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sábado, dezembro 09, 2006

Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic Launches Excellent Treatments
Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic, to correspond to the growing demands and competitiveness, offers transportation in Bangkok from airport, hotel, clinic, hospital and well known shopping areas, all of these free of charge. For the patients coming alone to Bangkok, it also provides an assistant accompany to stay with patients in the hospital or hotel.

[USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
"Creating Change," Corrupting Children: the 'Gay' Task Force's Evil Agenda
Excerpt: Darby Hickey is a male-to-female transvestite, with red hair, and was wearing sunglasses, a tight t-shirt and a short plaid pleated skirt. He (God made him male) serves as program coordinator for Different Avenues, a non-profit that offers classes on "communication and negotiating" and counseling on "safer" sex and HIV. In his "Friendster" profile, Darby describes himself as "Christian" and "just a poor girl caught up in the life of glamour and luxury due to my moral corruption and participation in illegal and fraudulent activities."

[USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
Porno Pete's peeps go undercover at NGLTF's Creating Change conference
An answer to "Creating Change," Corrupting Children: the 'Gay' Task Force's Evil Agenda

[USA] [Television/ Commentary]
Soap flakes and transploitation
When it comes to transgender issues, the mainstream media does not fail to disappoint.
Media watchdogs monitor new character on 'All My Children'
Excerpt: "Compared with a lot of the out-there story telling that 'All My Children' has been doing recently, including the arrival of a character who was born to a woman after having been stolen from another woman's uterus, the introduction of a transgender character seems rather tame," [ soap editor Daniel Coleridge, gay author of "The Q Guide to Soap Operas"] said.

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall
"I didn't just dis a specific member of Congress, right?" Executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), Mara Keisling prods. "It's not in anyone's interest for a particular congressman to hear me call him 'the most dangerous person in America.'

New witness emerges in accusation against ex-cop
Orange County Sheriff's Office detectives announced a new witness Thursday in their investigation of former Mount Dora police Lt. Roger Chilton, who is accused of sexually assaulting a transvestite.

Guilty plea entered in silicone-injection death
Excerpt: In March 2001, Lawrence went to the Miramar apartment of a transvestite named Corey ''Cookie'' Williams to undergo injections administered by Hawkins and Hendrix. Lawrence died the next day.

[USA] [Commentary]
Gender assignment can go astray
We all know what "sex" means. But the construct and meaning of "gender" are evolving more rapidly than diffusing molecules. If a 5-year-old human born with male physiology insists on long hair, prefers dolls and skirts to toy guns and trousers, is he a boy or a girl? With all our worldly knowledge, we may never know the answer.