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quarta-feira, outubro 15, 2008

[South Africa]
What is gender identity?
When a child is born, the midwife or doctor looks at the baby's genitals and declares it a boy or a girl accordingly. In most cases, this method of assigning gender at birth fits the person without any problems. However, a person's gender is actually quite complicated and as a result this simple method of assigning gender doesn't always work.

Taiwan to accept sex-change woman as man
Taiwan, under pressure from gender-equality groups, plans to accept a woman who has undergone sex-change surgery as a man even if he doesn't have a constructed penis, a newspaper said Tuesday. The Health Department made the compromise Monday after protests from gender-equality groups triggered by a recent Interior Ministry decree that said a woman must have a reconstructed penis if she wants the gender on her identification card changed, the China Times reported.

A surgeon who operates across the gender gap in 'Sex Change Hospital'
"Sex Change Hospital," a six-part visit to the place where boys become girls and vice versa, won't fall into everyone's viewing comfort zone

New procedures
There are plenty more options on the plastic surgery menu these days

Kids Pulled From Transgender Teacher's Class
A teacher's gender reassignment surgery has caught the attention of some parents who want to know why the school district didn't notify them ahead of time about the change.