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quarta-feira, março 11, 2015

Transgender campaigner Kay Browning paid £1.5k by Devon club after being told to use disabled toilet
A transgender man has reached a settlement with the nightclub who threw him out of the men's toilets in July.
Kay Browning, of Westexe, Tiverton, has settled out of court with Greendale Leisure Ltd, the firm which own Remedies in Gold Street, Tiverton.
The 24-year-old was kicked out of the men's loos and asked to use the disabled facilities while on a night out celebrating a friend's birthday last year.
Transgender man thrown out of nightclub toilet wins out-of-court settlement

A Problematic Gender Recognition Bill
Sinéad Baker examines the Gender Recognition Bill, due to reach its next stage on Wednesday

Swedish activists push for gender neutral toilets
No more “I'll just pop to the ladies'”, or “have you seen the queue over at the gents'?” Transgender activists have been covering public toilet signs with stickers as part of a campaign to make toilets in Sweden gender neutral.

Court: Turkey wrong to refuse transsexual’s gender reassignment surgery wish
Judges say Turkey’s refusal to allow a transsexual to have access to gender reassignment surgery breached human rights law.
ECtHR Ends Absurd Sterilisation Requirement in Turkish Law
Promising ECtHR decision on sterilisation requirement

The US Army Is Retreating From Its Prohibitive Policies on Transgender Soldiers
The US Army has provided some mild relief for its estimated 15,000 transgender soldiers by issuing a directive that takes away local military commanders' power to discharge service members over their sexuality, and moving that power into the hands of high-ranking civilian officials.

Rafael Cruz: Nondiscrimination Measures Let Football Teams 'Decide That They Want To Shower With The Girls'
Rafael Cruz, the Religious Right activist and father of Sen. Ted Cruz, told an Oklahoma church last week that LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances allow entire high school boys football teams to decide “that they want to shower with the girls.”

'Nightline' Dives Into the Life-Changing Consequences of Doctors Deciding the Gender of Intersex Children: VIDEO
Roughly one in every 2,000 people is born intersex — with ambiguous genitalia.
Generally, parents and doctors feel pressure to determine the child's sex and perform surgery as soon as possible. But often they get it wrong.

Four little words for equality: Civil rights bill filed for sexual orientation, gender identity
Its put up or shut up time for the Republicans who say they mean no harm to gay people by barring local civil rights ordinances. They've repeatedly urged backers of equal rights to change state law to protect sexual minorities.
Arkansas lawmaker proposes expanding state's anti-discrimination law

Colorado Democrats kill GOP-proposed bills that would ‘sanction discrimination’
The growing conflict between religious groups and LGBT rights advocates over punishments in discrimination cases played out Monday in Colorado, with a Democrat-led committee rejecting Republican proposals aimed at protecting individuals and organizations from complaints.

Colorado House gives initial OK on bill to ban gay conversion therapy on minors
Colorado mental health professionals would be barred from practicing gay conversion therapy with minors under a bill given initial approval Friday by the state House.

Suspect in Deoni Jones slaying to undergo further mental observation
Gary Niles Montgomery gets new lawyer, will undergo yet another mental evaluation in light of insanity defense

School officials looking to adopt transgender student policy in Millinocket
The school system’s first attempt at a transgender student policy is among a raft of new and revised regulations the school board will consider when it meets on Tuesday, officials said.

Gym Stands Up For Trans Woman, Kicks Out Member Who Wouldn’t Stop Complaining
Carlotta Sklodowska went to the Midland, Michigan Planet Fitness twice. She wore leggings and a baggy t-shirt to work out in, which she admits don’t hide her masculine body structure very well. Her only use for the locker room was to hang up her coat and purse while she exercised. As far as Sklodowska knows, she is the only transgender woman in her community, and that’s why she assumes she is the individual who sparked another gym-user’s outrage in recent weeks.
MORONS MAKE LAWS: Michigan lawmaker thinks nondiscrimination policy threatens women in locker rooms

MN GOP House members introduce bill banning trans-inclusive school policies
Seventeen Republican members of the Minnesota House introduced a bill on Monday that would block transgender-inclusive school policies. The bill is identical to one introduced in the Minnesota Senate.
Republicans propose overturning transgender student-athlete policy
Action Alert

Unique new worker cooperative planned
Make the Road is boosting support for transgender Latina immigrants

'Black Madam' convicted in injection death
Padge-Victoria Windslowe - the 43-year-old West Philadelphia woman with a dizzying array of names, personas and professions - was found guilty Monday by a jury in the 2011 death of a British dancer she injected with liquid silicone in an illegal buttocks-enhancement procedure.

Senators Resurrect Transgender Bill
A measure dealing with the South Dakota High School Activities Association’s transgender policy has been brought back to life. House Bill 1195 would repeal the Association’s policy which was adopted last year. The measure received a two hour hearing in the senate education committee but was killed by a vote of 4 to 3.

Texas Doubles Down on Transphobic Legislation, Adding $2,000 Fine for 'Wrong' Bathroom Use
A bill introduced in the Texas House today would award cisgender students who shared a bathroom with a trans student $2,000, in addition to legal fees, for any 'mental anguish' the cisgender student suffered.

Senator vows to push for LGBT protection law
Undaunted by opposition in the House of Delegates, Sen. Donald McEachin, D-Richmond, says he will be back next year with another bill to prevent discrimination in the government workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

School Board OKs transgender inclusion in policies
The transgender community is now included in some school district policies.