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sexta-feira, dezembro 29, 2006

BC Ferries loses bid to dismiss complaint
BC Ferries has lost a bid for dismissal of a human rights complaint lodged by a transsexual deckhand fired two years ago.
Deborah Magnone was fired by BC Ferries, which said she made mistakes. Photograph by : Bruce Stotesbury, Canwest News Service, Files

Transsexual calls for gender education
A transsexual is calling on schools to raise better awareness of gender and sexuality issues after claiming she was subjected to two weeks of "urban terrorism."

Sanremo: due transessuali in città fermati dai VVUU
Gli agenti della Polizia Municipale di Sanremo, coordinati dall'Ispettore Capo Pierino Oddo, hanno arrestato due transessuali brasiliani, che esercitavano la 'professione' in via Capitan Pesante al civico 34.

[Canada] [Advice Column]
Girls who like boys who were girls...
I've been hanging out with lots of trans people lately. Some things are puzzling me and I'd like your guidance. It's been my impression that trans folks don't care all that much for chasers - that is, people who fetishize trans people and get off on them just because they're trans/have transgressive bodies.

The case of the Finnish man and his unexpected surprise.
A case now from Soi 6 in Central Pattaya which is home to many bars which cater for the “short time” needs of foreigners. At 6.30am on Wednesday, Police Lieutenant Colonel Chalermgiet from Pattaya Police Station sent a patrol unit to the street after receiving a call from Mr. Reijo Tapio Palomeiki aged 52 from Finland who had detained a transsexual who he claims had robbed him of 4,020 Baht.
Photo: Khun Griensak is now behind bars on a charge of theft.

Transgender Tragedies
A new analysis finds Washington, D.C. topping the list in transgender murders

A Watershed Year for Trans Rights
Following on the footsteps of a watershed year, 2006 saw increased visibility and political gains for the U.S. trans community. Here are some examples:

Zarf to Zoe
On "All My Children," the 31-year-old Belmont Shore native plays Zarf, an androgynous and flamboyant male British rock star who's fallen in love with Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel), a lesbian.