Carter on transgender issues (Video)
U.S. officials say Defense Secretary Ash Carter is hearing of serious reservations from top military leaders after saying he was open-minded about ending the Pentagon's ban on transgender troops. (AP)

Renee Richards still amazed she broke transgender taboo
More than three decades after putting down her tennis racquet, Renee Richards is still astonished she had the moxie to join the women's professional tour after living the first 34 years of her life as a man.
Trans tennis player Renee Richards on winning the right to play

Surviving and Thriving Through Adversity: A Transgender Bathroom and HIV Love Story
In 1988, at 13 years old, I appeared female although I was born male, and I was required to use the male public restroom. The last day of school before Christmas break, I went downtown while waiting for my mom to get off work. I used an executive level restroom to avoid the awkward stares a transgender child receives, and a very large tall African-American man followed me into the restroom and pushed me up against the sink, forcing his Coke-can-sized penis into my anus. I was terrified -- too scared to make a noise.

“I Was Born a Baby Not a Boy”: Sex, Gender and Trans Liberation
As transgender identities, social spaces and movements have developed over the past 150 years there’s been a sharpening of the confrontation between bourgeois ideological constructions of gender and how gender is defined by ordinary people.

Arkansas Senate panel advances ‘conscience protection’ measure
An effort to prevent Arkansas government from infringing on someone’s religious beliefs was revived Tuesday, with a state Senate panel advancing a bill that critics have called a thinly veiled endorsement of discrimination against LGBT individuals.
Arkansas governor says he’d sign anti-LGBT religious protection bill

Klingenschmitt: Transgender People Are Driven By A Demonic 'Predatory Spirit Of Sexual Exploitation'
Like other Religious Right activists, Gordon Klingenschmitt is outraged that a Planet Fitness franchise in Michigan revoked the membership of a customer who wouldn't stop complaining after a transgender woman hung up her coat and purse in the women’s locker room and so he is now calling for a national boycott of the fitness chain.

Birth certificate gender change wins initial Colorado House approval
A bill to allow transgender people to change the gender listings on their birth certificates without undergoing sex reassignment surgery has passed its first test in the Colorado Legislature.

Victory! Connecticut Lifts Medicaid Ban on Transgender Health Care
TLDEF applauds the state of Connecticut for making transition-related health care available through its Medicaid program. Connecticut becomes the 7th jurisdiction to expand Medicaid coverage for transgender health care. Yesterday, Connecticut’s Legislative Regulation Review Committee approved a regulation that repeals the ban on coverage for the treatment of gender dysphoria, the diagnostic term used to refer to discomfort or distress caused by a difference between a person’s gender identity and their sex assigned at birth. This regulation will go into effect once it is posted to the Connecticut Secretary of State’s website, likely within the next 30 days.
Victory! Connecticut Expands Medicaid to Cover Transition-Related Healthcare

Georgia ‘Religious freedom’ bill one step closer to House floor
The special House subcommittee that met for a hearing Tuesday that ended without a vote reconvened Wednesday with bad news for opponents of state Sen. Josh McKoon's (R-Columbus) so-called “religious freedom” bill—SB 129 passed out of that committee and will now head for a hearing Thursday before the full House Judiciary Committee, bringing it one step closer to a vote on the House floor.
Georgia religious freedom bill stalls in House committee
Georgia ‘religious freedom’ bill stalls after discrimination amendment passes

Indiana governor Mike Pence to sign anti-LGBT bill into law on Thursday
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is set to sign into law the religious objections bill that opponents say would provide legal cover for discrimination against LGBT people.
Indiana governor Mike Pence signs anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill into law
Indiana Governor Signs ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill, Claiming It Won’t Enable Anti-LGBT Discrimination
Miley Cyrus calls Indiana Governor a dirty word for signing Religious Freedom Bill
San Francisco bans publicly funded travel to Indiana after discrimination law

Md. lawmakers approve birth certificate bills
The challenges faced by transgender Marylanders in trying to legally change their names and genders on their birth certificates will be eliminated if state lawmakers have their way.

Michigan Woman Sues Planet Fitness Over Trans-Inclusive Locker Room
Yvette Cormier claims she suffered emotional damage after sharing a gym locker room with a trans woman who entered briefly to hang up her coat.

Transgender Questions Lead To CATA Policy Change
Diane was returning from window shopping at the Meridian Mall on Feb. 27. As she settled into her seat on the CATA bus to downtown Lansing, she realized in horror the unthinkable had happened.

Expert coaches help transgender people find a new voice
Of the many changes transgender people must navigate throughout their transition, one is learning to speak in a new way.

MN GOP Majority Leader backs anti-transgender bill
The majority leader in the Minnesota House is among 28 Republicans who have signed on to a bill that would block transgender inclusive school policies.

SOGI campaign heating up
A campaign to answer "Question 1" on election day.
The ballot measure is about the Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) Ordinance that Springfield City Council approved last fall.
People have said the ballot language is confusing.
A vote of "no" is a vote against repeal. The vote of "no" will leave the words "sexual orientation and gender identity" in the city code, and keep them in a list of protections when it comes to hiring and public housing.
A vote of "yes" will override city council, and repeal those four words from the city code's list of protections when it comes to hiring and public housing.

Friends of Blake Brockington gather for support, share memories
The doors to Time Out Youth Center, a local LGBT youth services agency, remained open all day Tuesday as youth, clients, community members and others who knew youth activist Blake Brockington filed in for support and fellowship.

Anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill comes to North Carolina
Bill could allow widespread discrimination based on individuals' 'sincerely held religious beliefs'

TLDEF Condemns Nevada Bill Targeting Transgender Students for Discrimination
TLDEF denounces a Nevada bill singling out transgender students for discrimination. Introduced by state lawmaker Vicki Dooling, Assembly Bill 375 would prohibit transgender students in public schools from using bathrooms and locker rooms that match who they are as boys and girls.

Washoe County Family of transgender 9-year-old opening up about struggle in schools
Shanna Ott sits in a silent room, watching the front doorway from her plush armchair, waiting.

The Medical Pros And Cons Of Suppressing Puberty In Transgender Teens
Michaela was born a biological male 13 years ago. Her dad Joe says when she was eight, the family moved to Portland so she could grow out her hair, wear dresses and attend school as a girl.
D.A. to attend Morris forum
Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams will attend a panel discussion on the Nizah Morris case, it was announced this week.

Trans youth-services program hits 1-year anniversary
A comprehensive trans-specific health-care program at the Mazzoni Center is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Juror in Black Madam trial speaks out
t was Sean Reid’s first juror experience. And it was quite an experience.

Proposed Bathroom Bans Sparking Controversy
A Texas lawmaker is getting heat from the transgender community for proposed legislation over a bathroom ban.

Woman accused of performing illegal buttocks injections surrenders to authorities
A woman accused of performing black-market buttocks injections sealed with Super Glue turned herself in to authorities on Wednesday, Dallas police said.
Denise “Wee Wee” Rochelle Ross, 43, surrendered to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, police said.
Police say Ross and Jimmy Joe “Alicia” Clarke, 31, administered illegal injections at a Deep Ellum salon.

Virginia School Board Votes To Force Transgender Student Out Of Bathrooms
Parental complaints have prompted a Virginia school board to reverse a decision that respected a fourth grader’s gender identity, forcing her either back into the boys’ bathroom, or into single-stall or staff restrooms.
Another Virginia School District Tests Federal Rules With Anti-Transgender Policy