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terça-feira, março 17, 2015

Travesti é encontrada morta e amarrada dentro de apartamento no Bigorrilho
Uma travesti foi encontrada morta no bairro Bigorrilho, em Curitiba, na tarde desta segunda-feira (16). Tiago Chuves, de 28 anos, estava amarrado dentro do apartamento onde morava, localizado na esquina das Ruas Martim Afonso e Bruno Filgueira.

Preventing suicide among trans young people - A toolkit for nurses
Public Health England and the Royal College of Nurses have jointly developed a toolkit for nurses to use in preventing suicide among trans young people

Name Matters for this Transgender
‘What’s in a name’, goes a popular phrase. However, it is not as simple as it sounds, when one goes by the experience of this transgender from western Tamil Nadu.

Transgenders are 'ambassadors of cleanliness' in Osmanabad
In an attempt to make Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) campaign more effective, the Osmanabad zilla parishad had roped in eunuchs as 'ambassadors of cleanliness' in the district, around 250 km from here.

Ontario New Democrat proposes ban on so-called conversion therapy
During her formative years as a transgender woman -- or girl, really -- Erika Muse says she was subjected to conversion therapy, which left her depressed, suicidal and with a mere lingering shred of self-esteem.

The struggle is REAL for trans women who date
Public acceptance and private love – Original Plumbing columnist Arisce Wanzer on why the two go hand in handEUA

Une grande marque de cosmétiques choisit une ado trans’ comme égérie
À 14 ans, une jeune fille trans' nommée Jazz Jennings devient une des figures de proue d'une importante société de soins pour la peau. Elle aura aussi sa propre émission de télé-réalité.

IN TRANSITION: There are many medical options for transgender patients
Transgender people can successfully transition with or without surgery, and some have no desire to pursue surgeries or medical intervention. For Cora Treoir Duncan, 63, a transgender woman from Naples, there are still many questions about how far she will go with medical intervention.

Transgender veteran transitioned in midlife, helps young people understand what took her decades to learn
Joanne Carroll "acted" her way through two marriages, fatherhood and the Air Force.
Straining to blend in, she hunted and fished, worked in the rodeo business in Montana, and posed for pictures with politicians including Dan Quayle and Bob Dole.
Finally, she decided "I'm not going to die with a man's name on my tombstone." She buried the male name and identity attached at birth and transitioned to the woman who had always lived inside.

Detenidos por robo en Centro de Cancún; 1 travesti era anzuelo
El hombre vestido de mujer hizo plática a la víctima de 35 años en la SM 22; le quitaron un Rolex y 300 pesos