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domingo, março 15, 2015

EU Parliament calls for Stronger Trans Rights Worldwide
Transgender Europe welcomes the European Parliament Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World for the year 2013, which was adopted on February 20, 2015.

Polícia flagra prostituição de adolescentes travestis e vai pedir apreensão
Bastaram apenas duas rondas noturnas para que a Delegacia de Repressão às Condutas Discriminatórias detectasse a prostituição de adolescentes travestis em Teresina. Muitos, segundo a polícia, possuem apenas 15 anos. As rondas começaram a ser feitas em fevereiro, após reunião da Secretaria de Segurança e membros do movimento GLBT.

Documentaire : elles sont polynésiennes, transsexuelles et prostituées à Marseille
Elles s’appellent Touria, Dominique et Joséphine. Nées hommes en Polynésie française, elles sont devenues transsexuelles et prostituées à Marseille. Leur parcours est raconté dans un documentaire de Julian Ballester, « Rue Curiol », à voir ici.

Transgenres: violence, discrimination et accès à l’emploi points noirs de la Belgique
La Belgique doit encore mener un travail important dans le domaine de la lutte contre la violence, la discrimination et l’accès à l’emploi pour les personnes transgenres, pointe mercredi une première étude européenne comparative sur la situation des personnes transgenres, à laquelle ont participé 6.579 personnes issues de 28 pays et s’identifiant comme transgenre.

European court: Turkey can’t force trans people to be sterilised
Europe’s top human rights court has ruled against the Turkish government – finding that it cannot make sterilisation a requirement for gender reassignment.

U.S. Marine Charged with Murder of Filipina Trans Woman May Receive Plea Bargain
Jennifer Laude's family has declared they will not consider any deal in which Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton avoids jail time.

Ease in regulations good news for transgenders
The Alberta government recently announced changes to make it easier for transgender Albertans to change their gender on their birth certificates and licences.

Ontario passes law to protect transgender people
Ontario has become the first province in Canada to recognize gender identity in its human rights legislation.

“We just need to pee” transgender protest
Do you have to be biologically male to be allowed in the men's room, or biologically female for the ladies loos?

Chris Mosier explains the issues facing trans athletes in a powerful interview
Chris Mosier, founder of, shared his insights with youth via the radio program OutCasting.

Transgender teen Jazz Jennings lands gig with major beauty brand
Jazz Jennings might look like your typical teen girl, but she admits she has struggled with being comfortable in her own skin.

Transgender people face discrimination in healthcare
Many transgender men face discrimination in U.S. healthcare settings, according to a new study.

Fifth Harmony speaks out in support of the transgender community
Whoever said "never meet your heroes," has never seen Fifth Harmony interact with their fans.

Camp Aranu'tiq Enrolls Transgender Youth for Summer Season
Summer camp is a rite of passage for many children, but for those who identify as transgender, it can be a harrowing ordeal. Many camps won't even allow them to register, not knowing how to handle bunk assignments and gender-segregated bathrooms. But now, transgender and gender-variant kids have a summer camp just for them: Camp Aranu'tiq.

Three states move to protect children from transgender bathroom and locker room rules
Lawmakers in Texas, Kentucky, and Minnesota have introduced bills that would require public schools to protect students from local transgender bathroom laws.

D.C. Police Appoint First Trans Woman to Lead LGBT Liaison Unit
Trans advocates are cheering the appointment of Sgt. Jessica Hawkins, but say that she will still face an uphill battle to build trust with D.C.'s trans communities and law enforcement.

CPCC updates policies but leaves out transgender
Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) has updated a few of their policies to include sexual orientation but they did not include transgender.

New York mom defends transgender child’s request to use same-sex bathroom at school
An upstate New York mom defended her transgender daughter to upset parents at a school board meeting this week and said her child never had “a choice.”

TTexas Rep. Wants to Protect Antigay Bigots as 'Conscientious Objectors'
Texas Rep. Cecil Bill introduced legislation designed to let individuals refuse to serve LGBT people as a 'conscientious objector.'

La revolucionaria que se travestía del Che
Desde su silla de ruedas, la mexicana Irina Layevska empuñó el fusil en Nicaragua y llevó petróleo a una Cuba sumida en el periodo especial. Pensó en matarse cuando la esclerosis múltiple amenazó con dejarla ciega, pero finalmente enterró sólo la parte de sí que le limitaba tanto o más que la discapacidad: el género masculino que le asignaron al nacer y que sobrellevaba disfrazándose de su idolatrado Ernesto Guevara. Contra todo pronóstico, Irina ha cumplido 50 años, 13 desde que se asumió como mujer. Lo único que la asusta de la muerte es separarse de su compañera de vida, Nélida Reyes, quien permanece a su lado en una batalla cotidiana contra la enfermedad y la discriminación.
(Foto: Nélida Reyes e Irina Layevska, durante su estancia en Caracas)