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quarta-feira, dezembro 13, 2006

Intersexuell - zwischen den Geschlechtern
Von der Schwierigkeit, weder Mann noch Frau zu sein
Die erste Frage bei der Geburt eines Kindes lautet: Junge oder Mädchen? Für die Eltern ist es ein Schock, wenn Hebamme und Arzt die Frage nicht eindeutig beantworten können.

T.O. officer on gun charge
Excerpt: This is not Tsoutsoulas' first time making headlines. In March he lost a $100,000 lawsuit against Correctional Services Canada, which he claimed was negligent in its supervision of longtime criminal Robert Thiessen.... .Thiessen, a transsexual prostitute with HIV who died in 2003, bit Tsoutsoulas during an arrest in 1995, prompting fears of infection. An Ontario Superior Court judge dismissed the case because the suit was filed after the six-month statute of limitation had expired. The judge also noted CSC was not negligent.

Micheline Montreuil se dit victime de discrimination
Excerpt: Ce n'est pas la première fois que Micheline Montreuil fait les manchettes. En 1998, l'avocat Pierre Montreuil, devenu transgenre, voulait vivre et se faire reconnaître en femme sous le prénom de Micheline. Depuis, elle a multiplié les poursuites en matière de discrimination.

Transsexuals in Malaysia get more acceptance in Muslim society
Transsexuals are gaining more acceptance in mostly Muslim Malaysia, a well-known transsexual said Tuesday, a little more than year after she held a high-profile but controversial wedding with an accountant.
Photo: Transsexual Jessie Chung

The Strip's Biggest Gamblers For A.C. Hookers, Money Trumps Risk
Excerpt: Yaiyuma, a 22-year-old cocoa-toned transsexual, sneaked behind a corner grocery store at Pacific and Ocean avenues and sucked on another hooker's ashy crack pipe.

[USA] [Entertainment/ Comic Books]
Trannyforce: heroes in disguise
Excerpt: Originally known as the Girly Force, four female warriors crash land on Earth and die after fleeing the destruction of their home planet; their spirits, however, sought refugee in three boys and their dog Yasha who were out camping in the woods one night. The boys never realized anything was wrong until they started having weird dreams and when Earth's glamour is put in danger by the Dark Dimension, the Girly Force spirits were awakened to save the world. The three boys, Dino/Trixie, Jeffi/Milla, and Donovan/Evil- Lynn are roommates who live in Belleville. When they transform they become the Tranny Force. They couldn't be called the Girly Force because they aren't girls. They are she-male superheroes who fight for glamour, fashion and all things beautiful.