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domingo, março 22, 2009

China: Procuram-se voluntários para teste de vacina
Cientistas chineses procuram voluntários para passar à segunda fase de testes em humanos de uma vacina contra a Sida, anunciou hoje a agência Nova China.

International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia - May 17th
International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia 2009 : an International Appeal to reject transphobia and respect gender identity
Each year, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (the “IDAHO”, as it is usually called), will see actions and initiatives take place in many countries and contexts and on many different issues.

Woman undergoing sex change to become man is pregnant with twins
A Spaniard undergoing a sex change is pregnant with twins, it was reported Saturday.
Ruben Noe Coronado, 25, interrupted the process of changing genders to preserve the female reproductive organs and give birth.
Man to become first in world to give birth to twins

German tennis player Sarah Gronert embroiled in gender controversy
A beautiful young German tennis player is stuck amid a gender scandal that could stunt her promising career: the sporting world can't decide if she is a man or a woman.
Rising Tennis Pro Faces Gender Battle
Sarah Gronert: A new tennis gender war?
Professional Tennis Star, Born A Hermaphrodite, Ignites Controversy

European Union Pressures Serbia to Adopt "Gender Identity" Legislation
Serbia's legislature has just passed a law providing for "freedom of expression of sexual orientation and gender identity" under pressure from the European Union (EU) and non-governmental organizations advocating homosexual rights. Passage of the legislation is understood to be a precondition for further Serbian reintegration with Europe, including the right to participate in an EU-wide visa waiver program allowing Serbs to travel freely among EU member states.

Transgenders to find lovers online
From the second week of April this year, the world wide web will open up for transgenders to help in their search for life partners.
The matrimonial site for transgenders would be hosted by transgender activist Kalki, founder of the Sahodari Foundation — a trust for the welfare of transgenders in Tamil Nadu.

Presentan su plataforma electoral precandidatos transexuales del PSD
La discriminación y la homofobia afectan tanto la diversidad sexual como la social, afirmó la precandidata transexual a diputada federal por el distrito 23 de Coyoacán, Gloria Hazel Davenport, en la presentación de la plataforma electoral de aspirantes de ese sector que realizó ayer el Partido Socialdemócrata (PSD) en el Distrito Federal, con miras a los comicios del próximo 5 de julio.

Pilar tendrá una zona roja para travestis
Finalmente, el centro de Pilar contará con una zona roja para travestis. La decisión fue tomada este viernes tras una reunión entre las trabajadoras sexuales y el jefe de la policía Distrital, con el aval del intendente. Estará ubicada sobre la calle Lorenzo López entre Chacabuco y La Pampa, y comenzará a funcionar la semana próxima.

Transgendered exercise killer gets 4 years for hubby's death
A transgender woman was sentenced Friday to four years in prison for killing her husband by forcing him to exercise.
Chris Mason, 41, was sentenced for reckless homicide in the death of 73-year-old James Mason. She pleaded guilty earlier.

Fatal abuse brings four years in prison
Senior exercised to death by younger transsexual wife

Toledo stabbing lands 2 cross dressers in jail
A bizarre overnight stabbing landed two cross dressing men behind bars. It happened Saturday morning on the 1400 block of Moore.

[FL, USA] [Commentary]
It's deja vu all over again
Lately it's been feeling an awful lot like 1994 around here.
That was the last time we fought a cultural war in this community.
Back then, the objective was to expunge those two most incendiary words, "sexual orientation," from the county charter.
Now the fighting words of the moment are "gender identification."
I've been poring over our archives from our last year of cultural discontent. And it's really rather astounding how little the rhetoric has changed in 15 years.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Letter from Zucker's Lawyers at the CAMH
OII has received a request from Ken Zucker's representatives to remove the information about certain allegations against Zucker. It is important to note that OII never published any false statements or misleading information on the page in question.