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terça-feira, dezembro 05, 2006

"Simplemente, otra forma de familia"
Dos mujeres transexuales y lesbianas sellan su relación en una boda celebrada en el Ayuntamiento de Girona.
Foto: Sabrina Rivera y Ángela Idoate

An unprotected sex: Transgenders
Robert Binenfeld, 65, was strangled to death in New York. Phool Chand Yadav, early 20s, was raped and beaten to death in Lucknow, India. Ronnie Paris, Jr., of Florida, was beaten so severely that he died of brain trauma. He was only 3 years old.

Transgender hate crimes remembered
Transgender Remembrance Day began in 1999 when Rita Hester, an American, was brutally murdered on November 28. It is a day of mourning, a day to rail against bigots and a day to work out how to stop hate crimes.