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terça-feira, maio 04, 2010

Acceptance of homosexuality divides the world
Although in recent years the world has progressed with regard to “sexual democratization,” more than 70 countries, most of them in Asia and Africa, continue to punish homosexual acts with imprisonment.
Yemen, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Iran have legal codes that provide the death sentence for homosexuality.

Manifestación LGTB prohibida en Moldavia por orden judicial, y lo mismo podría ocurrir en Ucrania
La marcha reivindicativa que habría tenido lugar ayer en la capital moldava fue cancelada por decisión de un tribunal unos días antes, citando “motivos de seguridad y moralidad pública”.

Greek Transgendered Support Association condemns National Council of Radio and Television
The GreekTransgendered Support Association directly and firmly condemns the National Council of Radio and Television (NCRT), for its new decision by which it imposes a 20.000 Euro fine on the Star Channel show, "Fotis and Maria Live", which hosted the transsexual writer and actress, Betty Vakalidou.

Líder de la ultraderecha eslovaca amenaza con escupir a manifestantes en próximo Orgullo
El líder del Partido Nacionalista Eslovaco (SNS), Ján Slota, ha calificado la primera manifestación del Orgullo en Eslovaquia como “socialmente inaceptable”, y anuncia “una respuesta apropiada” por parte de su partido.

In Uganda, Push to Curb Gays Draws U.S. Guest
As storm clouds brewed in the near distance, about 1,300 people gathered at the grassy Makerere University sports grounds here for a special Sunday afternoon rally and prayer service that, its organizers said, was to discuss homosexuality, witchcraft, corruption and the fear of violence leading up to the country’s presidential election next year.
[Opinion] Do not give in to homosexuality agents

1st transgender TV host Rose is now a woman
She has the name of a flower. Now she says she feels like a butterfly, able to spread her wings. Rose Venkatesan, India's first transgender television show host, has become the first prominent Indian to have sex-change surgery. Thirty-year-old Rose, who had sex reassignment surgery in Bangkok on March 18, will officially announce her new gender status on May 6, which she says will be her "first birthday".

Raided Transsexuals Vent Anger Over Satpol’s ‘Unfair’ Treatment
An Indonesian transsexual organization has criticized the Depok public order agency for failing to prevent dozens of hard-line Islamic activists from charging into a civil rights training session organized by the National Commission for Human Rights on Friday.
(Photo: AFP - Security officers outnumbers transsexuals during an event organized by the Indonesian Transsexuals Communication Forum.)

GLBT health refused federal funding
Funding requests have been rejected and an invite to work with the recently formed LGBT Health Alliance has been ignored by the federal government at a conference convened to help the health sector deal better with sexuality and gender diverse people.

San Francisco may cut funding to transgender job center
Michelle WallowingBull was born a boy. But growing up on Wyoming's Wind River Indian Reservation, she knew from age 5 that she was a girl inside.
As a teen she bounced from the reservation to a South Dakota town to foster homes and back. In these remote communities, with a family steeped in addiction, she said, it was difficult to openly express the gender she deeply felt. Substance abuse and economic uncertainty followed — travails all too common for transgender people.

LGBT Aging Issues Take Center Stage in D.C.
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders (SAGE) took part in a National LGBT Aging Roundtable last week in Washington, D.C. In addition, the Task Force organized a congressional briefing on issues facing LGBT people as they age.

Charlotte murder prompts community concern
After news spread of the shooting death of a transgender Charlottean in early April (see “Info sought in Charlotte transgender murder” and “CMPD liaison conversations are needed), some community members raised concerns regarding the resulting media coverage and relationship with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Cross-Dressing Teen Fought the School, Won
A cross-dressing teen from Cape May, NJ was told by his principal that wearing a dress to his prom would "violate the school's dress code." Derrek Lutz had previously told WCBS, "What makes me a woman is inside and it doesn't really matter what's on the outside. And everyone should really just be treated equally," and planned to be at prom no matter what. And after being backed by over 600 signatures on a petition started by his friends, Lutz was able to attend in a dress with a female date, and was even crowned Prom King!
Crossdressing Teen Allowed to Wear Dress to Prom
Cross-Dressing Teen Sparks Prom Debate In NJ
NJ Boy Allowed To Wear Dress To Prom

18th Houston Transgender Community Unity Banquet
There were a lot of events going on this weekend, and while I was attending a local GLBT Derby party, back in the home state the 18th annual Houston Transgender Community Unity Banquet was taking place at the Sheraton Brookhollow.

First Ever Jamaica Gay Pride – 2010
This past Friday, April 23, something magical happened in the island nation of Jamaica. An estimated 20 to 25 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Jamaican citizens took to the streets around Emancipation Park for the first time, wearing rainbow colored feather boas and t-shirts from various pride events in the United States.

Alejandra Victoria Portatadino (1959 - ) petroleum engineer, anthropologist, lawyer
Portatadino was born in Buenos Aires. He studied engineering, specializing in petroleum refining, and became a manager with Chevron. He had been consulting a psychiatrist who had diagnosed multi-personality syndrome. The diagnosis was changed to gender dysphoria, and he started hormones. (Photo)