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quarta-feira, dezembro 20, 2006

'Jibe' transsexual wins her case
Drusilla Marland, 48, from Bristol, suffered jibes from her engineroom team on P&O ferry, Pride of Bilbao. She had been forced to resign after two years of torment. The 48-year-old was awarded £64,862 ($126,658.00 US) by the tribunal.

[New Zealand]
Retiring MP to stay put in Carterton
Carterton will stay a bolthole for Wairarapa list MP Georgina Beyer even if the retiring transsexual politician takes up the mayoral chains of office in Wellington next year.

Transition to fairness
The 27-year-old Seattle resident, who asked that his full name not be used, told of how he and his roommate - both in the process of transitioning from female to male - had been picked up by Seattle police on suspicion of misdemeanors in spring 2005 and booked into the King County Jail.

Lambda Legal Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Woman Whose Job Offer Was Revoked Because She is Transgender
"When the HR Director found out the company offered a job to a transgender person, the offer was rescinded," said Cole Thaler, Transgender Rights Attorney at Lambda Legal. "Even though Izza was the best applicant for the job, the company decided that it didn't want a transgender employee and claimed that she 'misrepresented' herself."
Transgender woman sues would-be employer
A man who lives as a woman sued a would-be employer Monday for allegedly revoking a job offer after realizing she is transgender. Izza Lopez, 26, filed the lawsuit in federal court against Houston-based River Oaks Imaging and Diagnostic. She alleges employment discrimination.

Transgender: Shopper Denied Access To Fitting Room
A trip to Loehmann's may turn into a lawsuit for Jane Galla. She said a popular discount clothing store wouldn't allow her to use its communal changing room because she is transgender.
Tranny sues Loehmann's for bias
A transgendered woman who was told to use the men's room at Loehmann's has filed a complaint alleging discrimination by the discount retail chain.

Zines Explore Transgender Culture Beyond Stereotypes
There's the Oscar-nominated hit, TransAmerica. There's the new book Self-Made Man, in which author Norah Vincent tries on maleness for a year and a half. And even the often-less-than- risk-taking The L Word featured a transgender character this season. Trans issues have hit the big time.

[WI,USA] Letters to the editor
There is a choice to be made
Excerpt: Transvestites say they were born a woman inside a man's body, so they opt for surgery and hormones to make them look like a woman, even though their chromosomes will forever be male.

[USA] [Commentary]
Finding love as a transman
Loren Cameron dishes about figuring out what he likes, who he likes, and how he likes it in his years as a transman.