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quinta-feira, dezembro 07, 2006

NYC Backs Off Sex Change Records Rule
City health officials Tuesday backed off a plan that would have allowed New Yorkers to switch the sex on their birth certificates without undergoing sex-change surgery.
NY Bd Of Health Rejects Transsexual ID Proposal
The New York City Board of Health voted Tuesday to turn down a measure that would have allowed transgender men and women to amend their birth certificates without requiring that they undergo sex reassignment surgery.
NY rejects transgender birth certificate law
Excerpt: "It feels like it was a missed opportunity to do the right thing," he [Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund] said.
No Change in Definition of Gender
Excerpt: "This is something we hadn't fully thought through, frankly," said Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, the city's health commissioner. "What the birth certificate shows does have implications beyond just what the birth certificate shows."
Dogs, transgenders also on plate
The board yesterday passed a new policy that allows transgender people to obtain birth certificates that specify their new gender - if they have undergone a sex change operation.

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Alexis Arquette's One Judgemental Lady
Wants To Shine Spotlight on Others, Herself
Photo: Alexis Arquette, who is transgender, was outraged when Knight hurried by, refusing to do press interviews.

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When the Gender Line Isn't Clear?
Excerpt: " ... This is where the Christian worldview runs into directcollision with the new sexual ideologies. Christians see the realityof biological identity as a gift--one important way the Creator hastold us who we are and how we are to glorify Him with our lives. Noone should suggest that negotiating the gender issues in a fallenworld is easy. And I am hard pressed to imagine a more difficultparenting challenge than that faced by the parents interviewed forthis article. But surrendering to the confusion cannot be the rightanswer -- leaving young children "to move back and forth untilsomething feels right."

Transgendered firefighter's discrimination case dismissed
The discrimination case filed by a transgendered firefighter against the city of Knoxville has been dismissed.
Photo: Capt. Jamie Faucon

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Letting Your Son Wear a Dress: NYT Helps Mainstream Gender Confusion in Children
If you need an example of how far astray politically correct"experts" will take us, this is your article. Of course it's the children who suffer from excessive "tolerance." When there are no boundaries, anything goes. - Peter LaBarbera

Witness saw no urgency as victim lay fatally injured
A witness testified yesterday that he had been struck by the lack of urgency by police and an ambulance team in tending to a transgender entertainer who was fatally injured near 16th and Walnut streets in December 2002.

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"I" is for Intersex
Excert: But it's only been fairly recently that people born with intersex conditions have found the support to approach a more public forum in which to deal with the damaging treatment many of them have had to endure, often at the hands of medical professionals. October 2006 marked only the second annual Intersex Awareness Day.

[New Zealand]
NZ transgender inquiry - deadline Friday
If you’re a transgendered New Zealander, the Human Rights Commission needs your input – and the deadline is looming. Online submissions to the Human Rights Commission’s transgender inquiry are due this Friday.