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segunda-feira, março 09, 2015

Proibição de discriminação de transexuais no trabalho aprovada
A Assembleia da República aprovou hoje em votação final global o projeto de lei apresentado pela deputada socialista Isabel Moreira para consagrar a proibição da discriminação de cidadãos transexuais nos locais de trabalho.

Parents of trans children share their stories about social media
Parents of transgender children speak about how social media can have both a positive and negative effect when used to ‘come out’ about their child’s gender identity

Egypt arrests seven trans people for ‘debauchery’ using fake dating profiles
Seven trans people have been arrested after being accused of debauchery, after police used fake dating profiles to lure them to a nightclub.

Advancing Actions to Secure the Health and Rights of Transgender People in Asia and the Pacific
Transgender people in Asia and the Pacific face many challenges in claiming their rights in general, and specifically their right to health care.

Transgender People, Rights and HIV Vulnerability in the Asia-Pacific Region
The report aims to provide a research framework to guide governments, civil society, donors and key stakeholders to design and produce relevant research as part of collective effort to reduce the extreme vulnerability of transgender people to HIV, while protecting their rights in the Asia-Pacific Region.

From Andrej to Andreja Pejic: How Australian boy became world’s first transgender supermodel
Let me take you back in time.
It’s New Year’s Eve 2007 and Joseph Tenni, a Sydney-based modelling agent with Chadwick, is out for the night in Melbourne.
Trans model Andreja Pejic ‘It’s taken me 10 years to get here’

Born in the wrong body
Dane Woodland is raising funds to have gender-alignment surgery in Ontario

Sumaya Dalmar had ‘so much more life to live’
Community remembers 26-year-old trans woman at The 519

Refinery 29's Trans America Series
Read our full Trans America series

Army eases ban on transgender soldiers
The Army issued a directive Friday that protects transgender soldiers from being dismissed by mid-level officers by requiring the decision for discharge to be made by the service's top civilian for personnel matters.
Army raises discharge authority for transgender troops
Army increases authority level needed to discharge transgender troops

For Some in Transgender Community, It’s Never Too Late to Make a Change
One Friday night last fall, 50 well-dressed guests piled into an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen for a party celebrating Sheela-Marie Padgett, a 57-year-old former dancer with the New York City Ballet.

States Battle Over Bathroom Access for Transgender People
Legislatures across the country are fighting over issues related to gender identity and sexual orientation

Appeals Court Orders Military to Call Chelsea Manning a Woman
The government must now respect Chelsea Manning's gender identity in word — and her lawyers hope it won't be long until the military follows suit in actions by providing transition-related health care.

Finding A Public Bathroom Just Got Much Easier For Trans People
Because everyone deserves a safe place to pee.

WATCH: Trans Women Tell Janet Mock, 'I Am a Woman'
Mock and four guests school viewers on the basics of being transgender.

TAVA Adds Experienced Veterans to Board
In mid February 2015, the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) brought two highly experienced, patriotic veterans to their board; enhancing their outreach and mission of serving America’s transgender veterans and advocating for their benefits and for the honor, duty, and right to serve.

Media Allowed Inside Detention Center To Interview Transgender Woman
After almost six months in an all-male immigration detention center a transgender woman from Guatemala is "hopeful" she will be released and wait for her asylum court case outside of detention.

Transgender adolescents receive improved endocrine care at clinic
The management of transgender adolescents, although increasing across the U.S., is still sporadic and could be improved and standardized with research and systematic monitoring at dedicated centers, according to research presented at The Endocrine Society annual meeting.

Florida Takes First Step Toward Criminalizing Trans People's Bathroom Use
If passed, the law would see trans and gender-nonconforming people fined up to $1,000 and jailed up to a year for using the 'wrong bathroom' in public.

Florida Senate Democrats push LGBT‑inclusive non-discrimination bills
Democrats in the Florida Senate say the state needs new anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBT people, former felons and pregnant women.

TransAction Presents First Transgender Allies Summit
TransAction is Equality Florida’s newest initiative, created last summer to ensure that Florida’s transgender community can live in a society free from fear and full of normalcy and acceptance. Gina Duncan, a well-known activist in the Central Florida LGBT community and acclaimed diversity and inclusion trainer, was named Equality Florida’s Director of Transgender Inclusion and she also oversees the TransAction initiative. She recently returned from Tallahassee, where she visited with lawmakers, and is working to ensure that any transphobic bills will not be passed by the Florida Legislature this session.

Evidence Contradicts Police Account Of Possible Anti-Transgender Hate Crime
Police have insisted the victim was a man, not a transgender woman. But video shows the victim presented as a woman when killed, and a key witness in the case said the gunman became angry when he found out the victim was transgender.

Planet Fitness bans woman who complained about transgender woman in locker room
Planet Fitness has canceled a Michigan woman's gym membership after she expressed concerns about a transgender woman using the women's locker room at one of its fitness centers.
Planet Fitness cancels woman's membership after her complaints of transgender woman in locker room
Planet Fitness drops member after gender identity complaint
Transgender woman in Planet Fitness locker room controversy says she used it twice to hang up coat, purse
Planet Fitness drops member after gender identity complaint

MN GOP senators introduce bill to repeal all trans-inclusive school policies
Under pressure from anti-LGBT groups, Republicans in the Minnesota Senate have introduced a bill to block schools from making accessible facilities available to transgender and gender non-conforming students, and blocking equal access to school sports.
How to protect your child's privacy & safety

Both sides of SOGI issue prepare for final month of campaigning
One month from today Springfield voters will decide on the city's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity bill. Last fall, the Springfield City Council passed the ordinance which makes it illegal to fire somebody or deny housing or services to a person because of their sexual orientation.
Group kicks off campaign to repeal SOGI ordinance
Opponents of SOGI Ordinance Call for Repeal at Rally
Rep says bill aims to protect student religious groups

Toledoan admits to assault on city street
Saying he was “just at the wrong place at the wrong time,” a Toledo man admitted Friday to taking part in a transgender woman’s assault and robbery four months ago.

Jury begins deliberating the fate of "Black Madam"
Decked out in a pink cardigan, black pleated skirt and sky-high black heels, "Black Madam" Padge-Victoria Windslowe took the stand yesterday to finish her cross-examination after having been hospitalized for chest pains on Monday.

Hunter Park talks about growing up trans in Charleston
She Returns From War frontwoman tells her story to Refinery29

Texas Prison Officials Finally Agree To Protect Trans Inmate Whose Life Was In Imminent Danger
Texas prison officials have agreed to place a transgender inmate in protective custody after Lambda Legal filed an emergency motion this week alleging her life was in imminent danger.

LGBT leaders concerned about Adams’ religious-protection bill
Utah's Senate on Friday advanced historic compromise legislation that would bar discrimination in housing and employment for the LGBT community, while offering religious liberty protections in the workplace.
The ACLU of Utah Strongly Opposes SB 297, Which Would Allow Discrimination Against Gay and Transgender Utahns

Barriers remain for transgender students
A first-of-its-kind UW-Madison study has dug deep into the lives of transgender high school students in Wisconsin, finding both hopeful signs and dire circumstances.

House committee removes LGBT protections from charter schools bill
The House Education Committee removed language that included specific protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and employees from a bill to allow charter schools in West Virginia this week.