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quinta-feira, dezembro 14, 2006

[Canada] [Press Release]
Transsexual People Demand Equal Health Care Access
Transsexual (Trans) community members express disappointment in Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruling and urge the government to do the honorable thing by providing funding for Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) and related medical procedures.

[USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
Alan Chambers: Transgender Issues Subject Matters Expert?
What makes one an expert in a subject?

Board adds gender, orientation clauses to policy
Excerpt: A bill being reviewed in the state Legislature called the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act would also add gender identity and expression to the state's human rights laws. To date, eight states and Washington, D.C., have passed similar non-discrimination laws, according to the Empire State Pride Agenda.

Transsexuals In Malaysia: No discrimination but not encouraged, either
TRANSSEXUALS in the country are not being discriminated but the 'culture' is not encouraged, either. This is the sentiment of two non-governmental organisations (NGOs) following a foreign report that transsexuals in Malaysia are gaining acceptance within the local community.
Photo: National Council of Women’s Organisation deputy president Faridah Khalid

Would-be woman takes further transsexual surgery in NE China

Australia signs UN statement on GLBT rights
Excerpt: ACE spokesperson Martine Delaney said UN recognition that transgender rights are human rights will send out a positive message to the world's governments. "Such widespread support for the Norwegian statement makes it harder for governments to abuse transgender human rights with any expectation their crimes will be ignored", she said.

Vic man jailed for attack on transsexual
A Victorian man who bashed and stabbed a transsexual after discovering her true gender has been jailed for at least four-and-a-half years.