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sábado, março 14, 2015

Novas resoluções garantem direitos a transexuais nas escolas do país
Eles devem ser chamados pelo nome que escolheram e não o de batismo.
Orientação sexual deve constar nos registros de ocorrência da polícia.

Suspeito diz que matou transexual por causa de "trabalho" feito contra ele
O crime aconteceu em 24 de fevereiro em Santa Luzia do Lobato
O suspeito pela morte da transexual Itamar Sena Passos, 33 anos, conhecida como Keity, será apresentado pela polícia nesta sexta-feira (13) no auditório do Departamento de Homicídios e Proteção à Pessoa (DHPP).

Em debate sobre feminismo, homens trans denunciam sofrer violência sexual
A roda de conversa “Homens Trans e o Transfeminismo” que ocorreu no sábado (21), durante o Encontro Nacional de Homens Trans, propiciou um acalorado debate e uma denúncia coletiva, que pouco é difundida pela mídia: vários homens trans sofrem violência sexual.

Strasbourg Court: sterilisation requirement for gender reassignment surgery is a violation of privacy
Tuesday, the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that the requirement of permanent infertility to undergo gender reassignment surgery is a violation of the right to privacy, as guaranteed by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Las Cortes de Aragón instan a reconocer los derechos de los transexuales y regularlos
Los grupos aprobaron tramitar una ley por la que tendrán derecho a recibir asistencia sanitaria específica, incluyendo el tratamiento hormonal.

Walsall Kiss Me Kate star Bea says goodbye to her former life as Ben
Walsall Operatic Society performer Bea Coleman reveals she wants to live openly as a transsexual
She is winning fans galore as a leading man.
Every night she sings It’s Too Darn Hot in Kiss Me Kate, she brings the house down.
Bea Coleman plays the part of Paul the dresser in the musical.

Switzerland votes for law to protect LGBTIs from prejudice
Switzerland has voted for a law to protect LGBTI people from discrimination.
The parliament voted with 103 in favor, 73 against and nine abstentions to ensure nobody is targeted with hate speech and discrimination on the basis of their sexual or gender identity.

"The Pearl Of Africa", le combat d'une transsexuelle ougandaise
Dans la web-série "The Pearl Of Africa", le documentariste suédois Jonny Von Wallström, raconte le quotidien de Cleopatra Kambugu, une activiste transsexuelle Ougandaise.
Dans "The Pearl Of Africa", une transsexuelle ougandaise, Cleopatra Kambugu, dite Cleo, se confie au documentariste Suédois Jonny Von Wallström. Cette web-série de six épisodes de cinq à six minutes compile les premières images d’un futur documentaire éponyme fruit de leur rencontre, il y a deux ans.

[South Africa]
First penis successfully transplanted from one body to another
"If you don't have a penis you are essentially dead"
A team of medical professionals from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa has completed the first successful penis transplant, according to reports.

Transgender woman posts men’s room selfies to protest restroom restrictions
A transgender woman in Canada is protesting new restrictions to public restroom use by posting “selfies” taken in men’s restrooms.
Brae Carnes began posting the images on social media to highlight how “out of place” she looks, claiming that it’s “awkward for everyone” when she applies her lipstick while men use the urinals in the background, reports Yahoo News.
The House of Commons passed a bill 2013 to add gender identity into the Canadian Human Rights Act. The state, led by Conservatives, amended the act after it was approved last month to exclude sex-specific facilities, making it illegal for transgender women to use female facilities.

Sex-change woman guilty of manslaughter for baseball-bat killing in rural B.C. cabin
Judge rejects Madison Reid’s claims she was acting in self-defence when she struck Bruce Archambault, 56, dozens of times with an aluminum bat, including six fatal blows to the head

Settlement reached on transgender detainee’s complaint
A transgender woman from the U.K. who was detained at a men’s jail in Toronto has settled a human rights claim against the Ontario government.

TLC to air series about transgender teen activist Jazz Jennings
The TLC channel will air a documentary series about transgender teen activist Jazz Jennings and her family.

Trans youth commits suicide
A transgender person who last April had been pulled back after threatening to jump off an East Bay freeway overpass jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge last month, according to people who knew the person and government officials.

Florida Is "Very Poor" On Transgender Rights, According to Study
It's pretty likely 2015 will go down as a watershed year for transgender Americans. Thanks to a growing awareness and cultural acceptance, folks who identify as trans are feeling less sidelined. Still, some states are ahead of others. recently dropped a study ranking each of the 50 states on transgender issues. Bad news: Florida is pretty low on the list.

Planet Fitness loses members after gender identity complaint
It’s a business that sells itself on being non-judgmental, but Planet Fitness is losing members after it allegedly revoked the membership of a woman for complaining according to a report from WNEM.

Minnesota Republicans Seek to End Trans-Inclusive Sports Teams
New bills introduced in Minnesota would reverse a trans-affirming policy enacted last year by an overwhelming majority of board members for the state's high school athletic league.
Christians need to pay attention to gym's decision, says sports ministry leader
Law hopes to correct gender confusion in school policies

Nashua politician charged with bomb threat
The a woman elected to the New Hampshire legislature has been charged in connection to a false bomb threat at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center.
Cops: 1st Transgender Lawmaker Issued Bomb Threat

'Transgender woman' not legally female, says Rockingham County
A self-described transgender woman, who is suing the county for being housed with men in the county jail, was not "legally female," according to a lawyer representing the county.

Mayor Warren, City Council join transgender rights fight
Legislation that would protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination is getting a renewed push.

Localities All Around New York Call on New York State Legislature to Pass GENDA and Protect Transgender New Yorkers
Press Conferences and Calls for Action Take Place with Leaders in Albany, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, and Tompkins County to say, ‘What’s Good for Us Is Great for New York State! The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act Needs to Pass Now!’

Green High School students plan to cross dress after boy asked to change dress
Some Green High School students are planning cross-dress for school today after a boy was asked to change the dress he wore Tuesday.

Amendment to Oklahoma religious freedom bill would identify the bigots
Oklahoma Democratic state Rep. Emily Virgin from Norman has proposed an amendment to The Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act that would allow businesses to discriminate, according to the Gayly Oklahoman.

Oklahoma Pro-Conversion ‘Therapy’ Bill dies on State House floor
This afternoon, a bill introduced to the Oklahoma State House by Representative Sally Kern that would legalize anti-LGBT therapy died without coming to a vote. The defeat follows months of extensive grassroots organizing by national and state organizations working in coalition to educate parents and families about the ineffective and harmful practices of conversion therapy on LGBT youth.

Accused killer of trans woman seeks suppression of police statement
Charles N. Sargent, who allegedly stabbed to death trans woman Diamond Williams, seeks the suppression of a statement he gave to Philadelphia police.

Guilty verdict for Black Madam
A jury on Monday found Padge Victoria Windslowe, a transgender hip-hop artist who calls herself the Black Madam, guilty of giving a fatal buttocks injection.

Family of transgender murder victim searching for answers
The mother of a young transgender murder victim is speaking out about her child's death, just a day after police made an arrest in the case.

Program for transgender children unique in the Southwest
Fifteen-year-old Kammie Johnson is full of fun and personality. Her heart is exactly what she hopes people see.

TLDEF Condemns Two New Anti-Transgender Bills in Texas
TLDEF strongly denounces new proposed legislation in Texas that singles out transgender people for harsh discrimination. Introduced by Republican State Representative Gilbert Peña on March 10, House Bills 2801 and 2802 come on the heels of a string of bills targeting transgender people, including a prior bill in Texas, and similar ones in Kentucky, Florida and Minnesota.
Rep. Krause files anti-LGBT religious liberty amendment

Utah governor signs Mormon church backed LGBT anti-discrimination bill
Gov. Gary Herbert on Thursday signed into law an anti-discrimination measure that earned the support of the Mormon church amid a crowd that brought smiling clergy members together with LGBT activists draped in rainbow flags.

La vida de una transexual en Tijuana, primera parte
Stephania Salas trabaja de miércoles a domingo imitando a varias artistas aclamadas principalmente por la comunidad LGBT para poder salir adelante. Aunque fue por elección, es una de cientos de casos que la discriminación directa o indirectamente la ha orillado a trabajar en los show travestis.