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sexta-feira, novembro 26, 2010

Mas de la mitad de los alumnos transexuales y homosexuales ha sufrido acoso en el colegio
El 55,8% del alumnado homosexual, transexual o bisexual ha vivido algún tipo de violencia en las aulas, según el informe "Jóvenes LGTB", realizado por la Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (FELGTB).

Lambda pide consenso a los grupos de les Corts para avanzar en la igualdad transexual
Hoy se ha reunido con representantes del Grupo Popular, Socialista, Compromís y Esquerra Unida. Lambda ha presentado el borrador de una Ley Integral Transexual así como una proposición no de ley que pida al gobierno valenciano medidas para la igualdad de las personas transexuales

More hate crime being reported in North Wales
Nearly 1,800 race hate crimes have been reported to North Wales Police in the past five years – with young people the worst offenders.
In all the force has dealt with more than 2,100 hate crime complaints in that period, from racially aggravated physical attacks to homophobic taunts.

[Philippines] [Commentary]
STRAP Declaration-Statement supporting STP 2012 campaign
On 13 November 2010, Saturday, the members of Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP), in support of the Stop Trans Pathologization 2012 campaign, sat down with members of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) to have a discussion on the issues that trans Filipinos face and the call to delist Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from the DSM IV and transsexualism from the ICD 10 (see pic above). Below is STRAP’s statement declaring full support for STP 2012.

Access to sex reassignment surgery jeopardized
Last week Conservative Public Safety Minister Vic Toews instructed the Correctional Service of Canada to stop performing sex reassignment surgery for transgender federal inmates, at least four of whom have sought the procedure since 2008.
Prisoners' rights group to fight feds on sex-change funding cut

[Canada] [Commentary]
Ottawa TDoR Marred by Arrests
Ottawa is quite a distance from me, so I can’t speak definitively to what happened on Saturday. Perhaps attendees can fill us in on the details. What I do know is that two participants in a Transgender Day of Remembrance march in Ottawa were arrested for mischief when they attempted to hang a banner reading “Remember Stonewall” from a Highway 417 overpass (and this caused a bit of confusion, when one headline referred to “417 charges”).

Transgender Model Lea T Will Appear on One of Oprah’s Last Shows
Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci's ex-assistant Lea T, who became his muse and then became one of the most talked-about models working today, will appear on a segment of Oprah airing in February.

[USA] [Commentary]
Sylvia Rivera ~ She was more than Stonewall
When the name Sylvia Rivera is mentioned, without a doubt ones first thought, comment or reflection is that “Sylvia is widely credited with throwing the first shoe (or depending upon the remembrance first or second bottle, Molotov cocktail, etc) at Stonewall.” From that point on, the remembrance and analysis of Sylvia is strongly influenced by this pivotal moment in queer history. Very little of what is remembered, spoken or written about Sylvia deviates much from that of her involvement in Stonewall and the succeeding predominately white, middle class led LGBT movement. And sadly even within the Trans community to which Sylvia dedicated her life to, she is primarily whitewashed along with her radical politics being marginalized or even totally omitted!

[USA] [Commentary]
Well Behaved Trans People Rarely Make History
If you think you've seen this title somewhere before, you're right.
I paraphrased it from a fave t-shirt and bumper sticker slogan that states 'well behaved women rarely make history'..
There are times when cool headed, polite discourse can go a long way toward securing our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights.
But there are other situations in which coming meekly hat in hand and saying 'Please give us our rights' ain't gonna cut it especially with people whose heads and hearts are carved from stone or have agendas that do not correspond with yours.

Transgender Needs
Ten years ago, a ''needs assessment survey'' was undertaken by local activists to collect data regarding the city's transgender community.
That survey has been used during the past decade to acquire funding, implement policy and add momentum to the fight for equality all over the country according to Ruby Corado, a transgender activist and member of the DC Trans Coalition.
Corado says it's time for an update.

Court declares Payette transgender resident competent to stand trial
Following a psychological evaluation, a transgender Payette resident charged with two felonies has been found competent to stand trial and could face up to 40 years in prison if convicted.
A preliminary hearing will be held Dec. 6 at the Payette County Courthouse to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial for Catherine Carlson, 52, who is charged with arson and use of a hoax destructive device.

Lessons from Death: Chicagoans Reflect on Transgender Day of Remembrance
As the temperature plunged and the winds kicked up in the Loop just past 5pm on Saturday, Nov. 20, a gathering of more than 100 people stood outside the Thompson Center, candles in hand, under a large teal, pink and white flag while 14 names were read aloud.

Man pleas guilty to helping burn body
Excerpt: According to media reports, Philadelphia police earlier this month charged 22-year-old Herman Burton, a transgender prostitute, with killing Brady inside the victim's hotel room and starting the fire in an attempt to cover up the crime.
Man pleads guilty in Old City murder

Texas trans woman arrested for using female toilet
A trans woman in Houston, Texas, has been arrested after using a female toilet in a library.
Tyjanae Moore was arrested by police last Wednesday for “knowingly entering a restroom of the opposite sex” but trans groups say her arrest was unlawful.
Trans Woman Speaks About Restroom Arrest
[Commentary] Did This Trans Woman Break Texas Law By Using A Men's Restroom?
[Commentary] The Best Little Trans Bathroom Controversy In Texas

U of U Panel Addresses Trans, Intersex Health and Identity
A seven-member panel held a dialogue at the University of Utah about gender identity, intersex status and several other aspects about the T in the LGBT acronym, as part of Transgender Awareness Month, a series of several events celebrating and providing education about transgender, genderqueer and gender-variant people.

Utah Honors Victims of Anti-Trans Violence
After a month of events celebrating transgender, genderqueer and gender-variant people throughout Utah and around the world, 2010’s Transgender Awareness Month closed with a solemn event to commemorate known victims of anti-transgender violence in the last year.
Groups in Logan, Ogden, Provo and Salt Lake City observed Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20. Founded in 1998 following the (still unsolved) murder of transgender woman Rita Hester, the day is now observed across the world.

Transgender Legal Director Addresses Utahns
Utah’s many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations have long had a close relationship with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, in part because Executive Director Kate Kendall is a native Utahn who returns to the state regularly to update members of the community at large on NCLR’s work.

Universidad de Buenos Aires apoya unanimidad proyectos Ley Identidad Género de FALGTB y ATTTA
La Federación Argentina de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y trans informó a través de un comunicado que el Consejo Directivo de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires aprobó por unanimidad declarar de “sumo interés” los proyectos legislativos sobre identidad de género y atención integral a la salud de las personas trans presentados en la Cámara de Diputados de la Nación por la Federación Argentina LGBT y ATTTA (Asociación travestis, transexuales, transgéneros de Argentina). La solicitud fue realizada por el Área Queer, organización miembro de la FALGBT.


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