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sábado, maio 26, 2007

Esta era outra das séries de marionetas da minha infância. Outras das que, como disse, me fizeram gostar de sci-fi e me abriram os horizontes para conseguir aceitar muita coisa estranha que me apareceu no futuro (hoje passado, mas ainda não acabou) e por isso me fizeram aceitar uma diversidade enorme de vivências. Data de 1964, penso eu, esta série em supermarionation. Aqui lhes deixo a introdução e os créditos finais juntos.

Sex change doctor guilty of misconduct
The UK's best-known expert on transsexualism was today found guilty of serious professional misconduct for rushing five patients into sex-changing treatments, but avoided being struck off.
Sex change doctor avoids dismissal
Transsexual patients of a consultant psychiatrist found guilty of serious professional misconduct have hailed a decision by the industry watchdog not to strike him off as "life-saving".
[Letters] Regrets - but only a few - about gender reassignment
Many in the UK trans community have been watching the Russell Reid case closely (Mistaken identity, May 23) and are tired of the media fascination with a tiny minority who have undergone gender transition and then regretted it. The nine or 10 cases in the glare of the media need to be seen in the context of the 2,100 people who have successfully applied for legal recognition in their acquired gender in the UK. Few clinical processes could better a negative outcome rate of five in every 1,000. Indeed, a review of over 70 clinical studies on sex reassignment from over 2,000 patients in 13 countries and spanning 30 years concluded that gender reassignment reaps considerable benefits in terms of quality of life for people with gender dysphoria, with 1.7% regretting the decision (Pflafflin and Junge, 1998).
Dr Russell Reid leaves the GMC, accompanied by some of his transgender supporters, after being found guilty of serious professional misconduct. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Past, Present, Future - From Women's Studies to Post-Gender Research Umeå 14-17 June 2007!
Upcoming presentation on intersex at the University of Umeå, Sweden

Prova di mascolinità di un transessuale che questa sera ha impreziosito la poco esaltante campagna elettorale con la classica ciliegina sul dolce.

She Promises, She Delivers – Vladimir Luxuria in Moscow for Gay Pride
When Italian transgendered politician Vladimir Luxuria met Nikolai Alekseev at the Turin Pride last June, she accepted the invitation of the Russian gay movement to attend the 2nd Moscow Pride.
[Blog/News] Transgender Italian Politician Joins Moscow Gay Pride
Transgender Italian politician Vladimir Luxuria landed in Moscow to join activists and supporters at Moscow Gay Pride on Sunday and was granted a visa by authorities at the airport.

La opera prima de Lucía Puenzo fue premiada en el Festival de Cannes

"XXY" se llevó el Gran Premio de la Semana de la Crítica. El film cuenta la historia de una adolescente intersexual y está protagonizada por Inés Efron y Ricardo Darín. Otro argentino, Gonzalo Tobal, ganó con su cortometraje en la sección Cinéfondation del Festival.
La otra película presentada en 'La semana de la critica' es la coproducción hispano argentina 'XXY', la historia de un hermafrodita, que supone el debut de Lucía Puenzo en la dirección. Protagonizada por Ricardo Darín, Valeria Bertuccelli y Carolina Peleritti, muestra a una joven de 15 años que, bajo su aspecto de mujer posee los dos sexos. Sus padres no han querido operarla y viven los tres en una apartada región del Uruguay. Allí llegará un matrimonio amigo con un hijo que entablará enseguida una relación muy particular con la protagonista.

Piden travestis se les considere grupo vulnerable
En su lucha por la equidad de género, la comunidad travestido, transgénero y transexual presentó ayer una iniciativa en la Oficialía de Partes del Congreso del estado para que la Comisión de Equidad y Género considere a este sector como grupo vulnerable.
'Glenda' hizo ayer la propuesta ante Oficialía de Partes del Congreso del estado. Aquí con la diputada Paula López

Detuvieron al homicida de la transexual asesinada en Maipú
La Brigada de Homicidios (BH) de la Región Metropolitana capturó esta mañana al asesino de la transexual Graciela Carrasco Berríos, tras una extensa jornada de seguimiento que culminó con la colaboración del Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh).
Photo: Graciela Carrasco Berríos

Transgender Methodist minister reappointed
A transgender United Methodist minister will be reappointed to lead his congregation in Baltimore, church officials announced Thursday at a regional convocation.
[Blog/Commentary] Can a Transsexual Be a Good Christian?
St. John United Methodist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, has a new minister…or the same minister with a new identity.

Clocking in on Trans Bias
Lambda Legal, the LGBT public interest law group, held a Clock In For Equality forum at the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan on May 15 on the topic of transgender discrimination in the workplace and in schools.

[USA] [News/Religion/ Commentary]
Gender Benders

Should members of the clergy be permitted to change their sexual identity?

[HI, USA] [Films/Events]
Transgendered journey
The long-running gay and lesbian film festival continues this weekend with a gala benefit and screenings Saturday at the new Honolulu Design Center's Cupola Theatre.

New initiatives seek jobs for trans people
Sparked by crackdown on trans prostitutes, activists seek ways to find legal employment.
Activist Cheryl Courtney-Evans says many transgender people, especially people of color, face job discrimination and often resort to prostitution to pay for basic necessities such as food and shelter. (Photo by Zack Hudson)

[IL,USA] [News/Blog]
Transphobia Flairs At Two Gay Events

Hordes of homos will descend on Chicago this weekend for the International Mr. Leather contest. And, as per tradition, many participants will pop into legendary S&M club, Chicago Hellfire Club. Unfortunately, trans men aren't invited.

[USA] [Blog Commentary/Film]
Sissyboys And Bulldykes Have No Future
Dan Savage hipped me to this scandal at the San Francisco Gay And Lesbian Film Festival. It seems a lesbian filmmaker, Catherine Crouch, made a satirical little science fiction short about a butch lesbian who, Rip Van Winkle-style, falls asleep in the 70s and awakens to a world in which everyone may choose his or her own gender, but must conform to gender-norms once the choice is made. No more butch dykes and no more femmy boys, people!
[Blog/Film] Trans Activists Torpedo Film by Lesbian
Oh, those poor transgender folks, feeling oppressed by a film created by acclaimed lesbian filmmaker Catherine Crouch, because her film makes a point they don't want to hear. This article from the Bay Area Reporter I found linked at Womensspace. Heart said she would be blogging about it shortly.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Men in Gowns
Two recent viewings are sticking in the old noodle: TransAmerica, where Felicity Huffman plays a transsexual not long before her final operation, and the third season of Prime Suspect, in which drag queens figure heavily. I also have the Charles Busch movie, Die, Mommy, Die!, which looks to be a kitschfest and good fun; I'll probably watch it with Eldest this weekend.

Slain man's mom seeks S.C. hate crime law
The mother of a friendly and popular South Carolina 20-year-old killed this month in an anti-gay attack has vowed to ensure that the state passes its first hate crime law.

[USA] [Commentary]
Finding employment after transition/TransNation
“I never know if the indifference I face comes from my trans gender, my age, my lack of ‘real’ job skills, or what, but ... my phone is not ringing.”