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terça-feira, março 31, 2015

Daniel e Daniela. A história de uma rapariga que expulsou o rapaz que vivia dentro dela
Soube desde cedo que nasceu com o sexo errado. O que via ao espelho não condiza com o que sentia. Libertar-se de um intruso que tomou conta do seu corpo foi o longo processo

Travesti é esfaqueado após noite regada a álcool e tenta fugir pelo telhado do vizinho, que cede
Fernando Souza de Abreu, de 44 anos, estava desde a noite de sábado (28) bebendo com seu vizinho. Testemunha viu faca manchada de sangue e suspeito fugindo, mas Fernando só foi encontrado após perceberem buraco no telhado da casa ao lado

“A transexualidade não é uma doença mental”
A líder de uma banda punk explica a Bruno Horta como foi mudar de sexo.

Does your MP support trans rights?
New website launched in time for the UK general election to track politicians' commitment to the rights of trans people

The Trans Manifesto 2015: what do transgender people want from our politicians?
The Trans Manifesto, launched today by the LGBT Consortium, aims to draw attention to the areas where trans individuals face inequality.

Watch: Filipino transgender trio wows Asia’s Got Talent judges
“I did not see that coming.”
That was the reaction of Asia’s Got Talent judge Anggun after the Filipino transgender trio Miss Tres performed during the third week of auditions in the said reality TV show recently.

[New Zealand]
Lynda Whitehead's Agender agenda
New Agender President Lynda Whitehead is determined to grow the group’s membership back up, telling “many voices make more volume than a few,” as she attempts to make it an effective voice for change in the area of trans rights.

Health care system tough for trans people
Transgender awareness highlights issues

Jamie Foxx Called Out for Crossing Line on Bruce Jenner Jokes
The jokes lit up social media and made headlines on entertainment sites from TMZ to People.

Fox Host Praises College For Discriminating Against LGBT Students And Potential Employees
Tucker Carlson On Wyoming College Turning Down Federal Funding To Avoid Basic Protections For LGBT Community: "That's What Principle Looks Like"

Transgender advocates rally support
A local group of transgender advocates gathered Sunday to raise awareness and prepare for an upcoming rally. They held a poster-making party at the Gay and Lesbian Center on 18th street.

Religious freedom bill hits another snag; protesters gather in Columbus
As the clock ticks down on the Georgia legislative session, it appears that Sen. Josh McKoon’s religious freedom bill may have trouble getting out of the House Judiciary Committee.
Here’s What Georgia Businesses Think About The State’s ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill
Meeting on ‘religious liberty’ bill’s fate canceled

Groups respond to Gov. Pence's attempt to 'clarify"
Late March 28, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence told the Indianapolis Star that he will introduce legislation to "clarify" Senate Bill 101, the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act he signed into law this week.
The Big Lie The Media Tells About Indiana’s New ‘Religious Freedom’ Law
Indiana governor: ‘We’re not going to change the law’
‘Indiana: A great place to be a bigot’
Pence refuses to answer ‘yes or no’ on Indiana anti-LGBT discrimination – eight times
The Only 2 Things to Know Out of Mike Pence's Dissembling Interview
Is This Photo Proof Mike Pence Knew RFRA Discriminates Against LGBTs?

New ‘all gender’ restroom signs at KU rec center welcome all
If you are not a woman, and you are not a man — or at least don’t identify yourself as either — which public restroom do you go in?

Commission proposes ordinance against LGBT bias at work
The Michigan Civil Rights Commission unveiled last week an ordinance template for cities and townships across the state to use to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination.

Springfield Readies for LGBT Nondiscrimination Repeal Vote
Mirroring a wave of anti-equality efforts in state legislatures and cities across the nation, opponents of a recently passed LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance in Missouri's third largest city are asking voters to repeal the law on April 7.
SOGI Task Force Member Urging Repeal

Montana House narrowly defeats ‘religious freedom’ bill on deadlocked vote
Gov. Steve Bullock: "What's happening in Indiana is something that shouldn't be happening in Montana."

Brazil has a serious problem of transphobic violence
Jim Muir recalls many years of covering diplomatic talks on Iran's nuclear programme - and how we got where we are now. Donna Bowater examines why despite its sensuous, anything-goes image, Brazil has a serious problem of transphobic violence.
[Note: The Brazil-related segment begins at the 5:40 mark, approximate length of 4 minutes.]

Proyecto trans por la paz, desde el encierro
Cuerpos en Prisión, Mentes en Acción es la red de personas trans que buscan y trabajan desde prisión por condiciones más dignas de reclusión, en medio de fuertes violencias.