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quarta-feira, dezembro 06, 2006

Entro dicembre il parlamento cubano dovrebbe approvare un progetto di legge «d'avanguardia» che consentirà ai transessuali di cambiare sesso.

Occasionally, weird stuff happens in China. It was world AIDS day last week as well as Migrant Worker Rights' Day (in certain areas) and both the government and ordinary citizens organized ways of spreading the message of HIV prevention.

It was not a lucky day for a transvestite and an Indonesian woman when they waved their hands at an undercover policeman to offer him sex.

[USA] [Blogs/Commentary/Television]
As you know, All My Children's just introduced a transgender character dubiously named Zarf.
Excerpt: That means that we are to see Zarf/Zoe not only as transgender but also as lesbian. Some are not willing to take all that just as it is. Maybe the writers should work more on the script, they say... However, will see how things go with the upcoming episodes of the soap opera, won't we?

The Neo-Futurists, a local theater company comprised of eccentric and diverse writers, directors and performers, is hosting a new play called "Drag" that confronts and examines issues of sexual identity, sexual expression and gender-bending.

A homeless shelter that serves young transgender people is set to shut down on January 1st, and that has those who rely on the facility scrambling to find another home.