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segunda-feira, junho 02, 2008

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[Malta] [Commentary]
You can’t get married if you have a sex change
A Maltese woman who was born a man, and whose birth certificate has been changed so as to – in the words of the court – protect her privacy, is being prevented from getting married. This case has been going on for some time now, since the director of the Public Registry refused to publish the banns for her intended marriage.

Dressing like opposite sex against UAE social values
As part of the one-week awareness campaign against transvestitism, "Preserve our social values", the Dubai Police, in collaboration with Watani Programme, held a seminar recently on the dangers of dressing like people of the opposite sex and its impact on society.

TN universities to teach third genders
For the first time in the country, universities in Tamil Nadu have opened their gates to the third gender.
From this academic year, co-education colleges in the state will admit transgender and eunuchs.

Sequins, make-up and 'transvestite power' at Thai pageant
They came laden with sequins and satin, their make-up bags bursting with thick mascara and bright pink rouge.
Thirty of Thailand's prettiest transvestites arrived in the beach resort of Pattaya to compete for the crown of Miss Tiffany's Universe, a nationally televised beauty pageant that grips the kingdom every year.

[WI, USA] [Commentary]
Carry forward Felicia's causes
The circumstances of her death in Mexico were as tragic as they were shocking.

[USA/UK] [Commentary]
Open Letter to President of WPATH from OII
Dear Stephen Whittle,
Sophia Siedlberg and I are writing to you on behalf of the Organisation Intersex International about a very disturbing problem associated with WPATH and what appears its total lack of intersex input and representation. We in OII have worked very diligently to prove that we are allies with your membership. We therefore are concerned that we have been ignored and perhaps even intentionally harmed by WPATH.